Top 6 Best Boarding Schools in Austria

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By choosing one of the best boarding schools in Austria, you are investing in your child's future, providing them with an education that will shape their lives ... read more...

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    Holztechnikum Kuchl

    In Kuchl, close to Salzburg, there is a private school called Holztechnikum Kuchl. The HTK also manages the affiliated boarding school in addition to the Higher Technical School (HTL) and technical school. A foreman school and additional training courses are provided in the field of education.

    Approximately 390 students, or 75% of all students at the Kuchl training location, are also housed in the boarding school. For students attending the HTL, technical school, and state vocational school, Holztechnikum Kuchl offers boarding schools for both boys and girls. Eighteen seasoned teachers from different fields will oversee and assist you.

    The HTL and technical school in Kuchl have seen a consistent increase in the number of female students in recent years. A hint that girls are becoming increasingly interested in traditionally "male jobs" in the wood industry.

    Important aspects of the girls' boarding school include one-on-one conversations and chats, cooperative cooking evenings that prioritize nutrition, artistic handicrafts, yearly barbecues after classes, and joint cultural and sporting events exclusively for the girls enrolled in the program (such as an exciting weekend filled with rafting, thermal baths, cycling, swimming, etc.).

    The Holztechnikum Kuchl is home to the highest wooden student dormitory in Europe, which opened for classes in 2023–2024. It took only eight months to construct. About 390 students are living in the roughly 150 rooms that make up the boarding school. The school places a high value on creating a comfortable and welcoming environment to make your time at the Holztechnikum as enjoyable as possible.

    The boarding school Holztechnikum Kuchl provides a wide range of extracurricular activities for you to explore your interests, pastimes, and skills. Something for everyone, whether it's sports, travel, music, culture, art, or crafts.

    You have every chance to grow and unwind after a demanding day at school in our common areas, fitness center, outdoor sports areas, and recreation rooms. The school also provides special sporting events on certain weekends, such as bike tours, climbing days, cultural days, and more.

    Please contact 062 445 3720 or for more information about tuition fees.

    Founded: 1943
    Address: Markt 136, 5431 Kuchl, Austria
    Phone: 062 445 3720
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    Schloss Krumbach International School

    Schloss Krumbach International School is the next school on the list of the best boarding schools in Austria. Housed in an Austrian castle dating back to the 13th century, it is a coeducational boarding school for students aged 12 to 19. The school is the only one in Austria to hold accreditation as a Cambridge International Education School and an IB World School.

    The school's core beliefs center on its dedication to enhancing the education of a multicultural and welcoming student body by providing demanding, top-notch international education programs, a bilingual English/German curriculum, and a wide range of extracurricular, artistic, and athletic opportunities.

    The distance between Vienna and Schloss Krumbach International School is fifty minutes by car. Due to the school's ideal location, students can regularly visit museums of art and natural history, the Konzerthaus and Vienna State Opera, as well as contemporary theaters and galleries. They can also actively participate in all of the major cultural events that take place in the Austrian capital.

    The campus is a secure area with top-notch equipment, 24-hour security, and well-developed infrastructure. Large classrooms, science labs, a library, student lounges, a sports field, a computer lab, a chapel, castle towers, a concert hall with a grand piano, an art room, a music facility, an indoor gym, and many other amenities are all part of the school's infrastructure.

    Schloss Krumbach International School is a cutting-edge, superior boarding school that breaks all previous records. The dorms at the school are a match made in heaven. Students reside in bright, roomy apartments that are typically between 22 and 40 m2 and were formerly part of an opulent hotel. Boys' and girls' housing is located in separate blocks.

    Students are guaranteed a safe living environment on campus thanks to security systems and guards. Teachers and other staff members are also present at the school to ensure that the kids are appropriately watched both inside and outside of the classroom. The village of Krumbach has medical professionals on staff.

    Healthy living begins with eating well. The school at SKIS has developed an incredibly well-balanced and successful strategy to guarantee a healthy diet and foster good eating habits in our students. Full Board is offered for meals at the school dining hall.

    Founded: 2020

    Address: Schloss 1, 2851 Krumbach, Austria

    Phone: 067 6540 9630


    Tuition: € 39 900 – € 43 680


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    Amadeus International School Vienna

    For students ages 6 to 18, Amadeus International School Vienna is a special IB day and boarding school featuring an integrated Music and Arts Academy. For students in grades 3-5, we also provide an International Early Years Center.

