Out of Control

An exciting manhwa series called "Out of Control" blends science fiction, thriller, and mystery themes. The gripping storyline in this manhwa by Bboong keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The protagonist of the novel is Yuri, a talented hacker who lives in a society where cutting-edge technology is used on a daily basis. Yuri is caught up in a hazardous scheme involving significant firms and covert groups as her life takes an unexpected turn. Yuri learns startling revelations about her identity and the world she thought she knew as she ponders the riddles surrounding her life.

Readers are taken on a fast-paced adventure in "Out of Control" that is full of exciting action scenes, surprising story turns, and challenging issues. The manhwa investigates the moral ramifications of technological advancement, the effects of corporate greed, and the battle for individual freedom in a dystopian future. The "Out of Control" artwork by Bboong is aesthetically striking and has dynamic images that vividly depict the high-stakes action and future atmosphere. The manhwa skillfully combines elaborate character designs, rich settings, and action-packed battle sequences to produce an immersive visual experience.

"Out of Control" has a loyal following thanks to its compelling plot, captivating world-building, and stunning artwork. The book continues to captivate readers with its fascinating tale. It offers a fascinating examination of a dystopian future where the border between people and technology blurs, making it a must-read for fans of science fiction, action, and suspense.

Author/Illustrator: Bboong

Genres: Sci-fi, Thriller, Mystery.

Chapters: 82
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Screenshots via tappytoon.com
Screenshots via tappytoon.com
Screenshots via tappytoon.com
Screenshots via tappytoon.com

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