Top 10 Best Online High Schools in Nevada

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Online high schools are becoming more and more popular with people in Nevada. Because the curriculum of virtual schools still ensures the necessary knowledge ... read more...

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    Leadership Academy of Nevada

    Leadership Academy of Nevada (LANV) would be considered a 4-star school based on the Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF) index scores (its index score is only 4 points short of a 5-star rating). LANV is one of the best online high schools in Nevada, as seen by its superior NSPF index results when compared to other virtual schools in the state.

    Students at LANV participate in regular online classes from the comfort of their homes. Students engage with their teachers, peers, and other students in real-time in "synchronous," or live, classes. In the virtual classroom, students can raise their hands, comment, and see each other. To keep their students interested, LANV teachers employ a range of resources and techniques, such as instructional games, software that offers instant feedback, Socratic seminars, and more.

    The main goal of LANV is to develop morally upright students by combining academic distinction with compassionate leadership. The educational approach aids in the development of critical thinking abilities that are vital for leaders in the workplace, government, and community. Every year, students participate in a Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) course that fosters their ability for intellectual growth as well as the development of critical leadership traits.

    Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies are among the core areas that LANV high school students can choose to take Honors classes in. For those who meet the requirements, LANV students can also enroll in a tuition-free Dual Enrollment program that allows them to earn both high school and college credits at the same time.

    Students who take part in LANV's Dual Enrollment program typically earn 20 college credits upon graduation. Over 95% of the school's 4-year cohort graduates graduate, and LANV students routinely outperform Nevada students on the ACT.

    Founded: 2014

    Address: 7495 West Azure Dr., Suite 120Las Vegas, NV 89130, USA

    Phone: 702 350 1472

    Student-Teacher Ratio: 24:1



    • Best Public Online High Schools in Nevada: 1 of 5
    • Best Public High School Teachers in Nevada: 2 of 128
    • Best Charter Middle Schools in Nevada: 3 of 52
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    Silicon Valley High School

    Silicon Valley High School (SVHS) is an accredited AI software-driven institution leading the secondary education industry's digital transformation. In addition to offering a catalog of extra online courses, SVHS powers other schools throughout the United States with its online curriculum of over fifty video-based, self-paced, teacher-supported courses and its flipped classroom learning management system.

    Silicon Valley High School, which now enrolls more than 46,000 students, has quickly risen to the top of the global education rankings. The school's goal is to use AI-supported individualized education to improve the world, one student at a time. This entails offering all students access to high-quality, individualized, reasonably priced, and continuously developing educational pathways so they can achieve their goals.

    SVHS holds accreditation, and the tutors are qualified educators with a plethora of expertise. Additionally, they have a strong commitment to seeing students reach their greatest potential. The qualified, experienced instructors are now offering online tutoring sessions. Tutoring sessions are conducted via Zoom videoconferencing and last for thirty minutes.

    SVHS courses are certified by the University of California (UC A-G), Quality Matters, and the NCAA, among other organizations. The Silicon Valley High School AlwaysOnlineTM online curriculum is a collection of over 50 courses that teachers can use anywhere in the country. The most well-liked academic areas, such as math, English, science, languages, social science, and several fascinating electives, are covered in this online curriculum for schools.

    Founded: 2013
    Address: 8275 South Eastern Ave #200, Las Vegas, NV 89123, USA
    Phone: 650 681 0681
    Yearly Tuition: $3,000
    Student-Teacher Ratio: 25:1

    • Best Private Online High Schools in Nevada: 1 of 1
    • Best College Prep Private High Schools in Nevada: 4 of 17
    • Most Diverse Private High Schools in Nevada: 6 of 17
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    North Star Online School

    The Washoe County School District's North Star Online School is an accredited online institution that charges no tuition. Students in Kindergarten through 12th grade are served by North Star. The school welcomes students who desire more educational possibilities and offers an interesting curriculum that demands more of the students in exchange for giving them greater educational flexibility.

    Teachers at North Star Online School are highly certified local educators who work on multiple sites within the District. Students can get in touch with their teacher to ask questions or to arrange a support session via phone, email, or webmail. Families can also drop in on open office hour sessions or make individual appointments with teachers.

    The demanding curriculum of North Star Online School is aligned with the curriculum of the traditional schools in the Washoe County School District and is accredited by various organizations, including the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In addition to pupils who need to slow down in order to learn and comprehend a subject, motivated students can squeeze in more classes and potentially graduate early.

    Although a student's learning style and pace ultimately determine how much time they spend on their coursework each day, online students should generally plan to dedicate 4 to 6 hours per day to their studies. It is required that family members who are helping the student work with them on their daily instructions for two to six hours every day.

    Address: 5450 Riggins Ct, Reno, NV 89502, USA
    Phone: 775 353 6900

    • Best Public Online High Schools in Nevada: 2 of 5
    • Best High Schools for STEM in Nevada: 19 of 46
    • Best Public High Schools in Nevada: 35 of 137
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    Nevada Connections Academy

    Nevada Connections Academy is the next name to appear on the list of the best online high schools in Nevada. Students in grades 9 through 12 can learn in a safe, stimulating atmosphere that best suits their needs in this tuition-free online public school. Students will acquire the core life skills they need to face the difficulties of the future in addition to gaining the information and self-assurance they need for exams like state standardized testing.

