Top 10 Best Online High Schools in Washington

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The best online high schools in Washington provide excellent academic results, cheap or free tuition, and high graduation rates. High school students ... read more...

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    Internet Academy

    The Internet Academy (IA or iAcademy) is a public virtual school approved by the Northwest Accreditation Commission for grades K–12. The Internet Academy belongs to Federal Way Public Schools. As the first public online school in Washington State, Internet Academy specializes in fostering long-lasting relationships with students while offering challenging coursework.

    For students in grades K–12, Internet Academy provides engaging and distinctive core, elective, and CTE courses. The Federal Way School District's academic schedule is adhered to by the school. Internet Academy is pleased to be the official academic partner of the Seattle Sounders Academy, and many of the high school courses are NCAA-recognized.

    The Canvas learning management system utilized by elite schools and institutions is what Internet Academy uses. Time management, communication, self-motivation, and technological skills are among the things that iA learners acquire to help them succeed in life after high school. Teachers with Washington State Certification oversee resources and design their own lessons, which are uploaded to the school website for students to finish. In addition, educators host real-time video conferences in which students and instructors work together on an interactive whiteboard while speaking through a webcam or headphones.

    Internet Academy delivers instructional materials via the Internet. There is no cost to enroll in the school for any kid who lives in Washington. Out-of-state students can also enroll for a charge per course.

    Parents of students registered in Internet Academy are given access to a Mentor/Insight Account. The parent can access data from these accounts, which are distinct from the students', including the number of completed assignments, the length of time the student has been logged in, and the teacher's comments on the assignments and tests.

    Founded: 1996

    Address: 31455 28th Ave S, Federal Way, WA 98003, USA

    Phone: 253 945 2230


    Student-Teacher Ratio: 27:1



    • Most Diverse Public Middle Schools in Washington: 32 of 636
    • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Washington: 33 of 557
    • Best Public High School Teachers in Washington: 53 of 417
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    Washington Virtual Academy

    The Omak School District's Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program is Washington Virtual Academies. It has been in operation for nearly a decade and is known as a free online high school in Washington state. The cutting-edge approaches, curriculum that wins awards, unmatched teacher preparation, and extensive family assistance enable the school to focus on the things that are most important to the students.

    Washington residents in grades 9 through 12 can enroll in the Washington Virtual Academies (WAVA) high school program. Families have a choice between the new FLEX Program and the traditional WAVA program. For students who need in-person teaching from teachers and value spending time with their friends, the standard program is the ideal option. Students looking for flexible learning options might use the FLEX program at Washington Virtual Academies.

    Washington Virtual Academies provides vocational and technical education courses, highly skilled paths, help for IEP/504, and more. Through the 7 Mindsets program and the counseling team, the school offers social and emotional support. Washington Virtual Academies has a range of clubs, activities, enrichment programs, and events that provide opportunities for sociability. The school is available to support your children along the K–12 journey, and its committed staff is focused on your student's success.

    Washington Virtual Academies inspires teenagers to express themselves creatively and explore their own identities. Along with the required classes, students can explore professional alternatives and chart their own route to graduation.

    The best accomplishment of all is that pupils are shaped and inspired to become who they are meant to be by the distinctive educational experiences of Washington Virtual Academies. It's those unique experiences Washington Virtual Academies became one of the best online high schools in Washington.

    Founded: 2010

    Address: 2601 S 35th St, Tacoma, WA 998409, USA

    Phone: 866 548 9444


    Student-Teacher Ratio: 27:1



    • Best Public High School Teachers in Washington: 41 of 417
    • Best Public High Schools in Washington: 147 of 447
    • Best College Prep Public High Schools in Washington: 155 of 375
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    Enlightium Academy

    A recognized private school in Washington state, Enlightium Academy holds accreditation from the Association of Christian Schools International and Cognia. Faculty and staff at Enlightium have been working with homeschooled K–12 kids, hybrid students, and online students since 2003. The College Board has accepted Advanced Placement (AP) courses of the school.

