Top 10 Best British Schools in Muscat

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Muscat's British schools profit from this beautiful setting, which enables pupils to learn in a calm setting while still being close to the city's exciting ... read more...

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    Downe House Muscat

    Downe House Muscat is one of the best British schools in Muscat. It is the first all-girls school in the world to collaborate with a real, UK-based private school for girls only. With its 112 years of experience, Downe House UK contributes to the provision of top-notch education in Oman.

    Little girls between the ages of 9 and 18 can find a secure, caring environment in an all-female faculty that upholds traditional values. Through the core values of collaboration, resilience, creativity, inspiration, compassion, communication, and outward-lookingness, The Downe House DNA embraces and develops children.

    Award-winning architects created Downe House Muscat, which features cutting-edge structures and amenities created to provide exceptional education. The school boasts the best facilities of any girls' school in Oman and the surrounding area, featuring a sports academy, a 450-seat theater, and a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) center.

    Girls at Downe House are known to receive an exceptional education. Above all, it provides a stimulating array of courses, customized learning plans for every girl, and the liberty and support to demonstrate initiative and originality in their academic pursuits.

    The curriculum is made to provide girls with a smooth educational experience. Students gain from the Downe House UK academic program's inventiveness and proven track record paired with the structure of the Cambridge Curriculum Programme.

    Arabic language and Islamic studies are important subjects, and Downe House Muscat makes sure they are included in the core curriculum. In the end, the school gets girls ready for the IGSCE and A-level exams, which are administered in Grades 10 and 12, respectively.

    Downe House Muscat gives every girl boundless opportunities to pursue interests beyond the core academic curriculum in a variety of subjects, sports, and hobbies that they may not have previously experienced or considered thanks to its rich and varied extracurricular program. The school's extended school day and enthusiastic faculty enable it to provide a huge variety of extracurricular activities, clubs, and enrichment opportunities.

    Founded: 2021

    Address: Unnamed Road, Seeb, Oman

    Phone: 098 555 482

    Tuition: 5,000 OMR - 7,500 OMR


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    Video by Downe House Muscat

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    The Sultan's School

    A private school in Seeb, Oman is called The Sultan's School. The school offers a top-notch education that enables students to enroll in the top universities in the world. It is proud of its standing as one of the top bilingual schools in the area because of its exceptional facilities and highly qualified teaching staff.

    The Sultan's School
    was established to assist young people in acquiring the moral and intellectual attributes required for leadership in Oman's fast-changing environment. Although the goal is to help Omani citizens develop these attributes, qualified students from other Arab nations are also welcome.

    The English National Curriculum serves as the foundation for the elementary school English curriculum, while the Ministry of Education's "Basic Education Program" is used for the Arabic curriculum. The secondary school curriculum is designed to help students get ready for the exams required for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

    There is also an option for the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD) in Years 12 and 13. For students ages 16 to 19, there is a course of study called the IB Diploma Program (DP). Information technology, business studies, economics, drama, art, and design and technology are among the current electives offered outside of the core.

    All of the boarders at The Sultan's School are male, and the bulk of them receive financial aid through a scholarship program that His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said started in 1980. Since then, a large number of students have applied for the scholarship program; the majority of them go on to enroll in Oman's first and subsequent degree programs.

    Periodically, The Sultan's School is planned to visit a worthy exhibition or event or to focus on a particular topic. Children are under constant supervision, and they are expected to behave well at all times. Before a child may go on any school trip, a consent form that has been signed by parents or legal guardians is necessary.

    It is possible to deduct an additional fee from the "Material Deposit." School buses are typically used for transportation and come equipped with seatbelts. On these excursions, parents are regularly invited to accompany the school.

    Founded: 1977
    Address: J6Q7+P98, Seeb, Oman
    Phone: 024 536 777
    Tuition: 2,666 ORM - 5,692 ORM

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    ABQ Azzan Bin Qais International School

    ABQ Azzan Bin Qais International School is the next name on the list of the best British schools in Muscat. The well-rounded curriculum at ABQ Azzan Bin Qais International School, which encourages students to put their best effort into every assignment and participate in a wide range of extracurricular and curricular activities, showcases the depth of the educational experience offered there.

