Top 10 Best Animes by Toei Animation

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For decades, Toei Animation has been a powerhouse in the world of Japanese animation, bringing to life numerous iconic series that have captured the hearts of ... read more...

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    One Piece

    One Piece is among the most famous anime series in Japan and is lauded by many as one of the best animes by Toei Animation. Struggling for survival within the confines of a barrel after an encounter with a treacherous whirlpool at sea, our carefree Monkey D. Luffy boards a ship in the midst of a pirate raid. Despite his seemingly unassuming appearance as a young teenager, Luffy is actually a pirate, driven by an unwavering determination to obtain the legendary One Piece treasure and claim the title of King of the Pirates.

    Gol D. Roger, the former King of the Pirates, had revealed the location of his vast wealth and challenged all to seek it. Since that revelation, countless pirates have embarked on voyages in pursuit of the coveted One Piece, only to disappear without a trace.

    Although Luffy may lack a crew and a proper ship, he possesses extraordinary powers and an unshakable spirit. Throughout his journey, Luffy confronts numerous challenges with an ever-present smile, gradually amassing a unique group of companions who share his aspirations. Together, they embrace the dangers and wonders of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

    One of the defining strengths of "One Piece" lies in its meticulously crafted characters – from the enigmatic swordsman Roronoa Zoro to the indomitable navigator Nami, the quirky inventor Usopp, the skilled chef Sanji, the ethereal archaeologist Nico Robin, and the list goes on. Each character bears a captivating backstory, amazing development, and personal aspirations that seamlessly align with the overarching narrative to foster emotional connections that impress and inspire us. Moreover, the series successfully navigates a delicate balance between exhilarating action sequences, profound emotional moments, and lighthearted humor to cater to audiences of all ages.

    Release: 1999

    MyAnimeList Score: 8.71/10

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    Art on Zerochan:
    Toei Animation

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    Slam Dunk

    Another popular name in our list of the best animes by Toei Animation, "Slam Dunk," revolves around a young boy named Hanamichi Sakuragi. Known for his fiery temper, towering stature, and distinctive flame-red hair, Hanamichi starts his journey at Shohoku High with a clear mission: to finally find a girlfriend.

    His middle school days were marked by an unfortunate record of 50 consecutive rejections, and he's determined to change that in high school. However, his reputation precedes him, and he soon finds himself shunned by most of the students. Through a series of events, Hanamichi's perspective takes a sharp turn. Two strong convictions emerge: "I despise basketball" and "I'm in dire need of a girlfriend."

    His world changes when a girl named Haruko Akagi approaches him, unaware of his troublesome history, and inquires about his interest in basketball. Driven by infatuation, Hanamichi enthusiastically affirms his newfound passion for the sport. Haruko then introduces him to the gymnasium, where she asks if he can perform a slam dunk. In an effort to impress her, he takes the leap but overshoots, crashing headfirst into the blackboard. This mishap, however, takes an unexpected turn when Haruko informs the basketball team's captain about Hanamichi's extraordinary physical abilities. Slowly but surely, Hanamichi becomes entangled in the camaraderie and competition of the sport that he once held in disdain, captivating us with his exhilarating journey in "Slam Dunk."

    "Slam Dunk" stands out for its realistic portrayal of the sport, which effectively captures the intensity and excitement of basketball matches through well-animated gameplay sequences. The series skillfully balances high-stakes matches and heartfelt character-driven moments to appeal not just to sports enthusiasts but to anyone seeking a compelling story of personal triumphs and camaraderie. Furthermore, beyond the court, the series also explores themes of friendship and love through Hanamichi's journey, turning him into a reflection of the universal struggles of youth.

    Release: 1993

    MyAnimeList Score: 8.54/10

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    Art on Zerochan:
    Toei Animation
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    Mononoke is a story about the enigmatic "Medicine Seller," a master of the occult with a deadly purpose. His travels take him through feudal Japan as he hunts malevolent spirits known as "Mononoke" and banishes them.

    However, this process is not straightforward. Before he can kill off a Mononoke, he must uncover its Form, Truth, and Reason. Only then can he employ the powerful Exorcism Sword to confront and defeat the spirit. This unusual approach requires complex psychological analysis and methodical investigation and is laden with danger, as he must immerse himself in understanding the mononoke before he can combat it.

    The Medicine Seller's journey leads him to an old-fashioned inn, where he encounters Shino, a pregnant woman in search of rest. The innkeeper, left with no other options, lodges her in the last available room. Yet, it quickly becomes evident that this room is plagued by a huge group of Mononoke, the Zashiki Warashi. With his honed instincts, the Medicine Seller has to unveil the Form, Truth, and Reason of these spirits before the Zashiki Warashi claims another victim.

