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Giant Bicycles, a Taiwanese powerhouse in the cycling industry, stands as a testament to innovation, quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to enhancing the cycling experience. Founded in 1972 in Taichung, Taiwan, Giant has etched its mark on the global cycling landscape through its dedication to pushing the boundaries of design, technology, and performance.

Central to Giant's identity is its diverse and comprehensive range of bicycles. The brand caters to virtually every cycling discipline imaginable, from the speed-driven world of road cycling to the adrenaline-pumping trails of mountain biking. This versatility ensures that riders of all ages, skill levels, and aspirations can find a bike that resonates with their cycling journey.

Giant's legacy is deeply intertwined with innovation. From early breakthroughs in aluminum frame construction to pioneering suspension systems for mountain bikes, the brand has consistently introduced cutting-edge technologies that elevate the cycling experience. The AeroSystem Shaping technology for streamlined road frames and the OverDrive steerer system for enhanced front-end stiffness are emblematic of Giant's unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Behind Giant's success lies its commitment to research and development. The brand invests heavily in refining designs, materials, and manufacturing processes, resulting in bicycles that exemplify precision and performance. This dedication to quality control is further bolstered by Giant's practice of producing their bicycles in-house, allowing for meticulous oversight at every stage of production.

Founded: 1972

Headquarters: Dajia, ‎Taichung‎, ‎Taiwan




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