KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is an associate American fast-food chain that its headquarter is located in Louisville, Kentucky that makes a specialty of deep-fried. The company was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders, an entrepreneur who began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky during the Great Depression. It is the world's second-largest restaurant chain (as measured by sales) after McDonald's.

KFC popularized chicken in the fast-food trade, diversifying the market by difficult the established dominance of the hamburger. KFC's original product is deep-fried chicken items, seasoned with Sanders' recipe of 11 herbs and spices. The constituents of the recipe are a trade secret. Since the early 1990s, KFC has expanded its menu to supply alternative chicken products like chicken fillet sandwiches and wraps, as well as salads and side dishes like french-fried potatoes and coleslaw, desserts, and soft drinks; the latter usually provided by PepsiCo.

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Twitter: @kfc

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Website: kfc.com


Top 10 Most Famous Fast-Food Chains

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  4. top 4 KFC
  5. top 5 Burger King
  6. top 6 Pizza Hut
  7. top 7 Domino's
  8. top 8 Dunkin'
  9. top 9 Hunt Brothers Pizza
  10. top 10 Taco Bell

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