Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone first came into the picture in 1992 and has been a prominent player in the language-learning industry. These three decades of experience let Rosetta Stone produce a dependable, stable, and predictable language learning class. You can find numerous deducible logic-grounded problems across Rosetta Stone that help enhance your speaking, listening, and reading skills.

Rosetta Stone provides courses in over 20 languages, including popular options like English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and more. Rosetta Stone's immersive learning approach, interactive lessons, and extensive language options have made it a popular choice for language learners worldwide. The platform's focus on natural language acquisition and its use of speech recognition technology contribute to an effective language-learning experience.

The UI of Rosetta Stone is nicely straightforward, making it easy to use for the tech neophyte. You can fluently toggle the microphone, speech, pronunciation, and other settings from their settings section. The dashboard on this platform includes the languages you're learning, their progress, and the assignments in the class. You can skip or redo an assignment according to your preference. You can also find lectures, live assignments, private sessions, and webinar-style live preceptors on Rosetta Stone if one-to-one literacy is your thing. Some of the courses of Rosetta Stone are also available as CDs or offline downloads in their paid plan.


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