Top 8 Best British Schools in Warsaw

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There are a few reputable British schools in the area, which are utilized by both foreigners living in the country and the growing number of Polish families ... read more...

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    British Primary School of Wilanow

    British Primary School of Wilanow is one of the best British schools in Warsaw. It is an international primary school in Wilanow with a British curriculum. It is certified by Cambridge Assessment International Education, fully compliant, and accredited by COBIS.

    From Nursery through Year 9, the British Primary School of Wilanow provides Early Years and Primary Education (ages 3–13 years). All of our lead teachers are native English speakers, and the language of instruction is English.

    All of the classrooms are roomy, well-lit, and fully furnished with instructional materials. Every classroom has a computer for the class, a multi-media screen, and contemporary furniture. There are integrated restrooms in the Nursery, Reception, and Year 1 classrooms. Most classrooms have air conditioning.

    Wilanow's British Primary School has expanded with a modern canteen, accommodating 150 students, and a fully functional kitchen, meeting legal and hygienic requirements. The campus features two outdoor playgrounds, plans for additional indoor and outdoor sports facilities, personal lockers for students, safety hooks in cloakrooms, and lockdown and CCTV systems.

    Nursery, Reception, and Year 1 are the three-year groups at British Primary School of Wilanow. The English Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) is followed by children in nurseries and reception classes. Students move to Key Stage 1 of the English National Curriculum in Year 1.

    The Lower Primary Class Teacher is responsible for managing a large portion of the curriculum and offering the excellent pastoral care that BSW offers. Physical Education, swimming lessons, ballet music, and gymnastics are typically taught by specialized teachers.

    When you walk into a Middle Primary classroom, you will witness focused, autonomous, dynamic learning as well as rigorous, imaginative, creative teaching. The curriculum is enhanced by engaging components of topic-based inquiry, is based on the National Curriculum for England, and includes pertinent emphasis on local history and culture.

    Throughout the three years of Upper Primary, the curriculum places a strong emphasis on giving students from a variety of educational backgrounds and skill levels an equal opportunity to experience the entire range of subject options before choosing their course of study. Students take the Mathematics, English, and French Cambridge International Examinations in Year 9.

    For many students, drama, music, art, and sports are important aspects of their education. Furthermore, the numerous extracurricular activities that contribute to curriculum enrichment are valued highly outside of the academic week.

    Lectures, workshops, day and overnight trips, performances, leadership development, and a variety of other clubs, activities, and societies are some examples of these opportunities.

    Founded: 2014

    Address: Prymasa Augusta Hlonda 12, 02-972 Warszawa, Poland

    Phone: 022 111 0062


    Tuition: 49,950 PLN - 76,500 PLN


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    Polish British Academy of Warsaw

    The Polish British Academy of Warsaw is also one of the best British schools in Warsaw. It is as a member of the esteemed Council of British International Schools (COBIS). Its primary objective is to offer a top-notch education following the educational systems of Poland and Britain.

    Regardless of whether they choose to pursue their education in Poland or overseas, the school provides students with a solid foundation for their future academic careers. The school offers instruction in both Polish and English, allowing students to feel comfortable in both a Polish setting and an international one.

    Class 0, the final stage of preschool education, is attended by the youngest students of the Polish British Academy of Warsaw. Its purpose is to prepare them for starting school. The class tutor instructor arranges the learning environment so that kids can discover new interests and abilities while providing instruction in both Polish and English.

    There is always time for group work, individual work, and free time at the school pitch or playground thanks to the layout of the class 0 daily schedule. The tutor's constant goal is to help the students develop the maturity that is required to begin school in Class 1 in terms of both behavior and attitude toward learning.

    The National Curriculum's teachers design lesson plans that help students improve their language proficiency and assist them in other English-speaking classes. Many subjects are covered in the national curriculum's educational content. English is a subject in and of itself as well as a way to learn other subjects. Language proficiency is essential for achieving success in other subjects.