    The foundations of educational distinction for Amadeus International School Vienna are Languages, Music, Aesthetics, Inclusivity, Intellect, Virtue, and Vitality. These elements stand for its fundamental dedication to character development, global citizenship, academic excellence, and human flourishing.

    For students traveling from nearby areas, Amadeus International School Vienna offers weekly boarding; however, it is advisable that students fully integrate into and participate in our weekend boarding program. Weekly boarders are allowed to live on campus from Sunday through Friday and spend the weekend with their families.

    Ida Pfeiffer, a fearless Austrian adventurer, travel writer, and music instructor who lived in Vienna from 1797 to 1858, is honored by the name of her new boarding home. Three floors make up Pfeiffer House:

    • junior students (grades 6 - 9) are welcomed on the ground floor.
    • Senior students (grades 10 and 11) are welcomed on the first floor.
    • Students in the 12th grade live on the second floor of the home.

    There are two wings on each floor: one for girls and one for boys. Furthermore, every one of the six wings has a student kitchen. Students can take in the breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and the skyline of Vienna from the open rooftop.

    138 students can stay at the boarding house. In addition to having a study area and a private en suite bathroom, the rooms normally hold two students. Each room features an ensuite bathroom, Wi-Fi internet access, and a separate workspace. Every room has shelves, cabinets, and storage for clothing, shoes, school supplies, small instruments, sports equipment, and personal belongings like a small safe.

    There are various common areas in the house, even though boarding students live in wings that are segregated by gender. Pfeiffer House's basement serves as the cafeteria, where students can get three hot, wholesome meals a day. The Common Room, a cozy and roomy social space for leisure, is located on the third floor and is where students hang out and socialize. Adjacent to the common area are two rooms dedicated to audiovisual and music, where students can watch movies or sports on large screens and practice their piano skills.

    The comforts of home and the rigorous academics of the school day are combined in the Amadeus International School Vienna boarding experience. The boarding team works with Amadeus's classroom teachers to offer a well-rounded enrichment program that meets the young people's developmental needs.

    Students can choose from a variety of cultural, artistic, athletic, adventurous, and life-experience opportunities through the Boarding Opportunities Program, which is mainly offered on weekends. The Opportunities Program adopts a seasonal strategy, offering a range of experiences and activities that maximize the season.

    Founded: 2011

    Address: Bastiengasse 36-38, 1180 Wien, Austria
    Phone: 047 030 3700


    Tuition: € 13,900 - € 32,280

    Boarding fee: € 50,395 – € 56,295


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    St. Gilgen International School

    St. Gilgen International School (StGIS) is a coeducational day and boarding school for students in ages 9 through 18. The school provides a primary and middle school curriculum that, in the last two years, leads to the highly coveted International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme qualification. English is the medium of instruction.

    St. Gilgen International School participates in:

    • The International Schools Council
    • Educational Collaborative of International Schools (ECIS)
    • The Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS)
    • Cambridge International Center (CIC)

    Students in primary and middle schools take a variety of courses in subjects like world studies, German, English language and literature, science, math, the arts, music, and movement and wellbeing. Students in middle school also take a second modern language course.

    The main campus of St. Gilgen International School is close to the boarding houses, "Bachwirt" for girls, "Traube" for boys, and "Kendler" for Grade 12 students. Originally hotels, they have been tastefully refurbished into superior, en suite lodgings featuring shared double or triple rooms. Its homes, which are grouped by age and gender, provide a comfortable and encouraging living space.

    All of the boarding houses are first-rate establishments, and the school makes an effort to give each one a unique vibe and personality that complements the unique dynamics of the residents. The rooms may differ in size and arrangement, but the standards are high.

    Rooms for students will contain:

    • A bed, a desk, and a study chair
    • Storage space for books, clothes, and personal items
    • A combo safe for valuables
    • A bedside light, and desk lamp
    • Pinboard

    Every room has an en suite bathroom, and many have balconies with views of the lake and mountains. In addition to improving the boarding experience, sharing a room fosters vital interpersonal skills. We try to minimize room changes as much as possible.

    Boarding students who maintain good grades and who have the approval of their mentor, tutor, and house team are allowed to study in their rooms. However, they must complete their work efficiently within the allotted time, sit at their desks, and maintain a clean workspace. The visiting duty teacher and house team may ask younger students or those who require more supervision to work downstairs.

