Nevsky Centre

The seven-story shopping mall "Nevsky Center" (aka Stokmann) is located on the corner of Nevsky Prospekt and Vosstaniya Streets, not far from Vosstaniya Square at St. It is located in the very heart of Petersburg. The shopping center has more than 70 shops with merchandise for different groups of buyers, a grocery store, numerous cafés, restaurants, fitness centers, hair salons, SPA's and offices. There are clothing, footwear, cosmetics, electronics and household goods stores.

A visit to the Nevsky Center will surely satisfy the interests of consumers. This stunning shopping center is a masterpiece of modern architecture with elegant furnishings and a cozy atmosphere. This is a 6-story building with the most popular brands in the world. From Starbucks to Rayban, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, H&M, Samsung, you can find everything here. "Nevsky Center" has a total of 11 brands, from electronics to retail, catering and more. There is also a supermarket where you can buy essentials for your country vacation.

Located:Nevsky Ave, 114-116, St Petersburg, Russia, 191025
Area: 100,000 sq.m

Source: Photo by user Ninaras used under CC BY 4.0
Source: Photo by user Ninaras used under CC BY 4.0

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