Top 15 Awesome Love Locks Locations Around The World

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A romantic, lovely setting where you may joyfully express your devotion and connection with someone you like communicates "love" more than anything else. Finding that particular someone and having a happily ever after relationship is what anybody ever wanted. Love locks are used to connect the pair in enduring passion, strengthen the bond between them, and symbolize eternal love. Numerous romantic love lock spots can be found all over the world, where you may hang love locks in memory of your true love. Here are the most wonderful love lock locations around the world.

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Pont des Arts Bridge, Paris

In the most romantic city in the world, a love lock! There are few things better than this. The Pont des Arts, often referred to as the Pont des Arts Bridge, is a pedestrian bridge that spans the Seine in Paris. The tens of thousands of locks that dangle from this bridge are what make it renowned. People from all around the world have been hanging engraved locks on the bridge since 2008, and they subsequently toss the key into the river. The devotion of the pair is thought to be symbolized by the love lock. The love locks on the bridge are thought to weigh as much as 93 metric tons.

The love locks made the bridge so heavy in 2015 that the French government was forced to remove hundreds of them to prevent the bridge from collapsing. The Ponte des Arts Bridge was built from 1981 to 1984, when it was ultimately finished. Love lock hanging on the bridge was only begun in 2008 and is not a French custom. Unfortunately, the weight of the love locks caused the bridge to become so heavy that a portion of the parapet on the stunning bridge actually fell. The authorities were compelled to launch the "Love Without Locks" campaign as a result, which urged visitors to snap pictures on the bridge rather than hang love locks.

Location: Port des Saints-Peres, Paris

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Mt. Huangshan, China

The eastern province of Anhui is home to the Yellow Mountain, sometimes referred to as Mount Huangshan. The stunning peak is known as "the loveliest mountain in China", and it is surely a wonderful sight to behold. Many lovely, engraved love locks, which are put there by couples as a sign of their eternal love — the keys and then thrown down into the valley of the most — cover hundreds of metal chains and poles that connect the foot of the mountain. Many people assert that love locks are truly an ancient Chinese custom, but in Europe, they have their roots in Italian love stories.

The origin of the love locks atop Mount Huangshan is the subject of several legends; some claim they have something to do with Yue-Laou, a saint of marriage and love in Chinese culture. Others claim that the genuine story of two lovers who leapt from the peak of a mountain while holding hands served as the inspiration for the love locks. Many even go so far as to say that tossing the keys represents making a wish and is equivalent to tossing money into a well, bringing good fortune. No matter what the real origin story of the love locks is, hundreds of people come from around the world and embrace the affixing locks on Mount Huangshan and marvel over the romantic aura of the entire place.

Location: Anhui, China
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Brooklyn Bridge, New York

The custom of love locks has spread from Rome to Paris to Ukraine and now to the United States of America. At the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, visitors from all over the world throng to affix engraved love locks to the pedestrian promenade of the bridge. In the city of New York, there is a hybrid suspension bridge called the Brooklyn Bridge. It crosses the East River and links Brooklyn and Manhattan. The John Augustus Roebling-designed Brooklyn Bridge is a recognized landmark in New York City. The bridge has evolved into a location for couples to meet and declare their love. Couples personalize a padlock with their names, fasten it to the bridge, and then discard the key.

However, because love locks increase maintenance expenses, authorities oppose this romantic gesture. The hanging of your own love lock is no longer permitted without paying a fee of about $100, although this does not prevent you from visiting. The Brooklyn Bridge is a stunning location with an even more breathtaking vista. It is also covered in love locks, which add to the romantic atmosphere of the bridge. Sunlight, not sunset, is the ideal time to stroll across the bridge since it is less crowded and the sunrise reflects gorgeously off the lower Manhattan skyscrapers, making for a breathtaking picture.

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Walkway, New York

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Hohenzollern Bridge, Germany

Collections are an illogical concept. One cannot help but experience a sense of surprise and awe while exploring a private area or a museum that is full of hundreds of interconnected artifacts painstakingly selected by one or more committed fans or specialists. Imagine how much more amazing it would be if the same collection had been created by thousands of unconnected people working together to create the same great work of art. Germany's Hohenzollern Bridge is a prime example of a similar magnificent work of art. Visitors from all over the globe hang painted, ornamented, or written padlocks from the German bridge's railings. Each lock is hung by a married couple.

