NMD R1 Overkill “Firestarter”

The Adidas NMD, which stands for "Nomad," is inspired by legendary Adidas sneakers including the Micro Pacer, Rising Star, and Boston Super. A BOOST sole is also included in the sneaker. Since the release of the first NMDs in late 2015, the sneaker has gathered a sizable following, surpassing the Ultra Boosts in sales at one time.

In 2016, Overkill in Berlin released the Adidas R1 Overkill "Firestarter," which has a black and white Primeknit upper, black midsole, and orange outsole and heel tab. The shoe shop only released 300 pairs, therefore prices in the resale market eventually skyrocketed. Collectors will have to fork up $4,300 to get their hands on these limited-edition sneakers.

Price: $4,300

Photo:  StockX
Photo: StockX
Photo:  Sweetsoles
Photo: Sweetsoles

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