    Clear speech, open communication, reasoning, questioning, checking understanding, vocabulary development, knowledge building, negotiating, and evaluating are all taught to students. Students also learn how to develop their knowledge through hypothesis testing, idea exploration, and accurate, in-depth descriptions and explanations. This enables them to jot down ideas and express their thoughts clearly and concisely.

    Founded: 2012

    Address: Wiertnicza 75, 02-952 Warszawa, Poland

    Phone: 050 111 5114


    Tuition: 32,740 PLN - 39,290 PLN


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    Edison Primary School

    Edison Primary School has been operating since 2013. It is an international, culturally open school. The school provides a high standard of teaching in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment. The school creates an innovative and attractive area that engages students, allowing them to achieve real success in learning.

    The staff of the school is made up of qualified international educators as well as those from Poland, Canada, the US, and India. In addition to their expertise and abilities, teachers stand out for the great personal culture and immense passion they instill in their students every day.

    The official designation of Edison Primary School as an Apple Distinguished School is something that the school is pleased to announce. This esteemed award honors outstanding educational settings that skillfully incorporate technology to improve student learning and creativity. Edison Primary School is recognized for its creative use of technology to enhance and revolutionize teaching and learning, earning it the title of Apple Distinguished School.

    Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), a division of the University of Cambridge, created the Cambridge Primary curriculum framework. The curriculum includes topics like science, English, math, and global perspectives and is geared toward kids between the ages of 5 and 14.

    Each stage's curriculum consists of a variety of subject-specific goals that are organized into important categories like:

    • Literacy (ability to read, write, and use language)
    • Number literacy (problem-solving and math)
    • Science (knowledge and comprehension of science)

    Numerous other goals, like social and personal development, physical development, and creative development, are also included in the curriculum. It also gives kids a strong foundation on which to advance to the Cambridge Secondary and Cambridge Advanced curricula.

    There are many advantages to STEAM education for students. It imparts to them abilities in teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving. By letting students experiment and explore various ideas and concepts, it also fosters creativity and innovation. Furthermore, STEAM education can result in interesting and rewarding career opportunities and foster a lifelong love of learning.

    The goal of the sports programs is to give students of all skill levels a positive and encouraging environment. We work hard to create an environment where all students feel welcome and encouraged to participate in sports because we believe that they should be enjoyable, inclusive, and supportive. A variety of other physical pursuits.

    For more information about tuition fees, please contact 022 858 8160 or

    Founded: 2013

    Address: Królewicza Jakuba 69, 02-954 Warszawa, Poland

    Phone: 022 858 8160



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    Video by Edison International School
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    Akademeia High School

    Akademeia High School is the next name on the list of the best British schools in Warsaw. This private high school is located in the Miasteczko Wilanów neighborhood of Warsaw and operates on a contemporary campus.

    The school wholeheartedly supports the British educational system and the A-level curriculum, realizing that it provides students with a far better foundation for their future academic endeavors than other foreign curricula and also a higher level of comfort with learning.

    At the first grade level, students select from the following academic pathways: biochemistry, engineering, social sciences, humanities, architecture, and creative arts, in addition to required courses like math, English, Polish, modern language, and visual and musical culture. In grade III, students choose four subjects from the full range of intellectual and artistic offerings, which they will study to pass the secondary school-leaving exam.

    The two- and four-year high school programs offered by Akademeia High School allow students to enhance their general education while also improving their English proficiency. The school year is split into three semesters, with English serving as the primary language of instruction. Based on the British school model, the houses that function as "students" and compete with one another are another unique aspect of the school.

    Students receive assistance from the school in selecting the best course of study during the recruitment phase, which lasts several days. During meetings and activities with youth, counselors with experience assess the student's abilities and dispositions and assist them in selecting courses. Additionally, every student has a mentor during the learning process who helps to plan out a developmental path, offers suggestions for solutions, and keeps track of the progress of the student.

