Srah Srang Lake

The lake near the Banteay Kdei temple was erected by King Jayavarman VII. If you're looking for a place to rest, the exquisite landing terrace, refurbished by King Jayavarman VII, is a lovely spot to take in the surrounding plain and vegetation. Srah Srang, built in the tenth century, is both an archaeological monument and a royal bathing facility. The lake is renowned for being a fantastic place to observe the sunset and Angkor Park. The sun sets over the lake on the lake's bedsits of lion statues that overlook the enormous lake as evening falls. You can also enjoy the livestock grazing spot by the lake banks on occasion.

A ‘floating’ temple used to exist on this reservoir, but all that remains are the sculptural serpents that guard the shore. During the day, there’s little to see, but in the long balmy evenings, local youngsters gather at the water’s edge to watch the sunset blaze and glitter on the water.

Srah Srang
is a lesser-known tourist spot that is ideal for anyone wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a calm sunrise or sunset away from the masses.

Take in the breathtaking scenery while marveling at the archaeological complex of the structure. If you visit during the dry season, you might be able to spot the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to the Kama, also known as the temple of love, in the pool's middle.

Location: South of the East Baray and east of Banteay Kdei, Angkor, Cambodia
Tourists enjoy the sunset at Srah Srang Lake -
Tourists enjoy the sunset at Srah Srang Lake -
Srah Srang - Ancient Reservoir and Temple Near Siem Reap -
Srah Srang - Ancient Reservoir and Temple Near Siem Reap -

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