Hotstar stands as the authorized online streaming collaborator for the Indian Premier League (IPL) within India, extending its coverage to various nations, Germany included. The Hotstar app is readily available for download on smartphones and tablets, or alternatively, users can access the Hotstar website via their computers. Catering to a diverse audience, Hotstar provides both free and premium subscription options. To gain live access to IPL matches, a paid subscription is required.

Being the official streaming partner for IPL in India signifies that Hotstar is the designated platform for online viewership of the cricketing extravaganza. The Hotstar app is compatible with mobile devices, ensuring that users can conveniently stream matches while on the go. Simultaneously, those preferring a larger screen experience can access Hotstar through their computers, enhancing the flexibility of viewing options.

The availability of free subscriptions on Hotstar caters to users seeking basic access, while the paid subscriptions offer an enriched experience, unlocking premium content such as live coverage of IPL matches. This dual-tiered approach ensures that cricket enthusiasts have choices based on their preferences, whether they opt for the free version or invest in a paid subscription to enjoy the excitement of IPL live streaming.


  • Offers a diverse range of content, including movies, TV shows, and original programming
  • The platform offers personalized content recommendations based on user preferences
  • Offers both free and premium subscription options


  • The platform supports content in multiple languages, catering to a diverse audience
  • The platform offers personalized content recommendations based on user preferences, viewing history, and interests
  • Users can download content for offline viewing


  • While Hotstar offers free content, some premium and exclusive shows or live events may require a paid subscription
  • Certain content on Hotstar may be subject to geographical restrictions
  • The free version of Hotstar includes advertisements, which can interrupt the viewing experience for users who prefer an ad-free environment

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