Lake Kariba

The largest artificial lake and reservoir in terms of volume is Lake Kariba. It is located 1,300 kilometers from the Indian Ocean, near the Zambia-Zimbabwe border. Following the building of the Kariba Dam at its northern end, Lake Kariba was filled between 1958 and 1963, drowning the Kariba Gorge on the Zambezi River.

While some other settlements, such as Binga village and Mlibizi in Zimbabwe and Siavonga and Sinazongwe in Zambia, have grown up to house people displaced by the increasing waters, Kariba, a town in Zimbabwe, was established for construction workers on the lake's dam.

A houseboat vacation is a fantastic way to spend a few days in the sun, and the full moon is the ideal time to schedule one. The twilight hours between sunset and the full moon rising on this lake are truly spectacular. There are various lodging options, including well-known lodges on the banks with breathtaking views, self-catering chalets, and campsites.

Accommodations are available on both the Zambian and Zimbabwean sides. In order to explore more and enjoy breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset over the river, many tourists also choose to hire houseboats. Tigerfish are the local species, and there is an annual Tiger Fishing Competition in May if you're there to go fishing.

Location: Zimbabwe and Zambia


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