Top 10 Best Cookie Delivery Services in New York City

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Although cookies have recently seen a surge, placing them in the spotlight and feeding all of our sugar desires, cupcakes are still very much in style today. ... read more...

  1. Taking the top position in the list of Best Cookie Delivery Services in New York City is Insomnia Cookies. Providing warm cookies, baked goods, and ice cream is the main focus of the American bakery chain Insomnia Cookies. Seth Berkowitz, a University of Pennsylvania student, founded it in 2003. It is headquartered in New York and Philadelphia. Across the whole U.S. mainland, the corporation has more than 200 outlets. Students who wish to order cookies late at night can do so at a number of stores that are conveniently positioned near college campuses.

    Originally established at the University of Pennsylvania, this temple to undergraduate munchies produces incredibly addicting cookies in traditional flavors like chocolate chunk, Classic with M&Ms, and snickerdoodle for delivery from mid-morning until the wee hours of the late night. (Read: slumber.) Six to 300 rounds can be ordered at one of the city's 16 sites. A 'wiches, cookie sandwiches with ice cream inside, as well as cakes and sides like buttercream or cream cheese icing, are also offered.

    Ratings: 4.5 stars (from 88 TripAdvisor reviews)

    Headquarters: Philadelphia

  2. Levain Bakery was founded in 1995 by Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald as a result of their love of good cuisine, friendship, and labor. Pam and Connie, who were both triathletes and competitive swimmers, passed the time during their training by having impassioned discussions about baking. This gave them the idea to create a tiny bakery, which they called Levain Bakery, in 1995.

    They baked everything fresh on-site every day and donated the leftovers from the day to charity every night from the beginning, practices that are still in effect today, nearly 25 years later. With more to come, Levain Bakery currently has eight locations, offers gift boxes on its website, and has recently made its entrance into grocery stores with the introduction of its frozen cookie line.

    They deliver cookie gift boxes across the US (including Hawaii and Alaska, excluding Puerto Rico). The following states can choose 2-day ground shipping: Delaware, Connecticut, Georgia (in part), Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Maine, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Vermont, and Virginia. Orders shipping outside of the northeastern United States must select express delivery to guarantee your cookies in our gift boxes arrive in the freshest condition (two-day or overnight).

    Ratings: 4.5 stars (from 8973 TripAdvisor reviews)

    Headquarters: New York City's Upper West Side

  3. Eleni's has grown from a Manhattan boutique to a worldwide company, and they are proud to be able to deliver freshly baked desserts to your doorstep, to all 50 states, and to businesses of all kinds, including international deliveries upon request. This is one of the Best Cookie Delivery Services in New York City.

    With their "Choose Ship Date" option, you get to decide when they'll send your cookies. The fresh, high-quality items from their Cookie HQ will be sent right to your door when you select "Choose Send Date," and they will bake and ship your order according to the expected delivery date you provide. They advise choosing a ship date 2–6 working days before you want to receive your goods if you choose standard ground shipping. Weekends are not included in transit days, which are Monday through Friday. Unless a later dispatch date is requested at checkout, all purchases received by 3 pm EST will be shipped out the following business day.

    Ratings: 4.5 stars (from 131 Yelp reviews)

    Headquarters: New York City, United States
  4. When Kristen Tomlan launched the first brick-and-mortar location of her raw cookie-dough company, in the West Village, she created quite a stir among New York dessert lovers. As a result, the store has been frequently running out of its most well-liked specialized flavors, like confetti and brownie batter.

    For those who are unfamiliar, the doughs are available in gluten-free and vegan forms and are manufactured using pasteurized egg products and heat-treated flour to allay concerns about salmonella encounters. The treats can be baked if you're into that whole cooked-cookie thing, and they can be stored in the fridge for up to three weeks (three months, if you put them in the freezer).

    You can get one, two, or three scoops of the classic flavors of chocolate chip and a sugar cookie in a cup or cone, or you can choose one of the funnier flavors like cake batter, s'mores, or peanut butter cup. The cookie dough ice cream sandwiches, sundaes, and milkshakes are even crazier, and you'll undoubtedly end up with a sugar crash as a result. But perhaps the decadence was worth it after all.

    Ratings: 4.0 stars (from 2644 Google reviews)

    Headquarters: 550 Laguardia Place in Greenwich Village, New York, United States

  5. Chip City was founded by two childhood friends in Astoria, Queens, in July 2017, and it started out as a pastime as they tried to recreate the straightforward flavors of their youth. Initially, a friendly competition to determine who could bake the finest cookie, Chip City evolved into the place you know and love today. Currently, Chip City has 12 locations spread over Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. By the end of 2022, they hope to have at least 5 more sites, including one in Hoboken, which would open them up to a new market.

    Chip City has been serving cookies since 2017 in more than 40 different flavors. Red velvet hot chocolate, white chocolate macadamia, blueberry cheesecake, and Nutella sea salt are a few of the varying varieties that are available daily on the menu. The different baking bundles that are available are a great option for those seeking a gift. Online ordering for pickup and delivery is available at Chip City. Additionally, they collaborate with Uber Eats to offer delivery services from each site. Based on our weekly schedule of cookie flavors, the menu is updated every day.