    AHS offers over fifty co-curricular courses, aiming to broaden students' horizons and enhance self-understanding. These courses, including diverse fields like Global Development, Law, Coding, and Creative Writing, reflect the faculty's multidisciplinary expertise.

    Students at Akademeia High School have access to a wide variety of extracurricular activities. These consist of talks given by well-known academics and educators (such as Akademeia Seminars and Open Faculty Lectures), workshops on outdoor art, long-term involvement in start-up initiatives managed by seasoned business executives, field trips to important cultural locations, internships, and volunteer work.

    Founded: 2016

    Address: Św. Urszuli Ledóchowskiej 2, 02-972 Warszawa, Poland

    Phone: 022 299 8787


    Tuition: 125,500 PLN - 155,000 PLN


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    Video by Akademeia High School
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    Thames British School Warsaw

    The National Curriculum of English is offered by the international school Thames British School Warsaw (TBS) to students ages 2.5 to 18 (from Nursery/Kindergarten to IB diploma). The IB Diploma Program and the English National Curriculum are taught at the school. Although English is the main language of instruction, students also study Spanish and German. Additionally, the school provides extra Polish instruction twice a week.

    The Mokotów High School Campus, Włochy Campus, Ochota (Wawelska) Campus, Piaseczno Campus, Mokotów Primary Campus, and Park Szczęśliwicki Campus are the six contemporary, well-equipped campuses where TBS is located in Warsaw.

    The majority of the staff also has teaching experience gained in British schools, either in the UK or at international schools around the world that follow the British curriculum. They have completed a postgraduate degree at the very least and hold a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). The gifted, incredibly committed teachers at the school approach teaching and learning from a child-centered perspective.

    Extracurricular activities are viewed as an important educational supplement to the classroom. Teachers' classes are free (included in tuition); classes offered by outside organizations are paid for separately. In addition, the school offers meals and bus transportation for students.

    The curriculum is deeply based on giving every child, at every developmental stage, opportunities for meaningful and creative learning. Thames British School Warsaw is well aware that many of our students do not speak English as their first language.

    As a result, it closely monitors and enhances students' English language proficiency while simultaneously developing an engaging and rewarding curriculum that is highly compatible with the English National Curriculum.

    All year long, applications and admissions are accepted. There is no language proficiency requirement for children applying to the Nursery and Reception levels. A written exam, prior school report cards, and a letter of recommendation from the previous teacher are prerequisites starting in Year 3.

    Founded: 2018
    Address: Domaniewska 50, 02-672 Warszawa, Poland
    Phone: 022 299 3000
    Tuition: 44,000 PLN - 85,500 PLN

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    Video by Thames British School Warsaw
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    The British School Warsaw

    The British School Warsaw is a member of the education group Nord Anglia. Most of the teaching staff has training from the UK. Students from 2 ½ to 18 years old can receive an education at the British School Warsaw.

    From Early Years through Primary, the school follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), which has been modified to meet the needs of the international student body. For the Secondary Key Stages, the school follows the English National Curriculum, which is well-known for its IGCSE exams and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program.

    The International Baccalaureate curriculum and secondary school curriculum each have their foundation, with subject zones taking the place of the primary school's year zones. Firefly is an online learning community where students can continue their education. The Global Classroom is available to them.

    Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) classes are beneficial to students starting in Year 7. They cover a wide range of subjects, such as money, mindfulness, healthy living, and global citizenship. Students can meet and work with peers from around the world as well as independently access a wealth of resources aimed at monitoring their well-being through the exclusive online platform Global Campus.

    Students at the British School Warsaw participate in a variety of community service projects, such as the Share a Dream program, which uses volunteer work and fundraising to teach social responsibility. Students who enroll in Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) courses as part of their IBDP studies work together and interact with the community, honing their problem-solving abilities in a real-world setting.

