The Chaser (2008)

Kim Yoon-seok and Ha Jung-woo feature in The Chaser, a 2008 South Korean action thriller film. Na Hong-jin made his directing debut with this film. Certain sequences were shot on-site at Mangwon-dong in Seoul's Mapo District, inspired by real-life Korean serial murderer Yoo Young-chul.

Joong-ho is a disgraced cop who has become a pimp. He sends Mi-jin, his most dependable asset when one of his females goes missing. She doesn't come back and instead wakes up in a restroom, bound. Yeong-min, the man who put her there, is a serial murderer who has already killed six people. When Joong-ho collides with Yeong by accident, Mi is given a lifeline, and a pursuit follows, with the destiny of the two people in the balance. 'The Chaser' is unquestionably a strong directorial debut. The plot is well-written and the characters are well-developed. 'The Chaser,' which is immersive, engaging, and richly agonizing, lives up to its exhilarating title and presents a singular picture that appeals.

Detailed information:

Directed by: Na Hong-jin
Written by: Na Hong-jin, Shinho Lee, Hong Won-chan
Produced by: Kim Su-jin, Yun In-beom

Link to watch:

The Chaser (2008)
The Chaser (2008)
The Chaser (2008)

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