Top 9 Best Boarding Schools in South Korea

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    Taejon Christian International School

    Taejon Christian International School (TCIS) is one of the best boarding schools in South Korea. TCIS offers kids in grades K–12 an IB education with a STEM+Arts focus, Western-style. Families from both local and expatriate communities select Taejon Christian International School because it offers an excellent English-speaking education and a vibrant community.

    Students in elementary, middle, and high school can enjoy an engaging, all-encompassing experience at TCIS. Academic, character, global awareness, and leadership development are all encouraged at the school. It accomplishes this as a continuous process to produce competent learners through the IB DP, MYP, and PYP programs.

    Through the Boarding Care Program, students from Daejeon, Seoul, China, North America, Europe, and other places join local students, resulting in a vibrant and diverse learning environment. Students from Taejon Christian International School not only achieve academic success but also go on to enroll in esteemed universities across the globe.

    The TCIS Boarding Care Program amplifies the learning processes in conjunction with academic programs. An intentional structure attends to the physical, emotional, and social needs of the individual as a whole. The relationships that students have with their peers in the residence life program are among the biggest joys and advantages. Students in grades 6–12 who board at TCIS are looked after by the Residence Life Program.

    Every weekday, students living in dorms are provided with a full meal plan, and on weekends, the plan is adjusted to fit different weekend schedules and activities. Weeknight evening snacks are also provided to students; these can come from the community and cafeteria, as well as occasionally from the dorm staff who make their treats.

    Throughout the week, the boarding students are attended to by two fully qualified nurses. A boarding nurse of Taejon Christian International School stays from 4:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., and a day nurse is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For the safety of the students, security guards are on duty around the clock, and digital surveillance systems are installed on the campus and in the residence halls.

    Activities related to school take place in the fitness center, at club meetings, on sports teams, and on service committees during the after-school hours. Additionally, boarding students can hang out and go shopping with their pals in the downtown area. Maybe they'll just take a quick nap before study hall and dinner. Students can still use the school's facilities, and there are programs available to help them succeed academically.

    Every evening, boarders have a two-hour supervised study hall where they can concentrate on their studies in a calm environment. Certified Teacher Resident Assistants provide weekly subject-specific academic support during this time.

    For those who opt to use Korea's reliable public transportation networks to get home, weekend transportation to multiple Daejeon stations is offered. There are also scheduled times for Sunday night pickups from the stations. For those who prefer the convenience of having their bus or train tickets pre-purchased or who would like to secure tickets in advance for major holidays, the Residence Life Program offers assistance.

    Founded: 1958

    Address: 77 Yongsan, 2-roYuseong Gu, Daejeon, South Korea

    Phone: 042 620 9000


    Tuition: 17,772,000 KRW - 25,528,000 KRW
    Boarding fee: 11,010,000 KRW


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    Branksome Hall Asia

    Branksome Hall Asia is also one of the best boarding schools in South Korea. From Junior Kindergarten Prep to Grade 5, it is an international school that is coeducational; from Grade 6 to Grade 12, it is exclusively for girls. The school says it offers the same curriculum as Toronto's Branksome Hall. Graduates of Branksome Hall Asia are eligible to apply to both international post-secondary institutions and Korean universities.

    The Olympic Aquatic Center, two yoga studios, an exercise room, a large gymnasium with floor-to-ceiling windows, a hockey rink, an exercise room, and other recreational facilities are all located on the campus in the Wellness Center. Students can study and review their lectures in the classrooms thanks to the large touch screen televisions and video cameras.

    The BHA design and technology studios are equipped with machines such as 3D printers that are not available in Korea. The elementary, middle, and high school buildings are arranged in three cylinder-shaped structures. Tunnels connect the entire campus, allowing students to leave through them in inclement weather.

    Modern amenities are just one of the many advantages of board. Every day, the school works hard to provide "A Home Away From Home" for its students by putting together programs and a committed staff. Don the teacher assigned to each of the ten pupils. This enables a one-on-one relationship and customized attention for every student.

    For girls who are going to be away from home for the first time, Ainslie House and Shin Saimdang House offer a cozy and familiar setting. Branksome Hall Asia hosts birthday celebrations with cake, games, and laughter once a month. The school allows students to work independently and cooperatively during study hall, which is led by the extremely skilled Teacher Dons.

