Magnificent mountains

The mountains of Uzbekistan are so gorgeous and majestic that one could go on and on about them. There seemed to be no one who would not be lured to the mountains. There is no doubt that the mountains are a great place to recharge your batteries, appreciate all of nature's power, and connect with God's wonderful creation.

The mountain system covers one hundred thousand square meters and accounts for 20% of our country's total land area, which is significant. Uzbekistan's mountains are not the highest in the world, but they are among the most magnificent. Mountains often range in height from two to four thousand meters. The four-thousanders are located in the most inhospitable areas and are extremely difficult to reach. The tallest mountain is Khazret-Sultan, which has a height of 4643 meters and is located on the boundary of Surkhandarya and Tajikistan on the Gissar Range.

Surprisingly, there are several communities even on the mountains. It is worth noting that such villages are recognized by their characteristic Central Asian village appearance. Welcome to the amazing mountainous Uzbekistan if you want to see a centuries-old mountain village, meet kind-hearted people, try traditional dishes made from the purest ingredients, and enjoy the picturesque view of the mountains!

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