Lafuma Mobilier

Lafuma Mobilier, a large French furniture company, has been at the forefront of producing exceptional outdoor furniture and camping and sports equipment since its inception in 1930. With a rich history spanning three generations, this family-owned and operated company has effectively catered to the demands of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Devoted to providing wholesalers and retailers with top-notch products, Lafuma Mobilier consistently delivers high-quality and innovative solutions that are specifically designed to enhance and optimize outdoor experiences. Their extensive range of offerings includes an array of meticulously crafted tables, chairs, loungers, and camping equipment that guarantee durability and functionality.

In addition to its core products, Lafuma Mobilier also offers an impressive range of accessories that add the perfect finishing touches to any outdoor living space. From stylish umbrellas that provide essential shade on sunny days to convenient storage boxes that keep your belongings organized, Lafuma Mobilier has a comprehensive selection of accessories to enhance your outdoor oasis. Furthermore, their assortment of cushions ensures maximum comfort and relaxation for those tranquil evenings spent outdoors.

Founded: 1930

Headquarters: Anneyron, France




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