    The older students who board at Branksome Hall Asia are intended for Sherborne House and Seondeok House. Sherborne House and Seondeok House provide roomy single rooms with private bathrooms, allowing each girl to have a separate living area. This creates a setting that is favorable for studying. Furthermore, it offers a customized curriculum to facilitate Teacher Dons' utmost levels of individualized academic support.

    The curriculum of Branksome Hall Asia:

    • For students in grades 3 through 12, Branksome Hall Asia's Primary Years Program emphasizes the growth of the whole child as an inquirer, both inside and outside of the classroom.

    • For students between the ages of 13 and 17, the Middle Years Program offers an academic framework of challenge that motivates students to accept and comprehend the relationships between traditional subjects and the real world. Pupils can develop into analytical and thoughtful thinkers.

    • For students between the ages of 17 and 19, the Diploma Program offers a well-rounded, academically demanding curriculum that includes final exams to ensure students are ready for success in both college and beyond.

    Founded: 2012

    Address: Global Edu-ro, 234 Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo City, Jeju-do, South Korea

    Phone: 064 902 5077


    Tuition: 20,188,000 KRW - 24,74,000 KRW

    Boarding fee: 19, 964,000 KRW


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    Daegu International School

    In Donggu, there is an international school called Daegu International School. The American private school Lee Academy, located in Lee, Maine, and the City of Daegu have partnered to create it. Students in grades K–12 at Daegu International School receive an American curriculum that is taught entirely in English.

    The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) has granted DIS accreditation. Based on the Common Core State Standards, Maine Learning Results, and College Board Advanced Placement courses, DIS provides a demanding curriculum. Students from fifteen different countries receive education from DIS.

    By assisting its students in becoming lifelong learners both inside and outside of the classroom, Daegu International School is committed to providing a high-quality living environment. DIS students can live, learn, and develop in a safe, healthy, and respectful community that is supported by the residential staff.

    The DIS building can accommodate 120 students. There are five stories in the building. There are fifteen residential rooms, a staff room, a study room, and a laundry room spread across four floors. The first floor includes a large lobby, a kitchen, a game room, and a fitness center where guests can watch television. There are workstations and computers in the study area.

    Every room is designed to accommodate two students who share a private restroom. Every room has wireless internet, radiant heat, and air conditioning. The rooms include two dress closets, two study desks with chairs, and two single beds with drawers. A security service keeps watch over the residential area twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

    The success of residential life on the DIS campus depends on participation and cooperation in daily activities. Staff and students residing in the dorm will collaborate to create and execute a daily schedule and procedure at Daegu International School. Residents develop greater accountability and self-direction when they are involved in maintaining a safe and orderly routine.

    It is highly recommended that students participate in every facet of DIS life. Students have access to a wide range of after-school activities and sports teams to choose from. In addition, students who wish to fulfill Korean education requirements can enroll in Korean language and history/social studies courses.

    Founded: 2010
    Address: 22 Palgong-ro 50-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea
    Phone: 053 980 2100
    Tuition: 20,500,000 KRW - 28,400,000 KRW
    Boarding fee: 8,200,000 KRW
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    Video by Daegu International School DISTV
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    Korea International School Jeju Campus

    The first international boarding school in South Korea is called Korea International School Jeju Campus (KISJ). The school is a subsidiary of YBM, a publishing and English-language education services company, and a sister campus of Korea International School.

    KISJ is a private, nonreligious school that offers a boarding program beginning in Grade 6 and an internationalized American college preparatory curriculum from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12. The high school is one of only seven in South Korea that offers AP Capstone.

    One of the few international schools in South Korea that accepts students without a foreign passport or more than three years of study abroad experience is Korea International School Jeju Campus. The South Korean Ministry of Education has granted the school full accreditation for six years, in addition to the accreditation granted by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

    The American Education Reaches Out (AERO) and AP standards serve as the foundation for the standards-based curriculum, which is organized using Understanding by Design. High schools with 80-minute blocks, middle schools with 45-minute periods, and elementary schools with 50-minute periods all use block class scheduling.

    The overseas faculty members of KISJ are all certified teachers, with 67% having advanced degrees. With iPads and an iMac lab supporting Grades JK–4, the school provides a 1:1 MacBook learning environment for students in Grades 5–12. Important platforms include Seesaw, Google Classroom, and PowerSchool.

