Top 11 Best Adventure Playgrounds In London

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London is one of the most visited cities in the world and there is so much that families can do with their children. The capital has art galleries, museums, ... read more...

  1. Battersea Park Children's Play Areas takes first place on the list of the best adventure playgrounds in London. Battersea Park is a 200-acre Victorian park with a zoo and sports facilities for children. It was constructed between 1854 and 1870 and includes a large lake, ecological areas, trees, and a riverside promenade. Prior to 1846, the park's location was known as Battersea Fields. This popular dueling location was made up of low, fertile marshes divided by ditches and streams. Wharves and industries, including a lime kiln, copper works, chemical works, and more, were located along the riverside from the fields.

    The park is now a children's playground. Pump House Gallery, a four-story Grade II listed Victorian tower, is at its heart. The park also houses the London Peace Pagoda, which is maintained on a daily basis by a Buddhist monk. A narrow strip along the park's eastern edge has been designated as a local nature reserve. A variety of woodland bird species, butterflies, stag beetles, and other species call this strip home.

    Google rating: 4.8/5.0
    Location: Battersea Park Wandsworth London SW11 4NJ
    Opening times: 8am to 10pm daily
    Contact: +44 20 8871 6000

  2. Children’s Garden, Kew takes ranks 2nd on the list of the best adventure playgrounds in London. The Children's Garden is a fun and interactive environment where kids can jump, run, and climb any plant. It is designed for children aged 2 to 12 years old and is set in a natural setting the size of forty tennis courts. The gardens have over 100 trees spread across the beautiful landscape, with surprises and hidden treasures around every corner.

    A 4 m high canopy walk wrapped around a 200-year-old oak tree is at the heart of the Children's Garden. Aside from running around and playing, kids can learn about the elements by visiting the Earth, Air, Water, and Sun gardens. Children can weave through a bamboo tunnel and slide down tubes in the Earth Garden. Children can explore a forest filled with giant pollen spheres, spinning windflowers, and bubbles at the Air Garden. There are periscopes and hammocks for children to use to gaze at the sky, among other things.

    Google rating: 4.7/5.0
    Location: Richmond
    Opening times: 8am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday
    Contact: 020 8332 5655
  3. Explore the secret grotto at Hampton Court's Magic Garden. The playground, which is located within Henry VIII's former tiltyard, provides a unique way to learn about the history of Hampton Court Palace. Hampton Court Palace is a royal site with a Grade I listing. It was built in 1514 for Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Henry VIII's chief minister, and is one of the king's two surviving palaces.

    The gardens embrace the palace's rich historical, mythical, and cultural legacy. To begin, children enter through a maze-like passageway of mysterious topiary. They are then transported to the lair of mythical beasts. There are King and Queen towers that provide an excellent view of the area.

    The playground's crowning "jewel" is a 25-foot-long dragon. It is dozing off in a massive sandpit. The dragon threatens to awaken and breathe fire every hour when the palace strikes. A café is located a few meters from the dragon, where you can order ice cream for your children to cool off.

    Google rating: 4.7/5.0
    Location: Wilderness Cottage, Molesey, East Molesey KT8 9AU
    Opening times: 10am to 5.30pm
    Contact: +44 333 320 6000
  4. Greenwich Park is home to some of London's most famous views. It is located at the heart of the Greenwich Maritime World Heritage Site and features an 18th-century landscape as well as stunning gardens. There is plenty to do in the park. You can stand on the Prime Meridian, a popular Greenwich Mean Time reference point. You can also walk in the footsteps of England's kings and queens by strolling through the ancient tree avenues.

    Then, explore the wildlife at the Wilderness Deer Park and the tranquil flower, herb, and rose garden. After a day of exploring, stop for a snack at the Pavilion Cafe before heading to the Queen's Orchard. Fruits and vegetables dating back to the 1500s can be found in the 0.3 hectare enclosed area. There are two ponds at the orchards: one formal near the vegetable area and one informal near the meadow. The Royal Observatory is located at the top of a steep hill overlooking the Queen's House. The Meridian Courtyard, Flamsteed House, and Astronomy Centre are all located here. You and your family can experience London's only planetarium at the Royal Observatory.

    Google rating 4.7/5.0
    Location: Greenwich Park London SE10 8XG
    Opening times: 10.30am to 4pm, Sunday to Friday.
    Contact: N/a
  5. Holland Park Children's Playground ranks 5 on the list of the best adventure playgrounds in London. Holland Park is located west of Kensington Gardens. It is the Royal Borough's largest park, with 22.5 hectares of gardens, sports areas, and children's play areas. It also has the lovely Kyoto Garden. In 1991, the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce donated this Japanese Garden. The park, which was built in 1992 to commemorate the Japan Festival in London, is stunning, with peacocks roaming freely and woodland to explore.

    Holland Park also has a Fukushima Memorial Garden, a cricket pitch, a giant chess set, tennis courts, and other amenities. The park has no set boundaries. However, it is bounded to the south by Kensington High Street, to the north by Holland Park Avenue, and to the west by Holland Road. There are many cultural tourist attractions in this city, which is made up of tree-lined streets and Victorian houses. Among them are the Design Museum, hotels, restaurants, and even embassies from various countries.

    Google rating: 4.7/5.0
    Location: 55 Abbotsbury Rd, London W14 8EL
    Opening times: 7.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Sunday
    Contact: +44 20 7361 3003
  6. Paddington Recreation Ground ranks 6th on the list of the best adventure playgrounds in London. Paddington Recreation Ground, located just north of Paddington, is a 27-acre park with a variety of facilities for you and your family to enjoy. As the City of Westminster's largest parkland, it attracts over 1.5 million visitors who come for the green space value. Paddington Recreation Ground, London's first park of its kind, was first used for recreational purposes in 1860. It now has thirteen tennis courts, two artificial turf pitches, a 400-meter athletic track, and children's play areas.