Germany's city of Cologne has a bridge that spans the Rhine called the Hohenzollern Bridge. The bridge was once utilized for both rail and road traffic, but after World War II, only foot traffic and rail were allowed to use it. Franz Heinrich Schwechten created the Hohenzollern Bridge, which was built between 1907 and 1911. About 40,000 love locks have been placed on the bridge, and it is thought that 40,000 to 80,000 couples have done the same. Officials have gotten concerned because the padlocks have grown to be too hefty for the bridge. It's breathtaking to see the majestic row of padlocks hanging from the bridge. As a sign of their everlasting love, couples hang love locks. They then throw the key over the edge, where it lands in the sparkling Rhine. The river bed is now covered in tens of thousands of keys.

Location: Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne

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Fine Art America
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N Seoul Tower

For couples who want to pledge to one another and embrace eternal love, N Seoul Tower is truly a place of pilgrimage for love. The N Seoul Tower stands apart from the other love lock locations on the list because, in contrast to the French or American governments, the Korean government encourages couples to place love locks in a designated area. The government has even gone so far as to order metal hearts and trees specifically for this reason. There are no limitations to love. Numerous visitors hang their own love locks at the N Seoul Tower, which has been etched with their names. The base of the beautiful tower is covered in messages of love.

The YTN Seoul Tower, often known as the Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower, is the official name of the N Seoul Tower. It is a structure for observation and communication that is located in the heart of Seoul, South Korea.The tower is actually the second-highest point in all Seoul. The wonderful structure was built in 1971 and was the first general radio wave tower in Seoul. Signals for Korean media stations including MBC, KBS, and SBS are transmitted from the tower.

Tourists throng to visit the picturesque base rather than the tower itself. Around 2,000 international tourists put love locks on the tower's gate as a sign of their affection in 2011. The location has been portrayed in several Korean television programs, motion pictures, and dramas. The guests there speak different languages, but they all have grins on their faces as they undergo the same beautiful adventure together.

Location: Seoul, Korea

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Luzhkov Bridge

The Luzhkov Bridge is situated in Moscow, the Russian capital. Numerous trees there support hundreds of love locks that have been hung there by visitors from throughout the world. The locks represent a couple's lifelong love and dedication to one another. Married couples sign their names on padlocks, most of which are heart-shaped, and hang them from one of the numerous metal tree frames that line the Luzhkov Bridge. Many couples walk to the bridge to commemorate their union; brides have even been spotted praying and hanging love locks while wearing their wedding dresses.

There is a custom that states that in order to dissolve a marriage, one of the parties who hung the lock in the first place must plunge into the icy, dirty waters of the Moscow River and collect their key. Initial plans called for hanging the padlocks on the bridge itself, but this was subsequently amended, and metallic trees were added to the bridge to entice more people to hang their love locks.

Because Russians place a high emphasis on fairy tales and folklore, they were drawn to the notion of placing love locks on the bridge to symbolize their committed relationship. In particular, the thought of finding a key among thousands to break up the relationship appealed to them. The divorce rate in the area ultimately decreased as this custom became more widespread. If there is no room on the bridge, you may still hang your lock on one of the many metal trees that have been installed along 10 different Moscow streets. Hundreds or maybe thousands of padlocks, both old and new, are hung from each tree.

Location: Moscow, Rusia
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Butchers Bridge, Slovenia

The Butcher's Bridge, which is located in Slovenia's capital city of Ljubljana and spans the river Ljubljanica, is really a pedestrian bridge. The bridge was inaugurated in 2010, making it close to ten years old. Even though the bridge was just built 10 years ago, Joze Plecnik, an architect in the 1930s, really came up with the design for the bridge. The lovely atmosphere that surrounds the bridge helped it become fairly famous when it ultimately opened in the year 2010. As soon as the bridge was open, many individuals and couples started hanging engraved love locks of all sizes and hues to the bridge's metal gate.

These "love locks" are truly commitments and pledges of love. You may purchase a love lock from a local gift store as a tourist or guest, customize it whatever you like, and then have it engraved. What began with only a few love locks is now a romantic haven with hundreds of lovely love locks; more and more love locks are appearing on the bridge every day. Other than love locks, the bridge is the home of many other things. The greatest sculptures on the bridge depict Adam and Eve after their humiliation and expulsion from Heaven as a result of giving in to the Serpent's seduction. A statue of Prometheus being dismembered and fled as retribution for giving humanity knowledge is also located on the bridge.