    Ratings: 4.5 stars (from 186 Yelp reviews)

    Headquarters: West Village, New York, United States
  6. If there's one positive thing to come out of the pandemic, it's Best Damn Cookies, which are expertly made treats sold at Essex Street Market and online by owner Dave Dreifus. The fact that Dreifus has worked in renowned restaurants like SingleThread and The French Laundry and has a Michelin street cred proves that these cookies are no joke. They suggest starting with The OG, a sophisticated variation on the traditional chocolate chip cookie that required Dreifus a whole two months of trial and error to perfect.

    Monday through Thursday, orders for cookies are either shipped on the day they are received or the day following (depending on the time of day in which the order is processed). Orders received from Friday through Sunday are handled the very next Monday. This is due to the fact that many shipping facilities hold items over the weekend (leading to spoiled cookies).

    Ratings: 4.5 stars (from 35 Yelp reviews)

    Headquarters: 115 Delancey St, New York, United States
  7. The cute sugar cookie packaging from Milk Bar is just unbeatable in terms of visual appeal. The goodies are delivered individually packaged in a gift-worthy, reusable windowed tin. All six flavors—Compost Cookie®, Corn Cookie, Blueberry & Cream CookieTM, and both chocolate and sugar Confetti Cookies—are present in every variety that is offered online. Their Chocolate Confetti Cookie is quite delicious, even though some of the cookies can be a little too sugary. The Milk Bar sampler, which costs $60 and includes a piece of Milk Bar Pie, two packs of truffles, and one of each cookie, is the greatest deal. Despite the fact that the sum is not little, you get a lot for your money.

    With its fourth location—the largest yet, with 20 seats—downtown pastry diva Christina Tosi takes her cult-favorite treats to the Upper West Side. Along with Stumptown coffee, you may find her unique desserts (crack pie, compost cookies, cereal milkshakes). The legendary pork buns from the Momofuku empire are replicated at the bakery using slow-roasted pork shoulder that has been seasoned with hoisin and sriracha. Vegetarians can choose buns loaded with smoky red-chili pepper flakes, caramelized onions, and braised shiitake mushrooms. Add either to a deep-fried, soft-poached local egg.

    Ratings: 3.5 stars (from 3.392 Yelp reviews)

    Headquarters: 115 Delancey St, New York, United States

  8. City Cakes is a high-end cake store that draws inspiration from the multicultural melting pot that is New York City to produce beautiful works of edible art that are both beautiful and delectable. Additionally, City Cakes is renowned for producing some of the best cookies in the world, with their flagship line weighing a half-pound per cookie.

    The bulky half-pound cookies in flavors like red velvet, triple chocolate spice, and oatmeal raisin are another specialty of this bespoke cake store. They have crinkly edges and soft cores. Even ingredients like Nutella and Reese's Pieces are used in some variations. (There is also a gluten-free variety pack available.) To sample them all, order an assortment pack to share with friends.

    Every week, they send out the merchandise from Monday to Friday, with a few exceptions for legal postal holidays (see below). Typical orders will be processed and shipped the following business day from their NYC facilities (or if placed before 6 AM eastern, could process and ship that same day). Once they ship them out, their carrier will begin to estimate delivery times. As an illustration, if you place an order on Monday at 4 p.m. and choose two-day delivery, your product will be prepared and dispatched on Tuesday, and you should receive it by Thursday.

    Ratings: 4.5 stars (from 868 Yelp reviews)

    Headquarters: 155 W 18th in Lower Manhattan, New York, United States
  9. In a short amount of time, the distinctive New York City cookie business Schmackary's has built up a sizable and devoted following of patrons. Great cookies, fantastic customer service, and a tidy, welcoming environment are the reasons for that success. Prior to launching this Hell's Kitchen bakery, career changer Zachary Schmahl established a lucrative online cookie business. Schmahl changed his career from marketing to food after losing his marketing position.

    Schmackary's is a distinctive cookie business that offers more than 75 different kinds of inventive cookie creations along with other mouthwateringly delectable baked products and sweet treats. Red velvet, peanut butter cup, and gluten-free sweet corn with cranberries and nuts are just a few of the unusual types of cookies available to those with a sweet tooth. Milkshakes, granola-and-yogurt parfaits, and sticky buns are also offered.

    You can contact for all inquiries about shipping, local delivery, and pickup orders, and be sure to check your spam folder for an email from us with your UPS tracking number.

    Ratings: 4.0 stars (from 2114 Yelp reviews)

    Headquarters: 362 West 45th Street, New York, United States
  10. Patrick and Patricia Niles started Downtown Dough in 1998 in West Bend, Wisconsin. They relocated the company to Historic Downtown Cedarburg, only 20 miles north of Milwaukee, in October 2000. ( The bakery was a hit right away thanks to Patricia's significant baking skills, Patrick's 40 years of managing retail stores, and their shared passion for baking.

    More than 1,600 different cookie cutters are available, as well as cookie stamps, baking molds, decorating sugars, sprinkles, dragees, pearls, jimmies, nonpareils, stencils, and baking tools, kitchen gadgets, pottery, cookie jars, and several other kitchen-related products.

    For $10, they will deliver your package up to 25 miles from Melville, New York. Delivery costs will be determined based on the available cookie boxes and listed in the shop. The driver will leave your package on the front steps of the given address for delivery and call you if you are unable to answer the door. Send them an email or a direct message on social media if you are just a little outside of their delivery area; they will make the necessary accommodations.

    Ratings: 4.5 stars (from 38 Yelp reviews)

    Headquarters: 303 Greenwich St, New York, New York, United States

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