    Students living in KISJ dorms are grouped into houses based on their gender and grade level. Staff members with a wealth of knowledge in extracurricular and academic programming supervise and assist them in a developmentally appropriate manner. During evening study halls, dorm staff works closely with teaching faculty to provide academic guidance while fostering an immersive English-language environment.

    KIS Jeju dorm students enjoy well-equipped lounges, kitchens, and laundry rooms in addition to having access to school facilities on weekends and evenings. Professional medical and social-emotional care is provided by dorm nurses and counseling services.

    Debate, leadership roles in the community, horseback riding, golf, scuba diving, music instruction, hiking, team sports, culinary arts, yoga, ultimate frisbee, and subject-specific tutoring are among the current and previous offerings. In addition to facilitating regular life skills and team-building sessions, dorm staff also organizes enjoyable weekly house activities to promote relaxation and camaraderie among students.

    Founded: 2011
    Address: 8 Global Edu-ro 260beon-gil, Daejeong-eupSeogwipo-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
    Phone: 064 741 0509
    Tuition: 15,300,000 KRW - 22,140,000 KRW

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    Video by KIS Jeju Official YouTube Channel
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    Valor International Scholars

    Valor International Scholars (VIS) is another school on the list of the best boarding schools in South Korea. It is a residential school for students in pre-middle through grade 12. It provides them with a comprehensive and happy learning environment. To build an empowering and compassionate community, creative, project-based learning is combined with social-emotional workshops and stakeholder think-tanks.

    Recognizing the individuality of every student, Valor International Scholars Comprehensive Education provides customized courses that combine traditional academic material with practical and professional skills. The Pre-Middle Program aims to set up students for success in middle and high school by emphasizing language development, guidance, and discipline.

    While STEM courses emphasize practical application and hands-on learning, middle school courses emphasize study skills and personal responsibility. Intellectual curiosity, literacy, and critical thinking are given top priority in the high school curriculum. The humanities curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, research skills, and developing one's voice, while the STEM program offers cutting-edge courses and a robust robotics program.

    Academics emphasize English language competency and provide comprehensive campus literacy initiatives, tutoring, and specialized ELL classes. The arts are also valued, with a range of music and art courses offered and specific graduation tracks for artistic endeavors.

    For boarding students, Valor International Scholars offers a warm and secure environment. A nutritious meal prepared by nutritionists, study hall, late-night study hall, evening sports, and room inspections are all part of a typical day in the dorm. Students go shopping, take part in a variety of volunteer projects, and eat a delectable brunch on the weekends.

    The school at Valor's boarding program is committed to promoting the mental health and general well-being of its students. The school offers regular access to professional counselors to help strengthen the mental health of boarders through a partnership with the Anseong Youth Counseling Center. The Personality Search Program, College Students Mentoring Program, and Leadership Improvement Program are just a few of the initiatives that Valor International Scholars provides.

    All teachers and staff prioritize the safety of their students above all else. To offer assistance and supervision, Resident Assistants (RA) reside in the dorms with the students. The Caps ADT system is in operation around the clock to detect and stop any unauthorized access to campus, ensuring the safety of the students.

    Founded: 2017

    Address: 1 Seonggong-gil, Bogae-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

    Phone: 031 677 7761


    Tuition: 21,210,000 KRW - 22,257,000 KRW

    Boarding fee: 12,000,000 KRW


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    Video by 베일러 국제학교 Valor International Scholars
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    Saint Johnsbury Academy Jeju

    Situated on the stunning island of Jeju in South Korea, Saint Johnsbury Academy Jeju is a PreK–12 day boarding school accredited by the NEASC. SJA Jeju was accepted as a "Candidate for Accreditation" by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is a member of the College Board.

    The special capstone intensive program SJA Jeju offers in the final year of each educational level—grades 5, 8, and 12—makes the school unique. Students at SJA Jeju have the opportunity to conduct personal research, present projects that are meaningful to them, and discover their true passions through the capstone intensive program.

    The sister school of Vermont, USA's St. Johnsbury Academy is SJA Jeju. Despite being the newest international boarding school in Jeju Global Education City, SJA Jeju is creating a stir with its distinctive approach to teaching and the advancement of students' learning.

    The Residential Life Program is based on the fundamental principles of character, inquiry, and community that make SJA Jeju a special learning environment. The school is dedicated to supporting each resident student in becoming the best version of themselves.