    Throughout our student's education, ABQ Azzan Bin Qais International School has integrated several internal and external benchmarking assessments and academic support systems. To make sure every student fulfills their potential, parents receive a personalized action plan along with an honest and accurate assessment of their child's academic performance.

    World-class academic results in IGCSE, AS, A levels, and GED as students transfer to secondary school are evidence of the school's distinctive and demanding educational framework. The ABQ Azzan Bin Qais International School's academic programs are ranked among the top 200 Cambridge programs worldwide. It regularly takes home the majority of the Cambridge Top in Oman awards, and our GED scores are exceptional.

    ABQ Explorer is based on the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) developed in the UK and modified to meet the needs of students residing in Oman. The curriculum at ABQ Azzan Bin Qais International School is taught in both Arabic and English, making it a fully bilingual program.

    The school prioritizes the development of language proficiency and social skills in kindergarten students. Math, Arabic, and English are the three main subjects that are used to accomplish this. The focus changes to one that is more academic in KG 2. Along with learning more about the outside world, students start to focus more on their literacy, communication, and language skills in Arabic and English, as well as their math numeracy.

    The primary school provides students with a solid academic foundation by following the Cambridge Primary Programme in Science, Math, and English. In addition, it provides a blended curriculum for Music, Art, Physical Education, and Information Communication Technology (ICT) that satisfies all MOE requirements while also incorporating elements of the English National Curriculum.

    Students enrolled in ABQ courses at all three schools take identical exams to uphold high academic standards. Students in Grades 3-6 take the Cambridge Progress Tests, and in Grade 6, students take the Cambridge Checkpoint Tests, to further confirm that the school is meeting the highest international standards.

    There are three main phases in ABQ Azzan Bin Qais International School's secondary school. Students take the English, math, and science Cambridge Checkpoint Tests after eighth grade. Students in Key Stage 4 (Grades 9 and 10) have two options: they can study for the Omani GED or pursue IGCSE qualifications. IGCSE exams are taken by students after Grade 10.

    Students exempted from studying Arabic in secondary school will enroll in Kalemon, the Arabic second language program, Social Studies in English, and either Islamic Studies in English or Global Perspectives.

    Founded: 1990

    Address: HCMW+QCM, Muscat 115, Oman

    Phone: 024 210 200


    Tuition: 2,050 OMR - 4,975 OMR


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    British School Muscat

    English-speaking foreign students in Muscat, Oman, ages 3 to 18, can receive a full education from British School Muscat (BSM), a non-profit, coeducational British international day school. An improved version of the English National Curriculum is used at the school. After Sultan Qaboos bin Said awarded it a royal charter, the British School Muscat was founded.

    The curriculum's overarching goals are the development of learning skills, independent thought, creativity, and a love of learning, which permeate everything that British School Muscat does. Aspired by students, teachers, and parents, academic success in GCSEs, A Levels, and university admissions is a goal of the curriculum.

    The English Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) serves as the foundation for the Foundation Stage curriculum. In addition, it offers the kids the chance to pursue their interests and is enhanced by more extensive options like PE instruction from a specialist. Music and Swimming.

    British School Muscat
    builds on the abilities that students acquired in the Early Years Foundation Stage as they proceed with their education in Key Stage 1. In Year 2, students receive specialized instruction in computing along with lessons in swimming, physical education, and music. The school will introduce the BSM Thinking Skills and the Learning Ethos as students advance through KS1.

    Arabic instruction is introduced to students in Years 3 and 4. It gets the kids ready for Senior School when they are in Years 5 and 6. Once more, the school expands the number of Upper Key Stage 2 specialist teachers.

    While enjoying a wide range of subjects, Key Stage 3 students will learn the foundations needed to succeed in Senior School, ensuring they are fully prepared for whichever educational pathway they choose to follow as they progress through the school.

    Key Stage 4 (ages 14–16) offers a plethora of engaging activities for students to participate in, including plays, concerts, dance performances, award ceremonies, clubs, sporting events, art exhibits, and international travel, to mention a few. Students are assisted by a first-rate team of professionals in every aspect of school life, including mentors, inclusion assistants, heads of year, teachers, and form tutors.

    The sixth form serves as a link between education and adulthood. A sixth form's main goal is to give students as many opportunities as possible to acquire the hard and soft skills they'll need to succeed in an unwritten future that is always changing.

