Get ready for "Virus," a manhwa that is scandalously alluring and irresistible. Enter a world where a gripping plot will have you on the edge of your seat as love, peril, and an unexpected romance collide.

'Virus' is primarily a story of two individuals, Seo Dong-gu and Park Yeon-jun, whose lives suddenly intersect. A apparently normal man named Dong-gu is afflicted with an unexplained illness for which there is only one viable treatment: a virus that takes the appearance of a person. In an attempt to save his life, he has to track down a person who has already been infected with the virus in order to obtain the remedy.

If you enjoy yaoi and smut manhwa, this is the perfect manhwa for you. It will quench your thirst for engrossing tales of passionate encounters and deep bonds. You'll have an incredible reading experience with "Virus" and be left wanting more.

Don't hold off any longer! Explore a world where love and desire entwine in the most intriguing and surprising ways by reading the most recent issues of "Virus" online. Come explore this fascinating manhwa with thousands of other readers and let your imagination run wild with every page flip.

Author: Goto

Genre: Comedy, Yaoi

Released: 2017- 2018

Chapters: 20

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