Try horseback riding

Kyrgyzstan is most likely the best spot on the planet to ride a horse. They are an important part of Kyrgyz culture, are everywhere, and are extremely well trained. Anyone, regardless of previous expertise, may ride a horse here; they only need to feel at ease among the horses.

Local horsemen regularly organize long-distance rides for tourists. These are multi-day excursions, except instead of walking, you'll be riding a horse much of the time. These hikes frequently follow common Kyrgyz migration routes, and you can even join a seasonal ride back to the valleys from the jailoos (high pastures).

If you plan to go on a horseback ride in Kyrgyzstan, don't underestimate how tired you'll be. Riding a horse all day can be painful on your hips, thighs, and ass, and it's not always comfortable. Don't take on more than you can handle and don't ride for too long.
Try horseback riding
Try horseback riding

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