    Founded: 1971
    Address: Box 1907, Muscat 112, Oman
    Phone: 024 600 842
    Tuition: 3,940 OMR - 9,550 OMR

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    Beaconhouse School, Al Khuwair

    Beaconhouse School, Al Khuwair is also one of the best British schools in Muscat. It is well known in Oman for providing its students with a top-notch education and is well-known for its achievements in education both domestically and abroad.

    As a recognized partner of the Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE), Beaconhouse School, Al Khuwair offers its Omani students an A-Level or General Education Diploma in addition to the British Curriculum at Key Stages 1, 2, and 3. At Key Stage 4, the school also offers the IGCSE. We also provide KG1 and KG2 classes.

    At Beaconhouse School, Al Khuwair, education is the core of all that it does. An essential component of the educational ethos is helping students develop critical thinking, creativity, cooperation, communication, and teamwork. The instructors are driven and committed to helping each student reach their full potential.

    It is encouraged for Beaconhouse primary phase students to take pleasure in their education. As a result of the structured curriculum, they must increase the breadth of their subject-matter knowledge. Teachers create cross-curricular modules and themed subjects in Key Stage 2 (Grades 3-6) that integrate social studies, humanities, and citizenship education.

    In Key Stage 3 (grades 7 through 9), the social and cultural curriculum is covered through a combination of mapped activities that take place within-subject programs and discrete instruction in geography and history. The Key Stage 4 (Grades 9 and 10) and Key Stage 5 (Grades 11 and 12) of the Beaconhouse A-Level program help students reach their full potential while preparing them for admission to the top universities in the world.

    The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a two-year program designed specifically for students in international contexts. Beaconhouse School, Al Khuwair offers a variety of well-resourced and well-supported CAIE IGCSE courses that help students advance their subject matter knowledge, comprehension, and skills.

    Beaconhouse's General Education Diploma (GED) program helps students realize their full potential and gets them ready for college. The Ministry of Education (MOE) is in charge of it. Students can graduate from school with full ministry approval and a broad range of subjects taught in the program.

    Class projects, group work, independent study, discussions, social visits, scientific experimentation, and technology-based simulations are some of the teaching strategies. Additional resources that are readily available, such as projects, case studies, and journal articles that have been published, are important tools that can support the growth of in-depth knowledge on a variety of subject

    Beaconhouse School, Al Khuwair offers a vast array of extracurricular activities for children to select from. The school provides a variety of after-school clubs and societies, some of which are directed by students and cater to younger or similar-aged students.

    Nevertheless, all of the clubs and societies have an instructor in charge who offers support and direction to guarantee that the activities are conducted excellently. While some of these after-school programs are less academically oriented, many of them are.

    Founded: 2021

    Address: Al Khuwair South, Street 2725Building No. 1/A/2661, Complex No 227, Muscat 116, Oman

    Phone: 024 967 917


    Tuition: 1,975 OMR - 4,500 OMR


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    Al Shomoukh International School

    Among the best educational establishments worldwide is Al Shomoukh International School. It emphasizes each community member's growth on the personal, social, emotional, spiritual, and educational levels. As a community, we have high expectations, encourage critical thinking, and support exploration.

    The National English Curriculum will serve as the foundation for Al Shomoukh International School's curriculum. In addition, the school will make sure that all requirements set forth by the Omani Education Ministry are met and will get students ready for the UK Edexcel IGCSE and A levels exams.

    The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework is used at Al Shomoukh International School. It is modified to fit the needs of each unique child. The curriculum is made to promote academic achievement and provide a solid foundation in the essential subjects. Lower secondary students are encouraged to broaden and enhance their knowledge as well as acquire life skills.

    Lower secondary students are taught a rigorous curriculum that focuses on giving them the fundamental knowledge they need to succeed in school to prepare them for the Edexcel IGCSE exams. To ensure consistency and meticulous mapping, Pearson's Edexcel Curriculum and resources are used in all core subjects taught across Key stages 3, 4, and 5.

    The Primary Curriculum adheres to the UK National Curriculum for Primary Key Stages 1 and 2. To support a child's overall development, a focus on problem-solving, creativity, and physical development is made. Al Shomoukh International School uses creative teamwork in English, Math, Science, Art, Computer, Physical Education (PE), Music, and Life Skills to enhance students' learning.

