Top 5 Best Boarding Schools in Denmark

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Prestigious boarding schools, each as distinctive as the students who attend them, are available to families searching in Denmark. Families searching for a top ... read more...

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    Ranum Efterskole College

    Ranum Efterskole College is one of the best boarding schools in Denmark. It is a contemporary, self-governing efterskole where staff and students work together to shape the curriculum and school year. It provides opportunities for both professional and personal growth as well as a secure environment that prioritizes each student's welfare.

    Classes in the required subjects linked to the Danish 9th and 10th grade end-of-school exams are offered by the school. This allows practice and theory to be experienced coherently because these subjects are taught within the typical school activities. Making sure every student gets the best exam possible in all subjects—both written and oral—is a top priority.

    The goal of Ranum Efterskole College is to run an autonomous, international boarding school within the confines of Denmark's current private boarding school regulations. A healthy balance between academics and a variety of extracurricular pursuits is encouraged for students, with equal emphasis placed on both athletic and cultural accomplishments.

    Ranum Efterskole College is one of Denmark's largest comprehensive efterskolers, with 500 students. Living on campus, the students create a mini-town. The four primary structures that make up the school are Kaerhuset, Seminariehuset, Lien, and Ranumhus.

    Rooms at Ranumhus can accommodate two to five people. Small living groups of students have TVs and lounges where they can hang out after school. The courtyard featuring a street football court, basketball court, volleyball court, and fire pit is one of Ranumhus's best features.

    The layout of Kaerhuset includes apartments for 4-6 people and rooms for 2-3 people. A dining room, a gym, and common areas are available. There is a dance floor and a stage for smaller concerts at the Imagination Loft. On weekends, the students organize joint sororities and hang out in the loft.

    Rooms at Seminariehuset can accommodate three to six people. Ranum Efterskole College has constructed a sizable stage for outdoor events like parties and concerts at the Tree of Life in the schoolyard. The 'Svederen' has a comfortable common area, a boulder wall, a parkour course, a gym, music studios, media, Esports, and a movie theater inside.

    With three- to five-person rooms that can accommodate about thirty students, Lien is the smallest house on campus. Cozy common areas, a separate kitchen, and a gorgeous garden with lots of space for outdoor activities are all included. Lien is both a cozy retreat and a part of Seminariehuset's large community.

    Every student is assigned to a contact group consisting of nine to ten members. Across the four houses, there are a total of forty contact groups. Along with eating, cooking, and cleaning together, each contact group will have its contact teacher. There will be a friendship group in one of the other houses for each contact group. Across the school, this is one way to meet people.

    Founded: 2004

    Address: Seminarievej 23, 9681 Ranum, Denmark

    Phone: 096 664 400


    Tuition: DKK 176,800


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    Sorø Academy

    In the Danish small town of Sorø, there is a gymnasium and boarding school called Sorø Academy (Sorø Akademi). Being the only state high school in the nation, it is run by the Ministry of Education. Its educational facilities are always being updated and maintained, and they are in outstanding shape.

    Sorø Academy offers Latin as a second foreign language in addition to the standard curriculum and several other interesting elective courses. Since all of the instructors have a university degree, they all possess extremely specialized and current subject knowledge.

    Professional and pedagogical development is given top priority by the school's administration and teachers. Sorø Academy is always creating new hardware and software for its educational IT solutions. Students actively participate in democratic processes and get involved in many of the school's events.

    One option is to reside at Sorŕ Akademi while pursuing their high school education. This implies that you will undoubtedly gain some additional experiences while you are here. Approximately 140 students reside in five houses that serve as a secure base for the school. You have your room here, but you also share common areas and eat all of your meals in the lovely old dining room.

    You attend classes with other high school students daily. Because both day students and boarding students utilize the school's after-school programs, homework café, and sports facilities, there is always activity at the school. After school, there's time for sports, music, and fun.

    Every day homework assignments and school maintenance are required of the alumni. Everyone has to read their homework in their rooms after supper unless they want to work together with other students in the homework cafe, for example.

    Every alumni has a room of their own, typically set up with two sharing a bathroom. Each boarding school home has a teacher who resides there with his family, and the principal works closely with the boarding school. In this sense, students can interact with adults at all times, not just during school hours.

    You launder everything—including the linens on the bed. There are two laundromats at the school, complete with tumblers and detergents. The school's cleaning crew takes care of the common areas, but you are responsible for cleaning your room and the shared bathroom.

    Students at the Sorø Academy boarding share meals in the main building's dining hall for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The head chef welcomes suggestions and works closely with our team of chefs and nutrition assistants to make sure the meals are tasty and nutrient-dense. Special servings of certain dishes are frequently subject to an additional fee on weekends. If you get hungry between mealtimes, you can choose to supplement.

    For more information on tuition fees, please contact 057 865 786 or

    Founded: 1586

    Address: Akademigrunden 8, 4180 Sorø, Denmark

    Phone: 057 865 786



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    Grenaa Gymnasium

    The next school on the list of the best boarding schools in Denmark is Grenaa Gymnasium. It's a secondary school located in Denmark's Grenaa. The school offers Gymnasium, HF, and IB as its three educational programs. The school consists of two structures joined by an umbilical cord.

    Subject-specific classrooms are located in the new building's humanities, social science, and mathematics division, and science and cultural classrooms in the old part. The school features subject-specific classrooms, so by positioning them all to face the center of the buildings, large distances between them have been avoided.

    There is a sizable assembly hall and cloakroom in the middle of the first building. The second building has two open levels: a large common area with a canteen, reading area, and library on the lower level, and classrooms on the upper floor.