    Enlightium Academy is also a member of the organizations below:

    • Washington Federation of Independent Schools
    • Merit Scholar Society
    • National Honor Society
    • National Junior Honor Society

      Enlightium Academy provides kids with the intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, and emotional abilities they need to succeed in life, together with parental support, first-rate education, and a tailored learning experience. Students can choose the courses that best suit their academic, college, and professional goals with the assistance of knowledgeable counselors.

      Enlightium Academy has flexible scheduling via remote learning along with NCAA-approved and recognized courses for student-athletes. Enlightium educators support their student's intellectual and spiritual development by meeting them where they are in their educational journey. Regarding homework questions, teachers can interact with students by direct messaging, phone calls, screen-sharing, and in-person video conferences, depending on the package they have chosen.

      Enlightium Academy organizes parent-teacher conferences. This is a chance for teachers and parents to get together frequently for the first time and talk candidly about the academic progress of the student. A student's overall success in the class, individual strengths and shortcomings, ideas for how the student might improve, useful resources, and responses to any questions the family may have are just a few of the topics that may be covered during a discussion.

      Founded: 2003

      Address: 1330 N Washington St #5050, Spokane, WA 99201, USA

      Phone: 866 488 4818


      Student-Teacher Ratio: 46:1

      Yearly Tuition: $2,400



      • Most Diverse Private High Schools in Washington: 7 of 92
      • Best College Prep Private High Schools in Washington: 43 of 77
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      • Top 4

        Henderson Bay Alternative High School

        A public alternative high school is called Henderson Bay Alternative High School. Situated on the same campus as Gig Harbor High School, it is a part of the Peninsula School District. It offers a unique and flexible approach to high school education. As an online high school, Henderson Bay caters to many students who benefit from a personalized learning experience. With a strong emphasis on individualized instruction, Henderson Bay ensures that students receive the attention and resources they need to succeed.

        Henderson Bay has an innovative curriculum. Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of engaging courses that are tailored to their individual interests and abilities. Whether studying core subjects like math and English or pursuing electives in art or technology, students have the freedom to choose the path that aligns with their goals and aspirations.

        Henderson Bay understands the importance of building a strong support network for its students. They offer various resources and tools to ensure that students have access to academic assistance and counseling services. The dedicated teachers and staff are committed to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment where students can thrive academically and personally.

        Henderson Bay is constantly striving to bring the best quality of education to students. That effort has helped the school appear on the list of the best online high schools in Washington.

        A prevention, intervention, and enrichment program known as the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is now being implemented in Henderson Bay. MTSS uses a range of instructional assistance and enrichment activities to meet the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional requirements of kids. MTSS is about how all systems work together to guarantee that every student receives a top-notch education, not only about tiered interventions.

        Founded: 1972

        Address: 8402 Skansie Ave., Gig Harbor, WA 998332, USA

        Phone: 253 530 1700

        Student-Teacher Ratio: 5:1



        • Best Public High School Teachers in Washington: 138 of 417
        • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Washington: 213 of 557
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        Columbia Virtual Academy (CVA)

        Operating under Washington State Law, which oversees Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) programs, is Columbia Virtual Academy (CVA). The main characteristic of ALE is its off-campus education. Giving online Washington State high schools the freedom to serve a varied student body is the goal of this kind of program.

        Columbia Virtual Academy creates an engaging virtual classroom environment. Students have access to a variety of multimedia resources, such as videos, interactive simulations, and digital textbooks, to enhance their learning experience. They can also collaborate with their peers through discussion forums and virtual group projects, fostering a sense of community and connection within the online learning community.

        Teachers at Columbia Virtual Academy (CVA) are committed to fostering students' success. All CVA educators hold a Washington State certification. After completing the registration procedure, students are paired with a CVA teacher, who they can rely on for assistance and direction.

        When classes start, the Columbia Virtual Academy teacher will assist students in meeting the fundamental criteria of every Washington State ALE program by assisting with weekly meetings, monthly progress reports, and annual evaluations. Students can reach CVA teachers by phone, email, and other digital means of communication.

        Columbia Virtual Academy organizations extracurricular activities and offers clubs and organizations that students can participate in virtually. From STEM clubs to music ensembles, students have the opportunity to explore their passions and develop new skills outside of the traditional classroom setting.