Location: Petkovškovo nabrežje, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Similar to the Love Trees in Moscow and the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, Penang, Malaysia, has a romantic and love-filled history. Not hundreds, but thousands of lovely love locks may be seen atop the picturesque Penang Hill. At the Penang Hill Food Centre, tourists and guests can purchase a love lock in a variety of colors and sizes, which they can then place on the 80-foot-wide fence on the open-air observation deck. Couples travel to Penang on this romantic pilgrimage, place their names on the love locks, and then adorn them as they see fit. They then proceed by tossing the key away, and this signals the conclusion of the romantic cycle, which is a symbol of commitment and lifelong love.

The fence is positioned on Penang Hill, which offers a lovely view and a location where couples may celebrate their union and hang locks to symbolize their enduring love. Penang is a state in Malaysia and is located by the Malacca Strait on Peninsular Malaysia's northwest coast. It's a lively tourist destination where couples are encouraged to celebrate their union. Due to the state's extreme diversity in terms of race, religion, language, and social status, Penang Hill is frequented by a wide range of visitors who all partake in the same love rite. The adage that "love knows no language" is accurate! The tradition of hanging locks in Penang is fairly new, and it started on Valentine’s Day in 2014 honestly, what better day is there to hang love locks and perform this romantic pilgrimage.

Location: Penang, Malaysia
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The Two Lovers Point, Tamuning

This lovely location has a fairly exciting backstory. Two lovers knotted their hair together at the spot, according to the local folklore, and when they were refused permission to wed, they leaped off this stunning cliff. They decide to take their own lives together since their relationship is hopeless. Couples from all over the world gather to The Two Lovers Point in Tamuning, Guam, to hang engraved love locks of various sizes and hues. Couples may be seen strolling down the beach at The Two Lovers Point, which is renowned for being a popular location for proposals. The location gives a spectacular ocean view. Where else might a proposal be more appropriate?

The nicest feature of a romantic location is that it may be reserved for weddings. Additionally, there is a gallery nearby where various painters exhibit their work. The gates are covered in locks of all sizes, colors, and forms as a representation of enduring love and joy. Most couples decide to toss the key into the water after hanging the love lock to make their bond irrevocable. The Two Lovers Point really began as a little cluster of heart-shaped locks but has now grown into a stunning and enchanting tourist destination where couples may gather to commemorate their union or even their love for one another. The wall represents the enduring love of couples from throughout the globe.

Location: Tamuning, Guam
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Casa Di Giulietta In Verona

In the heart of Verona, Italy, you may find the Casa Di Guilietta. With one of the most famous love tales in the world as its backstory, the location is truly a paradise for lovers. Every couple should visit Casa Di Giulietta at least once in their lives. The location has Juliet's home, and in the courtyard is a bronze figure of Juliet standing upright with one breast showing. People can hang love locks with their names on them from Juliet's house's back wall. People are no longer permitted to hang love locks at the location because of the enormous number of visitors each year, but it's still a lovely area to visit.

Not only are there love locks on the walls, but also love letters. Additionally, you may take a tour of Juliet's home, which still features some Renaissance garb and the original furniture. You might have trouble finding a spot to put your love note or lock because the wall is covered with them, but the location is still worthwhile. What better spot to declare your love to your lover than on the wall of Juliet's house? Shakespeare recounts the buildings and public spaces of Verona, where the whole action of Romeo and Juliet took place. The narrative is a blend of fact and fiction, and the wealthy Veronese family, the Cappellos, who were connected to the Capulets from Romeo and Juliet, genuinely owned Juliet's home.

Location: Cappello Street, Verona

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Most Ljubavi

The Most Ljubavi is really a pedestrian bridge known as the Bridge of Love in English. It is located in Serbia's Vrnjacka Banja. Couples frequently hang love locks on the Bridge's railings to symbolize their enduring love because it is known as the practice's origin. The Bridge is one of Vrnjacka Banja's most well-known sights and the most famous of the town's 15 bridges. The love locks on the Bridge have been there for at least a century. Relja, a Serbian officer, and a local schoolmistress called Nada allegedly fell in love.

Relja went to fight in a battle in Greece after making a commitment to a woman from Corfu, but unluckily he fell in love with her. As a result, Nada was compelled to call off her engagement to Relja. Nada quickly passed away because she couldn't handle the loss. Young women in the town decided to hang love locks on the bridge and begin writing their names and the names of the people they are in love with in order to prevent suffering the same fate. These locks were fastened to the bridge rails near where Nada and Relja used to cross. The custom quickly vanished, but after poet and author Desanka Maksimovic brought it up in his poem "A Prayer for Love", it acquired popularity again. People continue to place love locks on the Bridge, which has now earned the nickname "The Bridge of Love".