    Founded: 1992
    Address: Main school, Ul. Limanowskiego 15, 02-943 Warszawa, Poland
    Phone: 022 842 3281
    Tuition: 46,125 PLN - 112,090 PLN

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    Video by The British School Warsaw
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    Multischool International School

    Multischool International School is an international, bilingual school that speaks Polish and English. It can implement bilingualism using the most recent Polish and British educational curricula. The school wants to motivate, assist, and inspire its pupils to work hard and pursue ongoing personal growth. It establishes a new benchmark for education on the Warsaw map.

    The facilities at the school include:

    • A library, a section of the English and German language library, and eighteen classrooms
    • A room dedicated to sports
    • A room dedicated to computers
    • Offices of psychologists, school teachers, and speech therapists
    • Vast facilities for offices and administration
    • Large dining room and kitchen areas
    • Locker rooms for classes of all ages
    • Locker rooms for boys and girls who play sports

    At Multischool International School, foreign teachers who are native English speakers teach half of the classes in English only. The focus of the tuition programs is on the Polish and English curricula. Every day, there are at least 12–16 English lessons per week, which are fully integrated into the overall tuition package. British textbooks are used by students.

    In addition to being tutors for our classes, English teachers also actively participate in all school-related activities. The school has implemented an extended program of teaching German as a second foreign language in addition to its high standard of English.

    Spanish and French are also available for study. A multilanguage teaching program is used to carry out the entire language instruction process. The Methodology Director of Language Studies oversees all of the language instruction programs. The Polish Ministry of Education's directives are fully followed by the curriculum in Poland.

    Multischool International School makes use of the best and most recent textbooks and educational resources on the market. The educational programs Multiworld, Multisport, Multiknowledge, Multilanguage, and Multichallenge are implemented by the school. For every academic level, it provides specialized remedial instruction. In addition, the school offers the services of a psychologist, school teacher, and speech therapist.

    Founded: 1999

    Address: Niedźwiedzia 46, 02-666 Warszawa, Poland

    Phone: 060 002 4480


    Tuition: 32,940 PLN


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    International European School Warsaw

    European International School Warsaw aspires to be a model educational institution that sets and meets the highest international standards for multilingual instruction. This is predicated on the school's Pastoral and Social Education curriculum as well as its accreditation by global learning institutions. The school's goal is to give every student a strong basis for their future studies in national programs that fall under the International Baccalaureate framework.

    An agreement was made to open a European school with accreditation in Warsaw to educate the offspring of EU employees. Children in early childhood, primary, and secondary education are given a multilingual and multicultural education that culminates in the European Baccalaureate. The Accredited European School operates per the applicable laws governing European Schooling and adheres to the curriculum of the European School.

    Two years of early education (nursery cycle), five years of primary education, and seven years of secondary education make up the accredited European school system. Students are admitted to the nursery school in September of the year that they turn four, and they are admitted to primary year 1 in September of the year that they turn six.

    European education is offered at European International School Warsaw in the nursery (N1–N2), primary (P1–P5), and secondary (S1–S3) grades. In the secondary section, the school adds a new class (S4). The school intends to launch a secondary 5 class (S5) in September 2022. The school then begins secondary 6 classes. It is planned that students will be taking the first European Baccalaureate exam in 2025.

    Children of employees of European Community institutions (age group S4-S7) are scheduled to receive an education in the current school structures during the transitional period, with instruction in English. Polish students will also receive instruction in the Polish language, along with lessons in Polish history and geography, and foreign students will receive instruction in Polish as a foreign language (HCL).

    To be eligible to sit for the British International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) at the end of year 10, students entering the current High School Years 9 and 10 in the international section (corresponding to S4–S5) will follow the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum.

    In the international section, students entering Years 11 and 12 (corresponding to S6 and S7 in the European school system) will have the option of pursuing the IB diploma curriculum and taking the International Baccalaureate exams in their final year (Year 12) or the British curriculum and sitting for their Advanced Level exams in Year 12.

    Founded: 2003
    Address: Wiertnicza 140, 02-952 Warszawa, Poland
    Phone: 022 842 4448
    Tuition: 42,000 PLN - 65,000 PLN

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