    Nevada Connections Academy offers a variety of engaging elective courses in addition to thorough lesson plans that are available online and in print. The tried-and-true curriculum includes lessons and other resources created by curriculum specialists in addition to materials created by top educational institutions. The school's curriculum is in line with Nevada requirements.

    All NCA students choose from three programs designed to prepare them for college and the workforce. The options available to students are Dual Enrollment with our partner college, one of four Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, or AP/Honors.

    Math, languages, and many electives are lessons that stimulate students' minds and inspire them to embrace life skills like resilience and adaptability. Along with meeting the state criteria for graduation, students will develop their critical thinking and emotional resilience.

    Students can pursue their interests and build relationships through the school's online clubs and activities. Nevada Connections Academy's online clubs enable students to pursue their interests in journalism, science, art, chess, or anything else. The school also provides students with the opportunity to build social confidence and participate in competitions at the local, state, and federal levels.

    Founded: 2007

    Address: 555 Double Eagle Ct., Suite 1000, Reno, NV 89521, USA

    Phone: 775 826 4200

    Student-Teacher Ratio: 15:1



    • Best Public Online High Schools in Nevada: 3 of 5
    • Best Charter High Schools in Nevada: 20 of 33
    • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Nevada: 21 of 154
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    Nevada Virtual Academy

    An education at Nevada Virtual Charter School (NVCS) offers students countless opportunities to create, explore, and determine their own route to success. The excellent ACCEL curriculum that Nevada Virtual Charter School (NVCS) employs enables students to identify their preferred learning style and forge their own route to success. Every virtual classroom provides captivating and pertinent lessons that enhance student's aptitudes and interests.

    Educators offer individualized and small-group support through synchronous online sessions known as "Class Connects." For course support, tutoring, and instruction, students must attend all mandatory Class Connects and meet with their teacher. Although students in grades 9 through 12 collaborate more closely with their teachers, parents, and learning coaches' engagement is crucial for about ten hours each week.

    Students at Nevada Virtual Charter School must receive a passing mark on their assignments and online classes in order to proceed with their semester-based education. Lesson deadlines are set in order to promote continuous, steady progress toward academic excellence. Completing coursework and participating in teacher-led, synchronous online Class Connect sessions can help students succeed.

    The main method of communication between the school and family is email. Students and Learning Coaches are expected to check and reply to emails on a daily basis.

    Through numerous school excursions and online, students spend time with their classmates. Field trips are available through Nevada Virtual Charter School both virtually and in person. Students in both northern and southern Nevada can participate in field trips. Nevada Virtual Charter School features guest speakers who are accomplished community leaders from many trades, in addition to clubs that are established in the school.

    Address: 8645 S Eastern Ave Ste 100, Las Vegas, NV 89123, USA
    Phone: 702 407 1825

    Student-Teacher Ratio: 28:1

    • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Nevada: 11 of 154
    • Most Diverse Public Middle Schools in Nevada: 17 of 193
    • Best Public High School Teachers in Nevada: 28 of 128
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    Beacon Academy of Nevada

    The next online high school is Beacon Academy of Nevada. It offers a customized, secure, and courteous learning environment that promotes the prerequisites for academic achievement.

    A strong and realistic academic plan is always the foundation of a first-rate education. The certified school guidance counselors at Beacon Academy assist students in creating a high school graduation plan that satisfies both their requirements and the requirements established by the State of Nevada. Counselors collaborate one-on-one with students to custom-tailor lessons and educational opportunities to each student's specific future objectives.

    Small class sizes and individualized attention are provided by highly experienced teachers to students at Beacon Academy. Small class numbers and frequent small-group instruction are beneficial to the students. All year round, Beacon Academy is open for classes. All pupils receive free summer instruction. Throughout the year, students can continue to work at an accelerated pace or catch up on credits as they move toward graduation without interruption.

    Three times a year, Beacon Academy students take the MAP reading and math assessments. The school is able to expedite or remediate a student's academic plan thanks to this consistent monitoring. Additionally, students take part in mandated state exams.

    School social workers assist students in comprehending and resolving academic, personal, social, and emotional problems or obstacles that could hinder their academic performance and ability to graduate. School social workers support students with decisions and difficulties that could affect their outlook, demeanor, and conduct while facilitating a seamless transfer to further education or career.

    Address: 7360 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147, USA

    Phone: 702 726 8600


    Student-Teacher Ratio: 44:1



    • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Nevada: 20 of 154
    • Best Public High School Teachers in Nevada: 58 of 128
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    Douglas Nevada Online

    Douglas Nevada Online is known as one of the best online high schools in Nevada. All courses offered by Douglas Nevada Online are taught online using the Edgenuity distance learning platform. Age-appropriate, standards-based, and entertaining lessons are offered in Edgenuity courses, along with learning assistance resources including text-to-speech, audio and translation, text and picture dictionaries, and more.