    After-school programs are mandatory for all boarding students. Students can participate in various faculty-led extracurricular activities and clubs at SJA Jeju all year long. Every boarding student (grades 6 through 10) is required to participate in four ASAs (as well as sports) from Monday through Thursday. All students who don't participate in sports will be expected to study in the library until 4:30 pm after ASAs are over, at which point they can head back to their dorms.

    Launching the College Application Support Program (CASP) is Saint Johnsbury Academy Jeju. All students (in Grades 6 through 10) are expected to participate in this session, which will run from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm on the weekend. Volunteering, skill-building exercises, and sports-related activities will all be included in the program. On Saturday mornings between 10.30 and 11.30, there will be additional small-scale events for MS students in the vicinity of the GEC or on campus.

    Five nights a week, residents living in dorms attend Evening Study. During this period, proctors and teachers from the MS and HS assist all dorm students in their studies. During evening study, students can also use the library's resources. Students can complete all of their academic assignments during this time by having access to music rooms, art rooms, and group study rooms.

    Whenever students are present in the dorms, the medical staff is on call or in their office around the clock. Additionally, Saint Johnsbury Academy Jeju always has a social/emotional counselor on staff or available for emergencies involving dorm students.

    To help ensure school safety, SJA Jeju employs security personnel and makes use of CCTV. The front doors are monitored by the proctors on duty, and it is expected of both students and proctors to keep the side and back doors closed and locked. The security team makes frequent checks during the night to make sure that all doors are locked and that access to the dorms is prohibited without the proper ID card.

    Founded: 2016

    Address: 10, Global edu-ro 304beon-gil, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si Jeju Special Self-Governing Province 63644, South Korea

    Phone: 064 801 1200


    Tuition: 22,366,000 KRW - 24,311,000 KRW

    Boarding fee: 15,046,000 KRW


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    Video by SJA Jeju
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    North London Collegiate School Jeju

    North London Collegiate School Jeju was established as a day and boarding school. In a short amount of time, NLCS Jeju has established itself as a benchmark for top-notch international education in Asia. It offers a challenging academic program taught by highly skilled, knowledgeable, and motivating teachers through engaging thought-provoking classes.

    Some of the top educators in the world are hired by North London Collegiate School Jeju; they are exceptionally skilled and encourage students to develop a lifelong love of learning. At the London campus, NLCS UK provides additional training to all teachers.

    At NLCS Jeju, academic achievement is important, but the school also strives to equip its students with other skills that will help them succeed in the future. The distinctive extracurricular program aims to foster traits like commitment, risk-taking, leadership, teamwork, and many more. Every week, NLCS Jeju provides a program with nearly 150 distinct societies and activities to pick from.

    At NLCS Jeju, boarding is done in a traditional British manner. The Boarding Homes offer top-notch pastoral care in a cozy, homey setting where students form lifelong friendships.

    The core of NLCS Jeju is boarding, and starting in Year 5, students are encouraged to live on campus in one of our seven purpose-built, modern, spacious, and comfortable boarding homes for single genders. To better prepare them for college life, the sixth-form students live in two unique homes called Halla East and Halla North.

    All boarding students have access to extra academic support at the convenience of their boarding home. Its teachers plan and oversee a customized schedule of events that are catered to the requirements of the academic calendar, year groups, and subject areas. Private academic support is not necessary for boarding students.

    Boys and girls ages 4 to 11 (Reception to Year 6) attend North London Collegiate School Jeju Junior. All classes are taught in English, and the curriculum is based on that of NLCS UK. NLCS Jeju Senior School is a vibrant community serving students in Years 7 through 13. Key Stage 3 (Years 7–9), Key Stage 4 (Years 10–11), and the Sixth Form (Years 12–13) comprise its division.

    While students are taught separately in single-sex classrooms in Key Stages 3 and 4, they are taught together in the Sixth Form. Students in Key Stage 3 follow a curriculum that the school has created, which is specifically adapted to cultural context and is based on material from NLCS UK. Students study for the iGCSE in Key Stage 4 and the IB diploma in Sixth Form.

