Top 10 Best Public Online High Schools in Texas

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When compared to other states, Texas has a far more sophisticated online education system. Therefore, finding a good quality online school in Texas is not too ... read more...

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    Texas Online Preparatory High School

    For students in grades 3 through 12, the Huntsville Independent School District offers Texas Online Preparatory School (TOPS). It is a full-time online public education program and no tuition. The school is committed to giving children a cutting-edge education by fostering high standards, offering a demanding curriculum, and encouraging resilience in a community that is focused on achieving its goals.

    Teachers, administrators, and staff at Texas Online Preparatory School are all passionate about education and excited about providing one-on-one instruction in a concentrated setting. Employees at TOPS are skilled in overseeing this special procedure, mentoring and assisting pupils, and paying attention to each person's needs. The school works in tandem with parents to support their children in achieving their academic goals.

    All program materials and a teacher with state certification are provided by Texas Online Preparatory School. However, some consumables (such as printer ink and paper) will need to be prepared by the students and their families. To take part in the program, families must also supply their own computers and internet connectivity. In some circumstances, TOPS may lend a computer to a family that enrolls depending on their financial need. This option will be made throughout the registration procedure.

    Students in high school must complete their coursework and online courses with a passing grade. The purpose of lesson deadlines is to encourage consistent, ongoing advancement toward academic achievement. The Texas Online Preparatory School offers a wide range of extracurricular and academic activities for its students. These excursions could take place in parks, zoos, museums, skate parks, and other local locations. Students are also encouraged to join clubs.

    Although attendance is recorded Monday through Friday, academic progress can also be made on the weekends. Students in high school are expected to dedicate six hours a week to each subject. A student who enrolls in five classes and dedicates six hours per week to each one is working on their coursework for about thirty hours a week.

    Founded: 2015

    Phone: 888.263.6497
    Address: 1825 Lakeway Drive, Suite 400 Lewisville, TX 75057, USA
    Student-Teacher Ratio: 17:1

    Grades: 3-12

      • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Texas: 103 of 1,979
      • Best College Prep Public High Schools in Texas: 204 of 1,505
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      Texas Connections Academy at Houston

      Texas Connections Academy has been assisting students in viewing change as a chance to develop into flexible learners who are prepared for whatever comes next in 2009. Texas Connections Academy is a free online public high school for children who live in Texas. The only expenses are those related to school supplies and, if planned, optional field trips.

      The school has created a program over the last 12 years that has placed it in the top 30 online high schools nationwide and second among the best public online high schools in Texas. All of this is due to the parents, instructors, and students, above all.

      Students in grades 3 through 12 can learn in a fun, safe atmosphere at Texas Connections Academy in a method that suits them best. Students will not only acquire the information and self-assurance required for exams such as the STARR examination, but they will also develop the essential life skills required to tackle the problems of the future.

      The curriculum for the school is created by reputable educational publications. When a family enrolls their child in Texas Connections Academy, they receive workbooks, thorough lesson plans, engaging enrichment courses, and print and digital textbooks.

      The school's [credentialed/certified] teachers work one-on-one with students and their parents to instruct, go over assignments, and personalize the curriculum. They have received specialized training in online instruction. Teachers at Texas Connections Academy give gifted or struggling students extra assistance.

      Online teaching and library materials, technology literacy courses, and online communication, planning, and learning management tools are all provided to students. At Texas Connections Academy, families who apply for and are granted a technology hardship exception will have access to computers.

      Founded: 2009

      Address: 10550 Richmond Avenue, Suite 140, Houston, TX 777042, USA

      Phone: 1-800-382-6010


      Student-Teacher Ratio: 47:1

      Grades: 3-12



      • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Texas: 49 of 1,979
      • Best Charter High Schools in Texas: 63 of 312
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      Video by Connections Academy
    • Top 3

      Premier High School - Online

      Premier High School is the next mentioned school. It is a public charter school that offers free tuition. Academic or otherwise, there are no prerequisites for applying to the school. Premier High School offers an unconventional approach to instruction, catering to students who may struggle with learning due to class impediments, content pacing, or preferring extra time for full comprehension.

      With the help of the school's self-directed academic program, students can complete their diploma requirements at their own speed. Because of their educational schedules, students may manage their time between employment and family.