    Students in Grades 11 and 12 can apply for Oman's General Education Diploma (GED), which is equivalent to the International A-Levels curriculum. The Ministry of Education creates and oversees the curriculum. Starting in grade 10, students at S.I.S. have the option to prepare for the GED. Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Social Studies are required courses for students who speak Arabic.

    Please contact 024 284 771 or for more detailed information about tuition fees.

    Founded: 215
    Address: Road 106, Way 208, Building 323 Hay Al Hail, Al Hail South, Al Azaibah Muscat, Oman
    Phone: 024 284 771

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    Video by Al Shomoukh International School
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    Knowledge Gate International School Muscat

    From Kindergarten to university, Knowledge Gate International School Muscat (KGIS) provides high-quality education. It is a premium school. The KGIS ethos is to create an inspiring, safe, and exceptional environment where imagination and the unique contribution of every single student are encouraged and valued. The school is situated in Al Hail South, one of Muscat's most dynamic and growing neighborhoods.

    Learning is individualized at Knowledge Gate International School Muscat and extends outside of the classroom. It requires a uniform, all-encompassing strategy that fosters each person's unique abilities and interests. Students are encouraged to broaden their horizons and discover their passion through participation in a wide range of co-curricular activities, whether it be sports, the performing arts, creativity, or active citizenship.

    At Knowledge Gate International School Muscat, the recently constructed Kindergarten building offers ample space for young minds to play and explore, along with first-rate amenities and equipment. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum, part of England's National Curriculum, promotes curiosity in children from an early age through teacher-directed and student-selected play and exploration.

    Knowledge Gate International primary students benefit from an innovative bilingual (English-Arabic) teaching approach that gives them a head start in the curriculum. The Cambridge International Curriculum serves as the foundation for curriculum content, which is mapped against the National Curriculum for England. Students study Arabic, Social Studies, and Islamic Studies according to the Ministry of Education's curriculum.

    High standards and subject mastery are ensured by the curriculum model, which prioritizes the Cambridge International Curriculum in grades 6–8 (UK Years 7-9) and uses a skills-based learning approach. There is a large selection of iGCSE subject options available to students in grades 9 and 10 (UK Years 10 and 11).

    The teachers at Knowledge Gate International School Muscat have high standards, possess in-depth subject matter expertise, and make sure that each student receives individualized instruction to push them further and make progress more quickly. A variety of first-rate specialized facilities are available to support learning, such as science labs, performance spaces, libraries, ICT suites, and art studios.

    Address: Al Marafah St, Seeb, Oman
    Phone: 024 073 500
    Tuition: 2,807 OMR - 5,788 OMR

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    Cheltenham Muscat

    Another school on the list of the best British schools in Muscat is Cheltenham Muscat. It is more than just a school; it is a thriving community where kids can reach their full potential in a nurturing, challenging, and exciting environment. It is the first exclusive British school in Oman for boys and girls ages 3 to 18, established by Cheltenham College UK, one of the best institutions in the United Kingdom.

    With its amazing facilities and a top-notch, committed faculty that has developed a curriculum over Cheltenham's 180 years of educational excellence, Cheltenham Muscat will nurture every child. By combining cutting-edge virtual learning technology with innovative, motivating, in-person instruction, kids can realize their "Cheltenham Potential" and grow up to be well-rounded individuals who are accepted into prestigious local, national, and international universities.

    The Kindergarten curriculum is designed following the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework, taking into account each child's unique developmental needs. The KG1 and KG2 classrooms are specifically planned to optimize the available area for efficient free-flow activities, and they offer great chances to utilize outdoor learning spaces as an extension of the classroom.

    Cheltenham Muscat mostly adheres to the Cambridge Primary Programme, which is impacted by the educational goals of Cheltenham College in the United Kingdom. For most of the subjects, the class teacher instructs the students. PE, swimming, Arabic, and Islamic Studies are taught by specialist teachers.

    Children in Grades 5 through 8 are taught by subject specialist teachers in all subjects in contrast to other coeducational schools in Oman. Lessons are given in purpose-built, well-furnished subject classrooms. Children move from the Cambridge Primary Program to the Cambridge Lower Secondary Program as they complete Middle and Upper Prep.