Location: Ulica Vrnjacka, Vrnjacka Banja, Centralna Srbija

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The Bryggebroen connects the Cykelslangen bridge, Kalvebod Brygge, and other pedestrian and cycling bridges in Copenhagen. The bridge is well known for its impressive collection of love locks. The bridge opened in 2006, and Politiken, a Danish newspaper, proposed the name. After receiving more than 200 suggestions, Bryggebroen was chosen. Since the bridge's opening, it has been progressively collecting a variety of love locks. Compared to the other locations on our list, the love locks on this bridge are considerably simpler and more fundamental.

Couples travel to this bridge in Denmark on their romantic pilgrimage, hang engraved love locks that are ornamented as they like, and then toss their key into the canal. Contrary to France and the United States of America, the local officials actively encourage couples to leave tokens of their love on the bridge. The love locks on the bridge won't be taken down any time soon, according to the officials. The government anticipates that many more padlocks will join the party, but they won't likely take any action and the padlocks will stay put.

One of the most romantic sites in the world, looking over the port, a row of multicolored buildings, the lovely blue canal, and dozens of boats, is undoubtedly a sight to behold. Add some love locks, and the scene is complete. A magnificent spot where you may proclaim your love to your mate and bind them in a lock of eternal love and dedication.

Location: Islands Brygge, Havneholmen, Copenhagen

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Amsterdam, with its breathtaking natural beauty, majestic canals, and stunning bridges, is unquestionably one of the most romantic towns in the world. In this city, you would really anticipate seeing love locks all over the place. Unfortunately, in Amsterdam, there are only two places where you may find love locks. De Magere Brug and De Staalmeestersbrug. Only a handful of the love locks on the Magere Brug are still hanging to the bridge's warning light alone after the Amsterdam authorities severely trimmed them lately. A far greater view is offered by the Staalmeestersburg with the Zuiderkerk tower in the distance. You may affix your beautifully etched love locks to the bridge's chains. The bridge is a lovely location that allows for an even more breathtaking vista.

There is a romantic vibe all around, and it doesn't get much better than that. The Staalmeestersburg bridge, in particular because of the love locks it contains, is one of the most well-known bridges in Amsterdam. You should visit this location if you want a taste of beauty, wonder, and romance since it seems like it belongs in a romance story or a fairy tale. a location where couples declare their unwavering love for one another and hang love locks as a sign of everlasting romance and joy. Visitors from all over the world stop by to hang padlocks or love notes from the chains of this bridge. It is a really well-liked tourist destination.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Ponte Milvio Bridge

The Ponte Milvio/Ponte Molle Bridge, often known as the Milvian Bridge, spans the Tiber in northern Rome, Italy. In the days of the Roman Empire, the bridge played a crucial role in economic strategy and served as the location of the Battle of the Milvian Bridge. In 115 BC, the bridge's construction began. The bridge is a lovely area where couples from over the world gather to celebrate their love and commitment to one another, as well as the site of a famous war. After the release of the well-liked movie and Federico Moccia's book "I want you", couples started to place love locks on the bridge.

The scenario told in the novel was inspired by the symbolic love locks supposed to represent the locking of hearts. As a sign of their affection, couples started to fasten love locks to the lamp post on the bridge. The pair installed the lock and then dumped the key into the sea below. Unfortunately, the light post partially fell in 2007 as a result of the excessive weight of the love locks. Most sections of the bridge, such as the rails, rubbish bins, and balustrades, were utilized to hang love locks.

Location: Rome, Italy

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Flame of Liberty

The Flame of Liberty, a sizable duplicate of the torch from the Statue of Liberty that is present in New York, is situated in Paris. It is wrapped in gold leaf. The building has a height of 3.5 meters, is made of gilded copper, and is supported by a pedestal made of gray and black marble. The International Herald Tribune provided the stunning building. A enduring representation of the relationship between the United States of America and France is the Flame of Liberty. The stunning building also served as an unofficial Diana, Princess of Wales, monument. There are several types of love locks and love notes that help convey romantic tales around the shrine.

The pair decorates the padlock with their desires, writes their names on love locks, and hangs them next to the torch of liberty. The majority of the love locks and love notes are written to Princess Diana since the structure also honors her life. At the foot of the magnificent building, there are several photos of the late princess, including regal portraits and tender photos of her with her two children, William and Harry. All year long, flowers are left there. Numerous travelers visit the Flame of Liberty on their own or in groups, stay for a while, and snap photos. Additionally, they spend some time reading the messages, praying for Princess Diana, and remembering her. Paris is the most romantic city in the world, so it should come as no surprise that there are two locations where you may commemorate your love and commitment by hanging love locks.

Location: New York, Paris

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