      In Texas, Premier HS Online is ranked 1,258–1,532nd. A total of 63% of students identify as minorities, and 34% of them face economic hardship. There are 38 high schools in the Premier High Schools, including Premier HS Online.

      At Premier High School, the method by which students earn credits is distinct. Rather than the whole class listening to the teacher's lecture, the students study on their own and finish tests at the conclusion of each unit. Students can receive credits that are equivalent to those from any other public school.

      One option to earn college credit while attending Premier High School is to enroll in Dual Credit courses. Pupils are urged to speed up in order to graduate early and are expected to sustain a momentum that will guarantee their timely graduation. The school offers a mechanism to help fulfill these high standards and sets high expectations.

      Premier High School's customized curricula are broken down into 10 units for a two-semester course (1.0 credit) and 5 units for a one-semester course (0.5). There are often multiple parts of instructional content, including activity questions, in each unit.

      When the student passes the unit test, the unit is considered completed. Students' Unit Practice Tests are often scored while being observed by the staff. Throughout the unit, the teacher will grade projects, writing assignments, and subjective questions.

      Founded: 1998

      Address: 4701 Sugar Rd, Edinburg, TX 78539, USA

      Phone: 956 386 1825

      Student-Teacher Ratio: 20:1

      Grades: 9-12



      • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Texas: 146 of 1,979
      • Best Charter High Schools in Texas: 147 of 312
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    • Top 4

      Texas Virtual Academy at Hallsville

      Students in grades 3 through 12 can attend the full-time online public school Texas Virtual Academy at Hallsville (TVAH), a tuition-free online program offered by the Hallsville Independent School District. With a highly qualified faculty and state-of-the-art technology, Texas Virtual Academy at Hallsville ensures that students receive a top-notch education from the comfort of their own homes.

      Students at Texas Virtual Academy at Hallsville can use their high school years to map out their future destinations and routes. Students will take career-focused electives in addition to basic courses to help them explore their possibilities and discover their passion while obtaining their high school diploma. Finding their current passion might help kids decide on their college major or get ready to enter the workforce straight out of high school.

      Career clubs, also known as career technical service organizations (CTSOs), are open to TVAH students. Through CTSOs, students can connect with one another, practice professional skills, work on community projects, go on field excursions, and compete against other schools in the area, state, and country.

      The school's Success Coaches provide live, interactive webinars with professional advice and insight on college and career readiness to help students better prepare for their futures. Additionally, TVAH high school students receive guidance on applying for financial aid, networking, interviewing, resume creation, internships, and more. Student participation in these virtual seminars is free for K12-powered schools.

      Founded: 2001
      Phone: 844 401 0680
      Address: 1825 Lakeway Drive, Suite 400Lewisville, TX
      Student-Teacher Ratio: 17:1

      Grades: 3-12


      • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Texas: 141 of 1,979
      • Most Diverse Public Middle Schools in Texas: 213 of 2,347
      • Best Public High School Teachers in Texas: 493 of 1,746
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    • One name that always comes up when discussing the best public online high schools in Texas is South Texas ISD Virtual Academy. The district's independent virtual school was founded in the autumn of 2021.

      Students are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis and there is no payment to attend because it is a public school district. The best part is that STISD schools continue to provide open enrollment, so any student who wants to study hard and learn can come as long as they live in Cameron, Hidalgo, or Willacy Counties.

      The Virtual Academy will allow students to enroll in their required courses as well as a number of electives during the first years, with the option to pursue Dual Credit courses later on. Teachers will bring to the school their specialized knowledge of virtual learning, and programs and instruction will be created with this in mind. Instructors will operate from a single location, and students will complete their coursework entirely online from home.

      By enrolling in Virtual Academy, students can visit up to three summer camps held by the school, giving them a chance to get a feel for the campus and its culture before fall classes begin. This enables students to get ready for their time at the school, investigate programs, network with new people, and get a firsthand look at the STISD community.

      A strong team of social workers, counselors, and diagnosticians are available at STISD to assist students on a daily basis. Employees devote their time to ensuring that students succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. They do this by offering mentoring programs and making sure students have the academic support they need to take on the demanding course offerings at STISD.

