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Mackie's of Scotland is a celebrated ice cream brand hailing from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. With a rich heritage dating back to 1986, this family-owned and operated company has earned a stellar reputation for its commitment to crafting premium ice cream. What sets Mackie's apart is its dedication to using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients, including fresh milk and cream from their very own dairy farm. Their sustainable practices, including renewable energy sources, further highlight their eco-conscious ethos.

boasts a delectable array of ice cream flavors, from timeless classics like Vanilla and Chocolate to more adventurous options like Honeycomb and Scottish Tablet. Their innovative spirit shines through in their seasonal offerings, ensuring there's always something new to savor. Additionally, Mackie's caters to diverse dietary preferences with a range of dairy-free ice creams.

This iconic Scottish brand extends its delectable creations beyond ice cream, offering tantalizing sorbets and exquisite chocolate bars. Mackie's global presence testifies to its universal appeal, making it a beloved choice for ice cream enthusiasts worldwide.

Founded: 1986

Founder: Maitland Mackie

Headquarters: Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom




Photo by Mackie's of Scotland via Instagram
Photo by Mackie's of Scotland via Instagram
Photo by Mackie's of Scotland via Instagram
Photo by Mackie's of Scotland via Instagram

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