Omega, an esteemed Swiss watch brand with a venerable history tracing back to 1848, was established by Louis Brandt. Quickly earning acclaim for its precision and dependability, Omega has a significant association with pivotal historical events. Since 1932, it has served as the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games and was chosen by NASA as the supplier of timekeeping instruments for space missions. Omega's reputation is built on its exceptional chronographs and divers’ watches.

The Speedmaster, introduced in 1957, achieved worldwide recognition as the first timepiece worn on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. The Seamaster collection, prized for its outstanding water resistance and durability, has become a preferred choice among divers and watch enthusiasts.

Continuing its legacy, Omega remains dedicated to innovation, constantly enhancing its watches with cutting-edge materials and movements. In 2015, the brand introduced the Master Chronometer Certification, signifying that, in addition to COSC certification, its watches have undergone rigorous testing by METAS (The Federal Institute of Metrology). Omega's steadfast commitment to precision and performance endures, positioning it as a premier option for discerning watch enthusiasts.


  • Speedmaster
  • Seamaster


  • Founded: 1848
  • Founder: Louis Brandt
  • Headquarters: Biel/Bienne , Switzerland
  • Website:
  • Instagram: (4M followers)
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