      Founded: 2021

      Address: 7001 East Expressway #83, Mercedes, TX 78570, USA

      Phone: 956 514 4201


      Student-Teacher Ratio: 11:1

      Grades: 6-11



      • #1 Best places to teach in Texas
      • #1 Best Teachers in Texas
      • #2 School district in Texas
      • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Texas: 335 of 4,446
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      Video by South Texas Independent School District
    • Top 6

      Lone Star Virtual Academy

      All students who are looking for learning opportunities outside of a regular classroom are served by Lone Star Virtual Academy. Athletes and performers are among those who are pursuing a passion that calls for long practice sessions or lengthy trips. Some have exceptional circumstances that prevent them from attending a typical school, such as being the target of bullying or having health problems. All of them might profit from the continuity and flexibility provided by LSVA.

      The educational programs and math routes are designed with job and college readiness in mind, preparing students for their next challenge after graduation. The goal of the student engagement team's one-on-one work with students is to increase their interest. The curriculum is modified based on feedback from the team to accommodate particular requirements and give students a say in how they learn best.

      Lone Star Virtual Academy
      is a public online school that offers free tuition. Virtual classrooms for grades 6 through 12 offer flexibility and the chance to study with Texas-certified teachers. Every day, students must log in for 240 minutes in order to avoid having their attendance recorded as absent. If a student accrues ten unexcused absences, they may be withdrawn.

      The student's learning team will support his or her future goals as graduation draws near by providing workshops, resume preparation and review, simulated interviews, career and college planning, and more. In the end, the institution wants its students to succeed in life after graduation.

      Students and families will be asked to participate in virtual and local field trips at different locations across the state during the academic year. Families and schoolchildren get a wonderful chance to interact with one another and get to know other families. Lone Star Virtual Academy also offers statewide clubs in robotics, dance, makeup, travel, and pen-pals.

      Address: 314 Texas Hwy 123, Karnes City, TX 78118, USA

      Phone: 512 778 0421


      Grades: 6-12


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    • Top 7

      University of Texas at Austin High School

      A public online high school connected to the University of Texas at Austin is called the University of Texas at Austin High School (UTHS). It offers part-time students the chance to augment their curriculum with flexible timeframes. As well as a complete library of online courses that are related to state standards, supporting full-time students in obtaining their high school diploma.

      Students can schedule classes around their schedules and have the chance to advance or recover credits with UTHS's online high school courses. The courses are taught by highly skilled, experienced Texas-certified teachers and are prepared by curriculum specialists in accordance with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Numerous high school-level math, science, English language arts, social studies, physical education, art, and Spanish classes are among the subjects offered.

      The online, asynchronous educational methodology used by the University of Texas at Austin High School gives students schedule flexibility to finish course assignments. Pacing guides are used by the school to ensure that students make consistent progress in their courses and complete them in a fair amount of time.

      An inquiry-based approach is used in course designs, and students are encouraged to take an active role in their own learning. Using the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), which is widely utilized in many schools and universities, students engage with their course teachers and practice 21st-century skills.

      More than 75-semester courses in on-level, honors, and advanced areas are available in the UTHS course catalog. Advanced Placement (AP) courses undergo an audit and are certified by The College Board, whereas core courses are sanctioned by the NCAA. Students who choose to enroll in a single course through the UTHS Independent Learning Program or who are part of the UTHS Diploma Program can enroll in courses.

      Even though UT High School is a public institution, it is required to charge for services as it does not receive state funds for student attendance.

      • Course fee: $260 per semester
      • Fee for 30-Day Course Extension: $55
      • Fee for Reexamination of Final Exam: $50
      • Exam Shipping Expedited: $30
      • Exam expedited grading fee: $50
      • Test Inquiry Cost: $50
      • Changes to Exam Requests: $25

      Founded: 1999
      Address: 1616 Guadalupe St Ste 0.134, Austin, TX 78701, USA
      Phone: 512 232 5000

      Student-Teacher Ratio: 48:1

      Grades: 9-12


      • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Texas: 211 of 1,979
      • Best Public High Schools in Texas: 323 of 1,847
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      Video by Extended Education Ventures
    • Top 8

      Harmony Virtual Academy

      Harmony Virtual Academy is a K–12 public charter school that offers children in the neighborhood a top-notch virtual education alternative. The school is a part of Harmony Public Schools, a nationally acclaimed educational network.

      The school promotes innovative teaching strategies and personalized learning in order to help every student realize their own special potential. Harmony has received national recognition in recent years for its excellent character education, STEM, and college and career preparation programs. This has helped Harmony Virtual Academy become one of the best public online high schools in Texas.