        Founded: 2003
        Address: 3030 Huffman Rd Valley, WA 99181, USA
        Phone: 509 937 4663
        Student-Teacher Ratio: 40:1

        • Best Public High School Teachers in Washington: 149 of 417
        • Best Public Middle School Teachers in Washington: 203 of 488
        • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Washington: 272 of 557
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      • Top 6

        Edmonds Elearning Academy

        Edmonds ELearning Academy, located in Washington, is a popular educational institution known for its innovative approach to online learning. The academy embraces technology to facilitate personalized education and flexible schedules for students from diverse backgrounds. With a dedicated team of qualified instructors and cutting-edge virtual platforms, Edmonds ELearning Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum that meets the highest academic standards.

        For students seeking credit recovery or advanced coursework, Edmonds ELearning Academy provides a wide range of courses to cater to individual needs. The academy's commitment to academic excellence is reflected in its rigorous coursework and ongoing support from experienced teachers. Online discussions, interactive assignments, and virtual labs ensure an engaging and interactive learning experience for all students.

        Providing learning environments that value each student's cultural and linguistic variety as a strength that will help them succeed as lifelong learners and responsible global citizens is the goal of Edmonds ELearning Academy.

        Everything that Edmonds ELearning Academy accomplishes is driven by the students. Students are given priority at the school by fostering a sense of community. It takes more than just fitting in to feel like you belong. Students can reach their full intellectual, creative, and personal potential and develop into responsible global citizens and lifelong learners when they have a sense of belonging.

        Founded: 2007

        Address: 7501 208TH St Sw Lynnwood, WA 98036, USA

        Phone: 425 431 7298

        Student-Teacher Ratio: 17:1



        • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Washington: 35 of 557
        • Best Public High School Teachers in Washington: 155 of 417
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      • Top 7

        Washington Connections Academy

        Connections Academy is a free online public school for grades K–12 that equips students with the knowledge and self-assurance they need to flourish in the rapidly changing global environment. The school provides kids with a distinctive, comprehensive education that enables each child to study in the way that they learn best by using a curriculum created by professionals and taught by teachers who have undergone specialized training in online instruction.

        Connections Academy has been providing extremely interesting online education for grades 9–12 for more than 20 years. Pupils' curiosity is piqued and their comprehension of the world and their role in it is broadened by the online high school courses.

        From mastering fundamental ideas to utilizing their acquired knowledge to stimulate original thought, students develop the critical abilities and flexibility required to succeed in the classroom and in life. With unique and quality learning programs, Connections Academy is an indispensable name when mentioning the best online high schools in Washington.

        Students can study at their own speed and on their own time by using Pearson Online Classroom, the learning platform that Connections Academy gives. The teachers at the school have received specialized training in online instruction and are constantly available to offer assistance and direction.

        Students could take part in LiveLesson sessions, where lecturers repeat important topics and inspire students to become active learners, in addition to asynchronous learning. Pupils engage in interactive learning, pose inquiries, and work together with classmates via chat and microphone.

        Founded: 2001
        Address: 111 Tumwater Blvd SE Suite B203, Tumwater, WA 98501, USA
        Phone: 360 338 6340
        Student-Teacher Ratio: 47:1



        • Best Public High School Teachers in Washington: 125 of 417
        • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Washington: 176 of 557
        • Best Public Middle School Teachers in Washington: 176 of 488
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        Video by Connections Academy
      • Top 8

        Yakima Online School

        Your goal of earning a high school diploma from the Yakima School District can be accomplished with the aid of Yakima Online School. For children who reside within the boundaries of the Yakima School District, Yakima Online provides fully certified online course content for middle and high school. For students in grades 9 through 12, who are seeking an alternative to the traditional setting for any reason, the school provides a free full-time option.

        Yakima Online School has a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of subjects. From core subjects like mathematics, English, and science to specialized courses in areas such as coding, graphic design, and foreign languages, students have access to a diverse and engaging curriculum. Educators are readily available to provide guidance and support, ensuring that students receive the assistance they need to succeed.