    What elevates "Mononoke" beyond a mere supernatural thriller is its unparalleled visual storytelling; its animation style mirrors traditional Japanese art, coupled with meticulously designed settings and characters to transport viewers into a world where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs. Through these stunning aesthetics, the series invites viewers on a journey of self-discovery and introspection, encouraging an exploration of the intricacies of the human psyche and the manifestations of all types of universal emotions: desires, fears, and regrets.

    Release: 2007

    MyAnimeList Score: 8.42/10

    Art on Zerochan:
    Art on Zerochan:
    Obvious Puppet
  4. Top 4

    Dragon Ball

    Gokuu Son, a young boy living in the wilderness, encounters Bulma, a girl on a quest to find the mystical "Dragon Balls," objects that can grant one's desires when all seven are gathered. Bulma's aspiration is to collect the Dragon Balls to wish for an ideal boyfriend. Gokuu possesses one of these balls, but he's reluctant to part with it. To resolve this impasse, Bulma proposes a deal: Gokuu can accompany her on her journey in exchange for lending the Dragon Ball's power. Together, they embark on a long and exhilarating adventure.

    These two aren't the only ones on this quest. Along the way, they meet Muten-Roshi, an elderly martial arts master, and Kuririn, an aspiring disciple. Gokuu trains under Muten-Roshi to enhance his martial arts skills for the World Martial Arts Tournament. However, their journey isn't all lighthearted. The power to fulfill any wish using the Dragon Balls is tempting, and there are those who seek to exploit it for darker purposes. To counter the potential misuse of this legendary power, they dedicate themselves to becoming stronger fighters and, in the process, utilize their newfound strength to assist those in need.

    The heart of "Dragon Ball" lies in its characters. Gokuu, the pure-hearted and innocent hero, is a symbol of unyielding determination and unwavering loyalty. His evolution from a naive boy to a formidable martial artist is a testament to the power of perseverance and the pursuit of self-improvement. The introduction of Kuririn and Muten-Roshi, along with an ensemble of charismatic characters, infuses the narrative with diverse personalities and interesting back stories.

    Furthermore, as the characters train under the guidance of Muten-Roshi, viewers are treated to exhilarating battle sequences, each an artistic showcase of skill, strategy, and sheer willpower. Amidst the high-stakes tournaments and epic clashes, "Dragon Ball" imparts invaluable lessons about growth, discipline, and the strength found in camaraderie and teamwork.

    Release: 1986

    MyAnimeList: 7.96/10

    Art on Zerochan:
    Art on Zerochan:
    Toei Animation
  5. Hajime Kindaichi is the titular character of Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo. Despite his seemingly disheveled appearance and laid-back demeanor, he is far from your average high school student; in fact, Hajime is the grandson of Japan's former top detective, inheriting a remarkable aptitude for sleuthing.

    Assisted by his best friend Miyuki Nanase and the eccentric inspector Isamu Kenmochi, Hajime embarks on adventures to remote islands, ominous towns, treacherous seas, and other challenging places. His purpose in life is unraveling the truths concealed behind some of the most intricate, perplexing, and unsettling mysteries ever encountered by humanity, setting the stage for a series of peculiar events in Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo.

    The series captivates its audience with its cleverly crafted cases, each presenting a unique challenge that demands Hajime's shrewd insight and meticulous observation. From remote islands to ominous towns, it unfolds in diverse settings that introduce an array of compelling characters with dark, mysterious secrets."Kindaichi Shounen" also successfully balances the elements of suspense, deduction, and unexpected plot twists to challenge us to join the protagonist in piecing together clues; as a result, the audiences manage to unravel the truth from an array of deceptive layers to arrive at solutions that are as shocking as they are satisfying!

    Release: 1997

    MyAnimeList Score: 7.94/10

    Art on Zerochan:
    Art on Zerochan:
    Toma Haku
  6. Top 6

    Kuuchuu Buranko

    Delving into the realm of psychology, Dr. Ichirou Irabu, alongside his charismatic nurse Mayumi, navigates the intricacies of mental illnesses afflicting various patients at Irabu General Hospital in "Kuuchuu Buranko." Mayumi's enchanting allure and distinctive pink nurse uniform, however, add an unexpected layer to the therapeutic environment.

    Dr. Irabu himself presents a unique case, possessing three distinct personalities - a child in an oversized lab coat, a youth with feminine traits, and a self-centered, outgoing green bear. While addressing his patients' concerns in unconventional ways, the doctor occasionally blurs the lines between his professional and personal desires. As each patient in "Kuuchuu Buranko" grapples with their mental challenges, an imperceptible yet undeniable thread weaves through their individual paths, connecting them in ways they may not immediately realize.