    By the duties rota, each boarder will perform a house duty. This is to maintain housekeeping standards and foster a feeling of ownership and reverence for the Boarding House. Except for kitchen duty, which takes a little longer, each task should take no more than fifteen minutes.

    These include emptying bins, sweeping entranceways, and maintaining boot racks. House prefects, who are senior students, can help make sure that these responsibilities are completed to the highest standard and are reported to the house parent.

    Founded: 2008

    Address: Ischlerstraße 135340 St. Gilgen, Austria

    Phone: 062 272 0259



    • Day students: € 28,600 - € 43,800
    • Boarding students: € 58,800 - € 66,000


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    American International School-Salzburg

    American International School-Salzburg is one of the best boarding schools in Austria. It is a day and boarding international college preparatory school in Salzburg, Austria. The Middle States Association has accredited the American High School curriculum used at the school.

    Together with a high school curriculum (grades 9 through 12) that includes an Advanced Placement program, the school also offers a junior high school program for students in grades 7 and 8. The second week of September to the end of May marks the beginning of the three trimesters that make up the academic year. Along with its summer language program (SILC), the school also runs a summer school program.

    The administration, faculty, and resident care staff of American International School-Salzburg oversee and periodically assess the school's curriculum. It fully conforms with the policies and guidelines of the AP program, and its instructional strategies and materials are in line with those of the majority of accredited independent schools in the US and around the world.

    The majority of the teaching faculty and resident-care staff at the school are US citizens who speak English as their first language. The language of instruction at the school is English. It should come as no surprise that students take part in a program that will offer them excellent preparation for admission to universities and colleges in North America and around the world, given their background in history and education.

    More than 85% of the students at the American International School-Salzburg are enrolled as full- or five-day boarders. All grade levels at the school have residential facilities for boys and girls. Every student floor has a designated residence for the resident staff, who are available for use during all non-academic hours.

    There are two single rooms, a few triple rooms, and most of the double rooms on the floors of the girls' dorms. Every room has a shower and bathroom, and the majority have recently undergone renovations. There are two single rooms and an equal number of double and triple rooms in the boys' dorm. The boys' rooms also have an en suite bathroom and shower.

    Every student has a set amount of free time during the day, during which they can leave campus (with their parents' consent) and sign out. All students are free to enjoy their time off campus as long as they have fulfilled each of the five basic expectations.

    Founded: 1976

    Address: Moosstrasse 106, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

    Phone: 0662 8246 1712



    • Day Students: €20,000 - €22,000
    • 5-Day Boarding Students: €43,000 - €45,000
    • Full-Boarding Students: €45,000 - €47,000


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    Bischöfliches Internat

    One of Graz's most cutting-edge boarding schools for students of all ages is the Bischöfliches Internat. Daily interactions with adults who have diverse demands, opinions, aspirations, and dreams are what define boarding schools. The boarding school follows you into your adult life, where you will have greater responsibilities. Living with individuals of a similar age provides both validation and motivation.'

    For the boarding school to feel comfortable, the room is crucial. It is therefore furnished and equipped by the most recent standards. Typically, the youth reside in large, two-bedroom apartments. These face the park and are located on the Augustinum's "sunny side." A peaceful environment and a high standard of living are ensured by Bischöfliches Internat. To create a comfortable living space with your bed and workspace, feel free to contribute your creative suggestions and ideas.

    Each workstation is connected to the internet. The room amenities include a small safe for valuables, a shower, and a toilet. There are two four-bed gallery rooms available if you would rather share a larger space.

    Many recreational areas are available at Bischöfliches Internat. Whether it's football, basketball, or volleyball, the youth understand the benefits of the Augustinum's spacious sports arena. You're invited to play games or even watch TV together in several lounges.

    Bischöfliches Internat offers boarders a well-rounded diet consisting primarily of fresh, locally sourced, and organically produced foods. The day starts with a hearty breakfast buffet that leaves no room for disappointment and allows every student to assemble a nutritious snack for the day. The school's cafeteria serves two menus for lunch in addition to soups, desserts, and a substantial salad bar.

    If the schedule prevents you from eating lunch (which is served between 11.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.), there is a menu available in the boarding school's living area in the afternoon. The final course of the dining room experience completes the daily routine of boarding school life.

    Please contact 0316 8031 990 or for more information about tuition fees.

    Founded: 1830

    Address: Lange G. 2, 8010 Graz, Austria

    Phone: 0316 8031 990



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