        Yakima Online offers a timetable that is tailored to your needs, so regardless of whether you are a student who is learning faster or struggling in a regular classroom, the school can help you advance. Both standard and non-traditional students are served by Yakima Online, including teen parents, individuals with health issues, credit recovery choices, students who want to advance more quickly to speed up their education, and full-time workers. The school provides 24/7 tech support along with a flexible timetable.

        Founded: 1950
        Address: 1120 S 18th St, Yakima, WA 98901, USA
        Phone: 509 573 5580
        Student-Teacher Ratio: 146:1

        • Best Public High School Teachers in Washington: 129 of 417
        • Best Public Middle School Teachers in Washington: 182 of 488
        • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Washington: 265 of 557
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        Video by Yakima School District YouTube
      • Top 9

        AIM High School

        AIM High School is a great option for students looking for a more individualized education. It is a recognized high school that grants diplomas. AIM High School provides a contract-based academic program of high caliber in a small, courteous, encouraging setting. The school's goal is to support each student's intellectual, personal, and social responsibilities via collaborative efforts, including the community, parents, staff, and students.

        AIM High School assists students in completing their high school education while providing them with individualized instruction as needed. Depending on their needs, students may come for three hours on four or five days a week. It is the responsibility of the students to finish their assignments after class. Pupils are required to finish their work at an 80% level. Students will have to attend additional sessions, turn in homework, and/or reduce their full-time status if they do not make adequate progress.

        AIM High School follows a Snohomish School District-approved curriculum that can be used individually or in small groups to obtain credits. To obtain credit on their own, students can also design a course of study or receive credit for learning experiences outside of the classroom.

        Seven trained teachers, eight support staff members, a counselor, and a principal who is also certified in special education work with an average of 75 students per session. The majority of courses are self-paced, with one-on-one help and guidance. Once a week, most fundamental disciplines have seminars-style lessons.

        It is mandatory for students to adhere to the "Rules and Regulations of the Snohomish School District." Noncompliant students are removed from the program. In addition, students can engage in extracurricular activities at Snohomish High School and Glacier Peak High School, such as sports, band, and the Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center and Running Start.

        If you are considering the best online high schools in Washington for your child, AIM High School is a name you should not ignore.

        Founded: 2007

        Address: 525 13th St, Snohomish, WA 98290, USA

        Phone: 360 563 3400

        Student-Teacher Ratio: 21:1



        • Best Public High School Teachers in Washington: 217 of 417
        • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Washington: 380 of 557
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      • Top 10

        Selah Academy

        First founded in November 1986 as PULSE, Selah Academy was established. Some pupils were deemed "at risk" of not thriving in the traditional school setting, which led to the founding of the school. The original faculty members, Judy Patterson, Lance Ostrom, and Lynn Sterns, created a distinct kind of school with a more familial feel.

        Selah Academy is a prestigious educational institution renowned for its commitment to excellence and comprehensive learning experience. With a history spanning several decades, Selah Academy has established itself as a leading force in providing high-quality education to its students.

        Selah Academy boasts a highly qualified faculty dedicated to delivering top-notch instruction in a supportive and nurturing environment. The teachers at Selah Academy are not only knowledgeable in their respective fields but also passionate about helping their students reach their full potential. Their innovative teaching methods and personalized approach ensure that each student receives the attention they need to succeed.

        Selah Academy's curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded education, encompassing both academic knowledge and practical skills. From traditional subjects to specialized programs, the academy offers a wide range of courses to cater to the diverse interests and talents of its students. Subjects science, arts, humanities, or athletics, Selah Academy encourages its students to explore their passions and pursue their dreams.

        Selah Academy provides on-site self-paced classes; some feature blended learning (digital content with an instructor present in the classroom), and some in a computer lab with traditional online learning (teacher available via phone, chat room, or email for content-specific questions). Still others have more traditional classroom settings (teachers present in the classroom with textbooks, paper, and pencils), but with smaller class sizes and more individualized instruction.

        Founded: 1986

        Address: 308 W. Naches Ave. Selah, WA 98942, USA

        Phone: 509 698 8062

        Student-Teacher Ratio: 7:1



        • Best Public High School Teachers in Washington: 231 of 417
        • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Washington: 247 of 557
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