Conor McGregor

The market is still flooded with a variety of celebrity-branded alcoholic beverages, such as Trump Wine, Absinthe Mansinthe, and Dennis Rodman's Bad Ass Vodka. Conor McGregor, a former UFC champion, entered the fray in 2018 with "Proper No. 12 Whiskey," a brand name that has nothing to do with the spirit's vintage but rather the fighter's birthplace and upbringing in Crumlin, Dublin 12. A well-publicized bar room fight and a flurry of unfavorable reviews would follow the release.

On April 6, 2019, the Irishman insisted on giving customers in Dublin's Marble Arch pub free shots of his whiskey. But when a guy in his fifties refused, McGregor punched him. The MMA main event was fined €1,000 for allegedly assaulting Desmond Keogh. After eventually purchasing the establishment, McGregor immediately forbade Keogh from entering.

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Image by Wendy Wei via
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