Top 5 Best Animes by P.A Works Studio

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  1. Maquia's story in "Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou" i- one of the best animes by P. A Works Studio - is an intriguing journey into a world where time flows differently. As a member of the Iorph - a race blessed with long life but cursed with detachment from humanity, her existence is marked by profound loneliness. Orphaned at a young age, she yearns to explore the world outside, but the stern warnings of her clan's chief keep her bound to their secluded realm.

    Yet, her solitude is shattered when the kingdom of Mezarte invades her homeland, driven by a thirst for power and the desire to obtain the Iorph's immortality. Tragedy befalls her people, leaving her one of the few survivors in the wake of the brutal attack. Her chance encounter with a baby in the remnants of a decimated village sets her on an extraordinary path.

    Adopting the child, whom she names Ariel, Maquia embarks on a heart-wrenching journey; with no knowledge of the human world, she faces the daunting challenge of raising a boy who ages rapidly compared to her own eternal youth. The narrative of "Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou" delves into the complexities of their relationship and her unwavering determination to provide him with a loving home, despite the gaping void of loneliness that gnaws at her soul.

    Release: 2018

    MyAnimeList Score: 8.4/10

    Art from WallpaperCave:
    Art from WallpaperCave:
    AMVRom Indonesia

  2. Top 2


    "Shirobako" unfolds a story rooted in the dreams and aspirations of five close friends - Aoi Miyamori, Ema Yasuhara, Midori Imai, Shizuka Sakaki, and Misa Toudou. Bound by their shared passion for all things anime-related, they launched their own animation club at Kaminoyama High School. After their maiden voyage into amateur anime-making at the school's culture festival, these friends make a promise that will shape their futures forever: to pursue careers in the animation industry and eventually reunite to create a mainstream show of their own.

    Fast forward two and a half years, Aoi and Ema have realized part of their dream by securing positions at the prestigious Musashino Animation production company. However, the journey isn't as smooth for the others. Shizuka grapples with the challenge of gaining recognition as a voice actor, Misa's career designing 3D models for an automobile company feels stable but unfulfilling, and Midori is a university student determined to chase her dream of becoming a writer. This diverse group of friends soon discovers that the path to success in the animation industry is anything but straightforward.

    Their individual pursuits, challenges, and triumphs make for a compelling narrative in "Shirobako" that highlights the various facets of the anime industry. A tale of dreams, perseverance, and the eccentric creativity that often fuels this vibrant world, the anime deserves to be lauded as one of the best animes by P. A Works Studio.

    Release: 2014

    MyAnimeList Score: 8.28/10

    Photo from Beneath The Tangles:
    Photo from Beneath The Tangles:
    Warner Bros
  3. Top 3

    Paripi Koumei

    Renowned as one of the greatest military tacticians of the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China, Zhuge Kongming's life was a chronicle of strategic triumphs and relentless warfare. However, as he lay on his deathbed, weary from the endless battles, Kongming's last wish was for a second chance in a more peaceful era.

    In an extraordinary turn of events, his wish is granted, and Kongming awakens in modern-day Tokyo, inhabiting a youthful body with his memories intact. Thrust into this unfamiliar world, he stumbles into a nightclub where he encounters Eiko Tsukimi, a budding singer whose performance leaves him spellbound. Sensing his bewilderment, Eiko extends her help, guiding Kongming through the intricacies of this contemporary world, including the enchanting realm of modern music.

    Deeply moved by Eiko's incredible musical talent, Kongming pledges to help her realize her dreams and secure the recognition she rightfully deserves. In a world where the music industry is unyielding and where success demands unwavering dedication, Kongming must employ not only his contemporary knowledge but also the legendary war strategies he once wielded in a past life. This unique fusion of ancient wisdom and modern ambition propels the story of "Paripi Koumei" forward, launching "Paripi Koumei" into an interweaving theme of music, tenacity, and strategic brilliance.

    Release: 2022

    MyAnimeList Score: 8.16/10

    Photo on Alphacoders:
    Photo on Alphacoders:
  4. Top 4

    Buddy Daddies

    In "Buddy Daddies", a chance encounter on a bustling Christmas Eve sets the stage for an unlikely and unconventional family drama: four-year-old Miri Unasaka, separated from her family and entirely alone, stumbles upon an elaborate assassination plot aimed at a dangerous mafia boss, unbeknownst to her innocent sensibilities.

    Professional assassins Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa find themselves caught in an unexpected twist when their mission leads them to bring Miri into their home. The logical course of action would be to reunite her with her mother, but the child's pure heart and infectious laughter soon weave a profound connection with Kazuki. What unfolds is an unorthodox family unit as Kazuki, who secretly cherishes the role of a parent, and Rei, who gradually finds his emotional barriers giving way, embrace their newfound roles as "papas" to Miri.

    Raising a vivacious child proves to be a unique challenge, arguably even more demanding than their high-stakes missions. While their decision carries considerable risks to their professional lives, the "buddy daddies" Kazuki and Rei resolve to provide Miri with a semblance of a normal, loving upbringing despite the odds stacked against them. The anime is a heartwarming exploration of family, embracing the unexpected bonds that life can bring.

    Release: 2023

    MyAnimeList Score: 8.15/10

    Fanart on Alphacoders:
    Fanart on Alphacoders:
    アニプレックス チャンネル
  5. Top 5

    Angel Beats!

    In "Angel Beats!", the existential mysteries surrounding death have intrigued humanity since time immemorial. These enigmas, however, are unraveled in a perplexing manner for 17-year-old Yuzuru Otonashi. His journey begins with a disorienting awakening, devoid of any prior recollections, in a dimension suspended between the realms of life and death.

    Here, he encounters the unsettling truth that has eluded humanity for ages: this dimension, assuming the guise of a typical high school, serves as an unusual sanctuary for those whose lives ended with a tinge of bitterness and regret. Those who have felt wronged by the divine during their terrestrial existence now find refuge within its surreal confines. United by a shared sense of rebellion, they have formed the Afterlife Battlefront, an insurgent faction devoted to challenging the dominion of their seemingly god-like student council president, Kanade "Angel" Tachibana.

    At the helm of this movement stands Yuri Nakamura, the group's charismatic leader, who sees Otonashi as a valuable ally in their struggle against Angel. Their collective aim: to regain control over their destinies.

    Yet, Otonashi's unquenchable curiosity leads him to probe the moral implications underpinning their endeavors. This introspection beckons him to traverse the blurred boundaries of the realm, stepping behind enemy lines to unearth the profound complexities of their shared existence. As such, the story of "Angel Beats!" unravels with profound philosophical underpinnings to dig deeper into the themes of morality, redemption, and the nature of life and death.

    Release: 2010

    MyAnimeList Score: 8.06/10

    Fanart on Minitokyo:
    Fanart on Minitokyo:
    The Voids

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