    A water-based hockey pitch, cricket nets, an environmental area, a bandstand, and several gardens are also available. A traditional 19th-century pavilion overlooks the cricket pitch in the park's center. Everyone Active operates this pavilion house as a health and fitness center. Musical instruments, a tunnel, a train, and a streamliner can be found in the children's play area. The highlight, however, is a row of pastel-colored playhouses that resemble terrace houses.

    Google rating: 4.6/5.0
    Location: Randolph Ave, London W9 1PD
    Opening times: 7am to 8.50pm, Monday to Friday, 8am to 7.50pm, Saturday and Sunday
    Contact: 020 7644 6880
  7. The Biodiversity Playground is a must-see for most visitors to London. This pond-themed playground is located between the Stratford International Station and the Stratford Westfield mall. The playground, which is mostly made of wood, includes two wooden ships. One ship has a miniature bridge, while the other has a slide to the ground. There's also a fish-shaped structure with a walkway leading to a slide. There are climbing rock grips on the outside for an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

    A small wooden frog structure with an enclosed ladder leads to a small slide and a curved bridge that leads nowhere. Children can interact with the dragonfly, water lilies, folded paper boats, and other elements designed specifically for them. The Biodiversity Playground is a fascinating park with challenging and enjoyable activities for children. However, the playground is in a congested area. As a result, your children will require close supervision.

    Google rating: 4.5/5.0
    Location: Westfield Stratford City London E20 1EJ
    Opening times: 10am to 9pm, Monday to Saturday and 12pm to 6pm on Sundays.
    Contact: +44 (20) 822-173-00
  8. Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground ranks 8th on the list of the best adventure playgrounds in London. Every year, over one million people visit the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground. The playground, which opened in June 2000 in memory of the late Princess Diana, is located next to her Kensington Palace residence. Your children will enjoy running around, playing, and exploring the park, which was built as a fitting tribute to the late princess.

    A wooden pirate ship stands in the center of the park. A sensory trail, a beach, various play sculptures, and teepees are located around the ship. All of this is set against a background of plants and trees. The pirate ship was inspired by Peter Pan's stories. It creates a magical environment in which children can interact. The park only admits adults supervising children aged 12 and up to ensure their security and safety. The playground staff will monitor all activities and be available to provide first aid or other assistance.

    Google rating: 4.5/5.0
    Location: Kensington Palace, Palace Green, Kensington and Chelsea, London, W8 4PZ
    Opening times: 10am to 4.45pm
    Contact: N/a
  9. Explore and unwind at Jubilee Park & Garden. On London's South Bank, this landscaped park features mature trees, an enclosed adventure playground, and lawns. The Jubilee Gardens Trust manages and maintains the former site of the Festival of Britain's main building, the Dome of Discovery. When they demolished the buildings, they created a parking lot, which remained in place until 1977, when they built a playground for the Queen's Silver Jubilee. Today, the park is located at the base of the magnificent London Eye, where visitors can relax and take in the riverside views.

    This outdoor space includes seating areas, granite pathways, flower beds, and over 97 trees. There is also a large adventure playground for children aged 11 and up within the park. It has been named one of London's best children's playgrounds. The gardens are open from dawn to dusk every day of the year. However, due to maintenance, the gardens may be closed at any time. You can easily visit the gardens because the park is within walking distance of several London Underground stations.

    Google rating: 4.5/5.0

    Location: Belvedere Rd, London SE1 7PG
    Opening times: Open 24 hours

    Contact: +44 (20) 720-269-00

  10. The Kilburn Grange Adventure Park is a one-of-a-kind playground and play area for children. The 3.2-hectare open space, which opened in 1913, includes a basketball court, outdoor gym, tennis courts, and a children's playground. The park, which was originally part of the Grange estate, has a network of walkways and treehouses that are great for kids to explore. The play area is suitable for children aged 8 to 13. There are, however, smaller play areas and the park for younger children to run around and explore.

    A shaky bridge and ladders connect the tree houses and galleon to the ground are also part of the playground. This encourages children and young people to engage in exploratory and creative activities. Kilburn Grange Adventure Park won the International Children's Making Space Award and the RIBA award in 2011. The playground was chosen by the award's jury because it is unique, exciting, and long-lasting. Because of its uniqueness, this is one of London's most popular playgrounds among parents.

    Google rating: 4.0/5.0
    Location: Kilburn Grange Park, London NW6 2JL
    Opening times: 7.30am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday.
    Contact: +44 20 7974 4444
  11. Top 11

    Coram’s Fields

    Coram's Fields is a playground for children only in Bloomsbury, Camden. It was London's first public playground for children, opening in 1936. The seven-acre playground is open all year for children under the age of 16. It includes a children's playground, a pet corner, sandpits, a café, a nursery, and other amenities. The park is built on the former site of Thomas Coram's Foundling Hospital. It is now run by an independent registered charity and adheres to its well-known policy of "no adult may enter without a child."

    There are eight pitches on the playground. These pitches are ideal for hosting sports days, PE lessons, and even corporate games at schools. They also have a variety of spaces for rent for classes, seminars, children's parties, meetings, and other events. When you rent the space, they supply chairs, tables, projectors, TVs, and even fully equipped kitchens. However, due to renovations, the hall spaces will not be available for hire until February 2022.

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0/5.0

    Address: 93 Guilford St, London WC1N 1DN
    Opening times: 8am to 4pm, Monday to Sunday

    Contact: 020 7837 6138


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