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FOCUS Homeschool – Valdez is an online public school in Valdez, AK, with 61 students from PK to K-12 and a student-teacher ratio of 61 to 1. State tests show that 35% of students are good at math, and 45% are good at reading. It provides extra support to families with kids in Pre-K through 12th grade who choose to teach their children. Whether you teach at home, on the road, or online, our friendly staff gives you the freedom and flexibility you want.

Every month, students can take part in several activities. They have fun events focused on learning, drop-in crafts, Lego Jr. Team, Lego Robotics Team, and much more! Activities families enjoy include Maker Fairs, Stan Stevens Cruises, and potluck gatherings. FOCUS welcomes ideas from families and is always ready to help our learners explore their interests and passions.

Students at FOCUS also get to do other cool things! Voyage School, a residential school in Anchorage, has weeks-long sessions to teach new skills like First Responder, Aviation, Culinary Skills, and more. These opportunities are free for their students. They also have online classes through the Copper River School District. FOCUS is part of the Advantage Program at UAF, where students can take college classes at a lower price to start their higher education journey.

staff is supportive and understanding, helping to make homeschooling less stressful. Families can choose what they want their children to learn, how they teach, and what materials they use. They can help you choose from many options, like hands-on projects, traditional books, or online learning. Whether you're in a particular room, at the kitchen table, in the library, or at a coffee shop with friends, FOCUS families find ways to learn that work for them.

Detailed information:

  • Founded: 1997
  • Address: 321 Egan Dr # 107, Valdez, AK 99686, United States
  • Phone: +1 907-835-5528
  • Website:
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