    Founded: 2011
    Address: Daejeongeup Seogwiposi, Code 63644 Zip, South Korea, Jeju-do, South Korea
    Phone: 064 793 8000
    Tuition: 19,134,220 KRW - 26,822,020 KRW
    Boarding fee: 11,812,290 KRW - 16,338,510 KRW

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    Video by NLCS Jeju Official YouTube Channel
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    Handong International School

    Situated on the Handong Global University campus in Pohang, Handong International School is a Christian alternative elementary, middle, and high school that has been accredited by the Korean Ministry of Education. Its mission is to develop students into global citizens, scholars, and character builders with a biblical foundation, all while preparing them to serve as agents of the Kingdom in multicultural settings across the globe.

    The goal of Handong International School's curriculum is to prepare students to be global servants and agents of God's kingdom. This curriculum, which consists of course subjects and co-curricular activities, is based on the 3C's in Christ model and incorporates elements of foreign curriculums, the national curriculum of Korea, and its curriculum.

    Students and MKs from around the globe coexist in a community in the HIS dorms. Faith Hall, Hope Hall, and Love Hall are the three dorms at Handong International School. Male and female students reside in different buildings or on different floors. A dorm parent shares a floor with roughly twenty students. There are two bunk beds, four desks, and four closets in each shared room for four students.

    Living with the students, dorm parents oversee after-school study sessions, give counseling, lead daily devotions, and lead Bible reading sessions. They also offer spiritual guidance. Daily activities include worship, prayer, and devotions. Students are also taught to respect one another, maintain cleanliness in the dorms, and follow dormitory rules.

    On Saturdays and holidays, students are permitted to leave the dorm with written permission from their parents. On weekdays, students are generally not allowed to leave campus. Students are only permitted to leave campus with the written consent and verbal affirmation of their dorm parents. Students who visit for the day must return to campus by 7:00 p.m. Students who stay overnight are required to return by 7 PM on the day before classes resume.

    For more information about tuition and dormitory fees, please contact 054 260 1736 or

    Founded: 1998
    Address: Gyeongsangbuk-do, Pohang-si, Heunghae-eup, Handong-ro, South Korea
    Phone: 054 260 1733
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    Video by Handong International School
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    Cheongna Dalton School

    Cheongna Dalton School (CDS) is the last name on the list of the best boarding schools in South Korea. Secular international private college preparatory school Cheongna Dalton School (CDS) offers the Dalton Plan, an American curriculum, in an English-only environment. Prekindergarten through grade 12 is taught at Cheongna Dalton School.

    Although the school offers daycare and dormitories, elementary students are not permitted to use the dorms. The school accepts the Dalton Plan, which was established by Helen Parkhurst during her career, and shares the same philosophy as the Dalton School in New York. With WASC accreditation, the school offers classes in the AP system.

    The campus is made up of the Middle School and High School buildings, the "First Program" (Elementary school), a soccer field, and residential buildings that include the Town House and Guesthouse for foreign teachers in addition to the student dormitory. The Dalton Hall auditorium, which has lighting and sound systems, is used for parent and teacher conferences, concerts, and fine arts performances.

    Students can use the computers in the school, and every classroom and building is fully networked. Numerous science labs and two libraries are present. Practice rooms with soundproofing and rooms for the orchestra and choir are among the music facilities. Athletic facilities comprise a grass turf soccer field, a heated swimming pool, a tennis court, an equestrian course with four horses, and a dance room.

    In the Middle School, students are required to take Korean language classes, World Language classes, and extracurricular activities. Those who pass the Math Exemption Exam can skip a year of math coursework. Counseling sessions, AP courses, and college counseling sessions are provided for students in the High School, enabling them to select a suitable college to attend after graduation.

    While in care, students are guaranteed to be happy, healthy, and safe thanks to Cheongna Dalton School's resident care program. The school works to promote life learning through the development of responsibility, interdependence, freedom, and cooperation within the Residential Care Program.

    The school offers first-rate facilities that meet the different needs of every person. Each student has their room, which promotes independence and privacy. There are several common areas in the dorm to promote socialization and interaction. Additionally, the CDS Residential Staff promotes empathy and social awareness.

    Students attend study hall every night. Study hall is a self-directed learning period where students can finish assignments and extension work while improving their study management skills. Residential students at CDS are actively encouraged to engage in a wide range of activities and to develop worthwhile hobbies during their free time.

    Founded: 2011
    Address: 344 Cheomdandong-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, South Korea
    Phone: 032 563 0523
    Tuition: 18,660,000 KRW - 22,050,000 KRW
    Boarding fee: 11,000,000 KRW
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