Metallic Rouge

Introducing "Metallic Rouge," a compelling mecha anime brought to you by the visionary creators behind acclaimed series such as My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Bungo Stray Dogs. Drawing inspiration from the thematic richness of Naomi Urusawa's Pluto, this ambitious venture unfolds in a world where humans and androids coexist seamlessly. The narrative centers on two formidable female protagonists tasked with a critical mission: venturing to Mars to neutralize nine rogue androids posing a threat to the government's authority.

In the hands of Studio BONES, renowned for their mastery in delivering electrifying fight sequences, Metallic Rouge promises a visual spectacle that could potentially join the ranks of anime excellence. The synergy of a dynamic, action-packed premise and Studio BONES' proven expertise creates high expectations for this series, poised to be a noteworthy addition to the studio's already illustrious portfolio. Anime enthusiasts can anticipate the adrenaline-charged experience as Metallic Rouge is set to stream exclusively on Crunchyroll upon its release.


  • Creators: Bones, Yutaka Izubuchi
  • Writter: Yutaka Izubuchi, Toshizo Nemoto
  • Genre: Mecha
  • Licensors: Crunchyroll
  • Original network: Fuji TV (+Ultra)
  • Studio: Bones
  • Premiered: January 2024
  • Watch here:
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Photo via
By フジテレビ】アニメ公式チャンネル channel on youtube

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