    The tutors, other staff members, and boarding teachers will greet you when you get to the boarding school. Tutors are boarding school students in their second or third year. They understand what it's like to be freshmen at the boarding school and have a lot of catching up to do.

    The tutor, who will assist you in ensuring a smooth transition to boarding school life, will be introduced to students. There are lots of orientation events held in the first month of boarding school, which offer students a wonderful chance to meet new people. Boarders will be given tours of the boarding school and Grenaa town by tutors. The student's point of contact will be a boarding school teacher.

    Grenaa Gymnasium works hard to make the dining hall welcoming and comfortable while also making sure that the food is tasty and nutritious. Serving wholesome, freshly prepared food that is homemade by the kitchen staff is something they are proud of. It is a fusion of international and traditional Danish dishes. For every meal, there is a vegetarian buffet available.

    For more information on tuition fees, please contact 087 584 050 or

    Founded: 1961

    Address: N P Josiassens Vej 21, 8500 Grenå, Denmark

    Phone: 087 584 050



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  4. Vedersø Idraetsefterskole's International department speaks English internationally and features a central building, separate student housing, and a separate teaching and learning environment. The International prepares students for gymnasium/sixth-form college by providing instruction at a high academic level.

    The International teachers are qualified to teach the IGCSE program because they have the necessary experience and are a recognized Cambridge school and exam center. The program is offered in over 140 countries and is highly esteemed and acknowledged globally.

    Students ages 14 to 17 are targeted for the school's Cambridge IGCSE, and instruction is conducted entirely in English. Since the lessons work with level-divided classes across 9th and 10th grade, you can follow the lessons even if you are a student in 9th grade. The level generally corresponds to 10th grade in Denmark.

    The International
    welcomes students from all over the world, so it offers a safe and comfortable dormitory. Each student has a room with one or two other students. Everybody has a desk, chair, safe, bed, and closet. Additionally, the rooms are combined to create an apartment with a total of two rooms. This indicates that there is a small hallway and a shared bathroom between the students who reside in the apartment.

    The International
    will reassign everyone's room at some point in December, shaking things up for everyone. The school does this for many reasons, chief among them being that it upends the student body a little and creates a fresh foundation for forming new bonds and friendships. It is specified that there must be a mandatory room change with a random composition, with the requirement that all nationalities be mixed as much as possible.

    Six meals a day are provided to students at the International. The kitchen crew has received training in official dietary guidelines planning, preparation, and serving. The cuisine is primarily Danish. It's made from scratch even more frequently. Every meal is prepared with love and care to provide the best possible nutrition for teenagers attending a busy post-secondary institution.

    Founded: 2016
    Address: Vesterhavsvej 43, 6990 Ulfborg, Denmark
    Phone: 097 331 700
    Tuition: DKK 119,700
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    Video by The International
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    Herlufsholm Skole

    Herlufsholm Skole is also one of the best boarding schools in Denmark. It's for people who want a fun educational experience set within a historical context. The school takes pride in being Denmark's oldest boarding school. As a result, it also boasts a wealth of customs that students cannot find anywhere else.

    Herlufsholm is for aspirational and inquisitive youth who value education highly and seek the appropriate professional skills for postsecondary education. The educators are dedicated professionals who continuously improve their credentials. The school creates new curricula, encourages introspection, and provides challenges appropriate to students' ability levels.

    Students at Herlufsholm range in grade from sixth to third year of high school. The students attend Herlufsholm from all over Denmark, including the surrounding area. Some even travel from overseas to pursue a quality education. Day students and boarders are both present at Herlufsholm Skole, but the school emphasizes a calm environment, high academic standards, and the well-being of its students in relatively small classes.

    The boarders reside in small groups in nine student houses with their families and a dormitory teacher. This ensures an intimate, carefree, and simple relationship that builds solid friendships that, for many, last a lifetime.

    The students have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the peaceful environment at Susåen (our river) in the woods or the large park on the school grounds because Herlufsholm Skole owns woodland and numerous green spaces.

    Students will receive a room at Herlufsholm known as a "hummer" when they move into a house. You can unwind and finish your homework here. Numerous amenities are available within the house, including a shared dormitory, a small kitchen, restrooms, a laundry room, and a day room.

    While there are gender-specific dorms, sleeping in a communal space fosters relationships and a positive atmosphere that can't be obtained from sleeping in one's room. Although most students receive a room of their own, some are forced to share with a roommate of the same age. A reading lamp, desk, chair, shelf, and locker are all in the room. To make the room cozier, boarders are permitted to bring additional items into it.

    The school day at the boarding school begins at seven in the morning. The dining halls serve breakfast to boarders, and the first class begins at 8:05 a.m. They will be offered fruit or buns at some point in the morning, and they will eat lunch with the class before academic lessons end and they head back home.

    Boarding students can select from a range of activities provided by the school in the afternoon and evening. In addition to hanging out with their friends and doing their homework, students will be provided with an afternoon snack and dinner in the evening.

    All students at Herlufsholm Skole are expected to stay in their rooms during the two study periods. Students can focus on their homework without being distracted by thoughts of their friends' more enjoyable activities thanks to the set study periods.

    Every boarder is required to participate in at least one activity per week. The extracurricular program offers activities to suit all interests, and boarding students who enjoy organizing events can join our extracurricular team to help with weekend planning and the introduction of new events.

    Founded: 1565

    Address: Herlufsholm Allé 170, 4700 Næstved, Denmark

    Phone: 055 753 500


    Tuition: DKK 43,300 - DKK 53,300

    Boarding fee: DKK 157,000


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