    The success of"Kuuchuu Buranko" is unsurprising; this standout anime shines with its unconventional storytelling and visual exuberance. The anime's distinct artistic style and surreal animation transport viewers into a mesmerizing dreamscape, illustrating the intricacies of the human mind through vibrant colors, whimsical visuals, and symbolic imagery. This visual feast, paired with an excellent plot, elevates the series into a fun yet thought-provoking experience that provokes viewers to question perceptions, contemplate the nature of human behavior, and reassess preconceived notions about mental health.

    Release: 2009

    MyAnimeList Score: 7.92/10

    Tim Bro
  7. Top 7


    Within the intricacies of the Mizuhanome System lies an extraordinary venture into the human mind. Developed at the pinnacle of technological advancement, this system enables investigators from the specialized police squad Kura to delve into the profound recesses of the human psyche. By utilizing "cognition particles" left behind at crime scenes, they construct a virtual world - a manifestation of the criminal's unconscious mind - termed the "id well." Their objective is to navigate this peculiar mental landscape and uncover the identity of the perpetrator, which explains the anime's title "Id: Invaded."

    However, entry into the id wells is not a privilege available to everyone; a prerequisite demands that the entrant must have committed murder themselves. Akihito Narihisago, once a respected detective, now known as "Sakaido" in the id wells, meets this requirement due to a tragic twist of fate that shifted him from law enforcer to lawbreaker.

    Despite his dark past, Narihisago collaborates with Kura from within confinement. While his exceptional detective skills remain invaluable for investigations, he gradually unravels a more ominous truth concealed beneath the seemingly isolated string of murder cases in "Id: Invaded."

    Release: 2020

    MyAnimeList Score: 7.83/10

  8. Top 8

    Ginga Tetsudou 999

    "Ginga Tetsudou 999" revolves around a future where immortality is a commodity that only the wealthy can afford through mechanical bodies. A destitute boy named Tetsurou Hoshino harbors a fervent wish. He aspires to obtain a pass for the Galaxy Express 999 - a cosmic train promising a free mechanical body at its ultimate destination. However, tragedy befalls Tetsurou when his mother falls victim to the malevolent Count Mecha, a machine-man hybrid. With his dreams shattered, Tetsurou faces a seemingly bleak future.

    In an unexpected turn in "Ginga Tetsudou 999," Tetsurou is rescued from the brink of demise by Maetel, a mysterious woman with a striking resemblance to his late mother. She grants him a pass to the Galaxy Express, with one condition -he must journey alongside her. Thus commences Tetsurou's odyssey across the cosmos, navigating diverse planets and encountering thrilling escapades, all in pursuit of his deepest desires.

    Release: 1978

    MyAnimeList Score: 7.79/10

    HD Retro Trailers
  9. Top 9

    Digimon Adventure

    In "Digimon Adventure," when a cluster of seven youngsters attends a summer camp, an unexpected occurrence takes them by surprise - snowfall in the midst of July. Amid the ensuing confusion, each child is bestowed with a peculiar device that transports them to an alternate world. Upon awakening in this unfamiliar realm, they encounter enigmatic beings identifying as "Digimon," who reveal that they have arrived in the "Digital World," a realm far removed from their home.

    Armed solely with their Digimon companions and the mysterious "Digivices," the seven children embark on a quest to find their way back home and unravel the mysteries behind their inexplicable journey. Spearheaded by the impulsive Taichi Yagami and his ravenous Digimon ally, Agumon, the group must confront unfamiliar adversities while delving deeper into the eccentricities of the Digital World through "Digimon Adventure."

    The Digital World's vivid and imaginative realms, from serene landscapes to perilous dungeons, serve as a canvas for the children's transformative journey. Each episode unfolds like a tapestry, painting vibrant vistas and engaging encounters. Most importantly, the awe-inspiring Digivolution sequence - where Digimon evolves into more powerful forms - stands as an embodiment of the show's underlying themes of growth and resilience.

    Release: 1999

    MyAnimeList Score: 7.77/10

  10. Top 10

    Saint Seiya

    In ancient epochs, a cadre of young men dedicated their lives to safeguarding Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War. These individuals possessed the ability to engage in combat without weaponry - just a swing of their fists could rend the sky and shatter the earth. Renowned as Saints, these valiant heroes could harness the power of the Cosmos from within.

    Fast forward to the present day, a new generation of Saints is on the horizon. Saint Seiya, young and resolute, finds himself entangled in a formidable struggle for the Sacred Armor of Pegasus, resolute in claiming his prize. After six years of unwavering effort and training, victory is his, securing the esteemed title of one of Athena's Saints.

    However, Seiya's journey doesn't conclude there. A plethora of challenges and formidable adversaries await him and his fellow Saints in the unfolding saga. What novel quests lie ahead for the heroes in the enduring epic of Saint Seiya?

    Release: 1986

    MyAnimeList Score: 7.75/10

    Frost de Berenice

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