Great Wine

Argentina is well-known for its red wine. Thousands of people go to vineyards in France, Italy, California, and Australia each year to see where their favorite wine is made or to discover a new favorite. However, you might also spend your time in Argentina seeing the country's world-renowned wineries.

The wine regions of Argentina are located in the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan, and La Rioja. International contests have recognized Argentine wines. Argentina, as you may know, has multiple high mountain ranges and bleak plains. Many of Argentina's greatest vineyard areas, for example, are located at high altitudes adjacent to the Andes Mountains. This effect from the mountains and solar conditions is what distinguishes Argentina's wines. As a result of its unique environment, the country has its own distinct flavors and traits.

The wine itself has rich, dark fruit flavors with a smoky finish. Grapes planted in warmer climates create notes of delicate plums and delicious blackberries, while grapes produced in cooler climes give bright notes of raspberry and juicy cherries. Mendoza will provide an overwhelming variety of wonderful wines matched with luxury Argentine food for a dreamy tasting experience, especially if you and your partner have a fondness for rich red wines.

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