    For assistance and inquiries, every Douglas Nevada Online student will have access to a teacher who has been certified by the DCSD. With Douglas Nevada Online, students can set their own hours and pace of study. Parent-friendly, Edgenuity makes it simple for parents to monitor their children's progress.

    Progress reports will no longer be mailed home by Douglas Nevada Online. It is crucial that all parents and guardians use the Family Portal (grades 6–12) to verify that their children are enrolled in classes that will advance them and allow them to accrue credits.

    The Actual Grade is modified for targeted progress and takes into consideration the pupils' performance on the completed job. In order to see how far kids should be at this point, parents should also look up the course progress % and compare it to the target completion percentage.

    Founded: 1908
    Address: 1638 Mono Ave, Minden, NV 89423, USA
    Phone: 775 392 1475
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    Odyssey Charter School

    Odyssey Charter School offers parents the opportunity to participate actively in their child's education, as well as the opportunity to learn more efficiently and receive more individualized training. For students in grades K–12, the school offers an innovative hybrid education that combines in-person instruction with online learning. The U.S. Department of Education has really determined that this combination is the most efficient way to teach and learn.

    Odyssey focuses on virtual learning. Therefore, new tasks are added to students' Moodle courses every Monday, and students can work on them both on campus and at home. Students can access your coursework seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Students need a functioning computer and daily access to the internet (Moodle) in order to succeed.

    Odyssey Charter School offers Honors and Advanced Placement courses on top of the mandatory curriculum. Although these classes necessitate extra on-campus time, the school offers students a fantastic chance to broaden their horizons and potentially obtain college credit.

    According to NRS 389.015, every high student at Odyssey Charter School is required to be present for and take part in all state-mandated testing. When the various tests are set, parents and students will be informed beforehand. Students are required to take additional examinations on a periodic basis during the school year in addition to the state-mandated exams.

    Teachers use some of these tests to help students build an instructional program and to track their progress. These exams are intended to help determine the strengths and weaknesses of the learner. To make sure that the pupils give it their all on tests, parents are urged to talk to their kids about the significance of testing.

    Founded: 1999

    Address: 2251 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146, USA

    Phone: 702 257 0578



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    Nevada Learning Academy

    The benchmark for online education in Nevada and the Clark County School District is established by the Nevada Learning Academy (NVLA) at CCSD. For high school students throughout Clark County, NVLA's creative approach and the incorporation of the best learning management systems create learning chances and options.

    Nevada Learning Academy is a top-tier online learning platform. Its alumni and students have 21st-century skills and are "College and Career Ready." The goal of the school is to give students exceptional online learning opportunities that will motivate and equip them for success in the global market.

    The Nevada Learning Academy offers a comprehensive selection of online high school courses, including honors, Advanced Placement® (AP) courses (recognized by the College Board and at the college level), and other courses geared toward college readiness. Students at NVLA gain access to a customized program designed to help them achieve their academic objectives for graduation and beyond.

    The courses offered by Nevada Learning Academy are taught by highly competent instructors and follow a conventional academic calendar based on semesters. Students participate in weekly teacher-led online activities, access course materials online, and turn in all assignments electronically. Teachers and counselors can be reached by phone, email, text message, or live chat to assist students.

    Founded: 2000

    Address: 3050 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89121, USA

    Phone: 702 855 8435



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    Davidson Academy Online

    The last name on the list of the best online high schools in Nevada is Davidson Academy Online. For middle and high school students who are very gifted, it is the first totally online school. Classes at Davidson Academy Online are organized based on skill rather than age, in contrast to traditional classroom settings.

    The school was established with the belief that the most talented students should have the support and resources necessary to succeed. Access to gifted education has been a persistent goal of the Davidson Academy since its foundation, and now the Davidson Academy Online. With sensitivity and understanding, the school's visionary and committed faculty steers the conversation around gifted students.

    Students who want to enroll in Davidson Academy Online must meet certain requirements:

    • Achieve on recognized achievement and/or intelligence exams and place in the 99.9th percentile.
    • Fulfill the necessary academic requirements.
    • Demonstrate scholarly and intellectual prowess.
    • Exhibit drive, emotional and social maturity, and general preparedness for a demanding learning environment.

    The foundation of the high school core curriculum is college-level coursework rather than a conventional high school curriculum. Teachers design courses that strike a balance between breadth and depth by using age- and developmentally appropriate teaching strategies.

    These courses help students write effectively across the curriculum so they can interact with college-level content in a way suitable for high students. They also give high school students many chances to earn points toward their final grades.

    Davidson Academy Online is free for Nevadans. For students residing outside of Nevada, we employ a flexible tuition model that determines a customized tuition level for each family based on annual family income, the number of dependents in the household, the cost of living adjustment based on the primary residence's location, and other pertinent factors.

    Founded: 2006

    Address: 9665 Gateway Dr, Reno, NV 89521, USA

    Phone: 775 852 3483



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