      With a focus on formative assessment, a rigorous and difficult STEM curriculum that serves all students, and a supportive and high-achieving culture, Harmony Virtual Academy's instructional style aims to achieve equity. The STEM program at Harmony is inquiry-based, student-centered, and focused on teaching students the 21st-century skills they will need to succeed in both college and the workplace.

      Three fundamental topic areas are integrated into Harmony's standards-aligned, cross-disciplinary, multisensory STEM Students on the Stage (STEM SOS) model: social studies, English language arts, and a STEM subject of choice. Teachers can more actively engage their students in new learning experiences while also helping students gain a deeper conceptual knowledge of the topics they choose through the use of hands-on learning and cross-curricular linkages.

      If you are interested in Harmony Virtual Academy's learning program and tuition for your child, please contact 713 729 5500.

      Founded: 2000

      Address: 5435 S Braeswood Blvd, Houston, TX 77096, USA

      Phone: 713 729 5500

      Grades: 3-12


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    • Top 9

      Liberal Arts and Science Academy

      In Austin, Texas, the United States, there is a selective public magnet high school called the Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA). It does not charge tuition and is accessible to all Austin residents. LASA consistently ranks among the top public schools in Texas; in 2023, U.S. News & World Report gave it a #4 ranking, so admittance to LASA is competitive.

      From visual arts and philosophy to robotics and stem cell research, LASA offers students a demanding yet supportive atmosphere in which they can explore the breadth of their artistic and intellectual abilities and deepen their understanding.

      Students must finish a minimum of 15 magnet classes in order to graduate with LASA's magnet endorsement. These classes include four years of English, three years of social studies, four years of math (or until they finish multivariable calculus), and four years of science.

      Thirty Advanced Placement examinations are covered in Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered by LASA. At LASA, a few AP courses are required of students, including AP World History, AP English, and AP Physics. In the ninth grade, students may start enrolling in AP courses.

      Specialized electives like Medical Microbiology, Modern Physics, Astronomy, How To Be An Adult, and Amateur Radio are also available at LASA High School. Modern physics, forensic science, and astronomy are among the twenty elective scientific courses offered by LASA. Women's literature, amateur radio, creative writing, and constitutional law are examples of humanities electives.

      A number of factors are taken into consideration when determining admission:

      • Grades
      • Results on standardized tests
      • Essay
      • Recommendations from teachers
      • Extracurricular activities
      • Prizes received
      • Creative projects
      • An admissions exam - now the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)

      Founded: 1985

      Address: 1012 Arthur Stiles Rd, Austin, TX 78721, USA

      Phone: 512 414 5272

      Grades: 9-12

      Student-Teacher Ratio: 17:1


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      Video by Austin ISD
    • Top 10

      Texas Tech University K-12

      Texas Tech University K-12 (TTU K-12) is a recognized learning institution in Texas that offers high school diplomas and courses ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Texas Tech University, situated in Lubbock, is the one that runs it. TTU K-12 provides a homeschool curriculum, mass testing services, individual courses (supplemental), credit by exams (CBEs), and a full-time Texas Diploma Program that encompasses middle school, high school, and elementary school.

      The Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the State Board of Education created and adopted Texas Tech University K-12. By being named a Purple Star Campus by TEA, Texas Tech High School has proven its dedication to serving the special needs of students with military ties and their families.

      Through TTU K-12's full-time diploma-seeking program, students can sign up for classes and complete all necessary coursework and exams to graduate. Students are awarded a Texas high school diploma upon graduation. The additional program is an additional choice. While still enrolled in their present school district, students can advance or catch up by taking particular courses or earning credit through tests.

      For students who require or want the flexibility of distance education to complete their high school education, Texas Tech University K-12 is an option that has been approved by the state. The school provides all the courses required to fulfill the requirements for graduating from high school in Texas. Every Texas student has access to a Foundation Graduation Plan as part of TTU's K–12 high school graduation plans, and students can select from five endorsements based on their interests.

      Main Fees

      • Online Courses: $300 - $450
      • Online Credit By Exams: $80
      • Admission: $200 - $250
      • Entrance Exam: $50

      Founded: 1993

      Address: 2515 15th St, Lubbock, TX 79401, USA

      Phone: 800 692 6877


      Grades: kindergarten - 12


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      Video by Texas Tech University K-12

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