Yael Aflalo created the eco-friendly clothing line Reformation in 2009. After personally witnessing the negative effects of the fashion business on the environment, Aflalo was motivated to found Reformation. She aspired to establish a company that would sell fashionable, eco-friendly apparel.

Reformation first operated as a vintage clothing shop, but Aflalo quickly started creating and selling her own line of eco-friendly apparel. The company soon attracted a following for its fashionable, reasonably priced clothing that was manufactured with ethically and sustainably sourced fabrics.

Reformation is renowned for its ethical and environmentally friendly clothing. The brand incorporates recycled polyester, organic cotton, and Tencel among other sustainable materials in its clothes. Reformation has a number of ethical programs in place, including a dedication to ethical business practices and fair labor standards.

Most people would classify Reformation apparel as being in the middle of the pricing range. Dresses from the brand range in price from $100 to $300, while tops and bottoms cost $50 to $150.

Detailed Information:

  • Founded: 2009
  • Founder: Yael Aflalo
  • Headquarters: Vernon Avenue, Los Angeles, United States
  • Facebook: (339K followers)
  • Instagram: (2M followers)
  • Website:
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