MIT Open Courseware

With MIT Open CourseWare, the doors to quality education are thrown open. As one of the best websites to watch educational videos, it's a treasure trove for learners and educators alike, fostering equitable and inclusive learning for everyone.

MIT Open CourseWare
has been a game-changer since 2001, offering a wealth of educational opportunities through Open Educational Resources (OER). This initiative has made learning and teaching more accessible globally. The platform's recent enhancements include a user-friendly website and an ever-expanding array of materials. Collaborations with the open education community further enrich the experience.

From the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this resource is a goldmine of knowledge. While it won't grant you an official MIT degree, it generously provides free access to an extensive range of course materials. The available courses cover an impressive spectrum, from audio/video courses to comprehensive lecture notes. The variety is vast, and exploring the site is a rewarding adventure in itself.


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Top 7 Best Websites to Watch Educational Videos

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  3. top 3 The Public Broadcasting System
  4. top 4 MIT Open Courseware
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  6. top 6 Howcast
  7. top 7 LearnersTV

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