Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

The University Grants Commission in Sri Lanka has certified the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology as a premier institute.

It began in 1999, when 400 students were welcomed to the institute's Colombo Metro Campus. Over 9,000 students from all over the world now attend the university.

Through a blend of practical and theoretical study, the courses are designed to provide graduates with the skills they need to succeed in modern workplaces. Students can get industrial experience, improve their employability, and develop a better knowledge of the workplace through the university's industry internship programs, which partner with local and worldwide organizations.

The SLIIIT Academy, Matara Centre, Kandy Centre, Kurungala Centre, and Jaffna Centre are located on the Institute's two main campuses, Metro and Malabe.

Architecture, business, computers, engineering, graduate studies and research, hospitality and culinary studies, humanities and sciences, and law are among the Institute's eight faculties.

A gymnasium and a recreation center are available to students. Basketball, tennis, carom, karate, and volleyball are just a few of the sports groups available to students. Extracurricular societies such as gavel, rotaract, theater, student chapter, and engineering research and innovation are available to students.

Members of the community can also benefit from the Institute's professional development programs, which include workshops and short-term courses. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Project Management, and Cisco Networking are just a handful of the courses available.


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