    A comprehensive two-year IGCSE program covering a wide range of subjects is provided by Cheltenham Muscat to give students flexibility and the opportunity to pursue their interests. They will start their A Level coursework or GED in Grade 11. Students will have a wide selection of subjects to choose from, giving them the best chance of being accepted into a prestigious university.

    Founded: 2021

    Address: Al Bandar, Muscat, Oman

    Phone: 024 073 900


    Tuition: 3,675 OMR - 8,100 OMR


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    Video by Cheltenham Muscat
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    Muscat International School

    The IGCSE and A-level curricula were first introduced in Oman by Muscat International School. MIS is a private, coeducational day school that has been granted permission by the Ministry of Education in Oman to teach Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Social Studies in addition to the English national curriculum to students of all nationalities enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

    All children and their families are included in the curriculum. Muscat International School is a fully bilingual institution that blends education with global relevance with Omani customs and values. To create a network of nurture around each child, professionals such as teachers, families, and other professionals work together in professional child development.

    The philosophy of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is integrated into the Kindergarten curriculum. It is divided into distinct developmental ages and stages. In the seven areas of learning and development, the EYFS lays out anticipated developmental benchmarks.

    Muscat International School
    's EYFS philosophy seamlessly integrates with the Primary Cambridge Curriculum. You can offer subjects in any combination and modify them to fit your school's culture, ethos, and situation. In addition to the Omani bilingual program that allows students to study Arabic as a First and Second Language, Islamic Studies, and Islamic Social Studies, Muscat International School offers the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum.

    Pupils are adequately prepared for the move to Grade 7 by the Cambridge Primary Curriculum. Students study a broad range of subjects in Grades 7 and 8 to get ready for international exams later in their academic careers.

    Students in Grade 9 select options related to their areas of interest and ambition in addition to the core, required subjects to enable local and international higher education. Following that, every student enrolls in a two-year IGCSE program offered by Pearson (Edexcel) or the Cambridge International Examination Board. Students typically study for nine to eleven IGCSEs.

    Thereafter, students can choose from several paths to higher education. Three or four Advanced Subsidiary (G11) and Advanced Level (G12) qualifications are studied as part of the AS/A Level system. These qualifications go well beyond the IGCSE requirements and prepare students for undergraduate study. With such a wide selection of subjects, students can start down the path toward realizing their dreams in the end.

    Founded: 1989
    Address: Muscat Expy, Muscat, Oman
    Phone: 022 650 100
    Tuition: 1,800 OMR - 5,150 OMR

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    Royal Flight School

    Royal Flight School was founded for the offspring of Royal Flight employees and is sponsored by Royal Court Affairs (RCA). Although children from the larger community are now welcome, Royal Court Affairs staff members and current students' siblings are given preference. Students there come from more than 32 nations.

    Large, well-equipped classrooms, specialized teaching spaces for Home Economics, Art, Music, Drama, French, and Arabic, and a state-of-the-art computer lab where all students receive tuition are all located within the main school building. There are both indoor and outdoor play areas in the Preschool and Reception classes' block. The classrooms offer ample space and natural light, catering to both structured and unstructured learning.

    The ground floor houses the Infants Library, while the first floor houses the Juniors Library. The book selection in the libraries is extensive and includes both fiction and non-fiction titles. The school has a sizable multipurpose hall that is utilized for after-school programs, indoor games, and physical education classes. Outside, the kids can enjoy swimming lessons in the smaller training pool or the 6-lane, 25-meter covered competition pool with temperature control.

    Children ages 3 to 11 are taught at Royal Flight School using a British Curriculum that is modified to suit their needs. The class teacher teaches the fundamental subjects—English, math, science, geography, history, and computer science—while specialists instruct the students in Arabic, art, drama, French, music, physical education, and swimming.

    In compliance with the Ministry of Education's guidelines, Omani students study Islamic Studies and Arabic. Children who are expatriates will also study Arabic as a second language. The goal of the school is to give students the tools they need to learn successfully so they can take full advantage of our well-rounded curriculum and continue their education without hindrance.

    During the Autumn and Spring Terms (September through April), a schedule of events is provided from Sunday through Wednesday after school. A range of activities are undertaken by both staff and students to foster initiative, self-discipline, self-motivation, leadership, and teamwork.

    Founded: 1975

    Address: H7JF+GP9, Muscat, Oman

    Phone: 024 512 666


    Tuition: 3,750 OMR


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