Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Nicosia

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The capital city of Cyprus, Nicosia, is home to a wide variety of amazing activities. It is a popular tourist site in Cyprus and demonstrates that the island nation has a lot more to offer than just beach. Learn more about the top 10 Best Places to Visit in Cyprus that you should not miss.

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Cyprus Museum

The Cyprus Museum (also known as the Cyprus Archaeological Museum) is Cyprus's oldest and largest archaeological museum. The museum displays items uncovered during several excavations on the island. The museum, which is located on Museum Street in central Nicosia, houses the world's most extensive collection of Cypriot antiquities. Its history is intertwined with the development of contemporary archaeology (and the Department of Antiquities) in Cyprus. It is worth noting that only artifacts discovered on the island are presented.

Today, the Cyprus Museum is the primary exhibit for pre-independence finds (1960). It also features the most recent significant acquisitions. In recent years, there has been a gradual decentralization of Cyprus's museum collections, with the majority of contemporary excavation finds being deposited in local district museums. The museum is made up of fourteen display halls that surround a square center area that houses ancillary offices, a library, storerooms, and laboratories for conserving and examining collection items. The displays in each hall are organized chronologically and thematically, beginning with the Neolithic period and finishing with the Roman period.

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Address: Mouseiou 1, Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone number: +357 22 865854
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Büyük Han

Büyük Han ranks 2nd in the list of best places to visit in Cyprus. This is the largest caravansarai on Cyprus and is regarded as one of the finest structures on the island. It was built by the Ottomans in 1572, the year after they took Cyprus from the Venetians, in the capital of Cyprus. This han (caravanserai) was built in 1572 and is an exceptional example of the architecture of the time.

Hans were utilized as lodging and storage facilities for merchants passing through town, and often included stabling facilities for their horses (or camels) as well as restaurants and hamams (Turkish baths). A mosque with a fountain for pre-prayer ablutions is located in the open courtyard's center. It was the first city penitentiary under British control. The Büyük Han is one of the city's most beautiful historic structures, and it has been meticulously restored to its former splendor. Today, the ancient bedroom quarters, which are now home to a variety of stores, cafés, and local artisan ateliers, are ideal for a spot of retail therapy to break up your old city touring.

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Address: North Nicosia, Cyprus
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Selimiye Mosque

Selimiye Mosque, also known as the Cathedral of Saint Sophia or Ayasofya Mosque, is a former Christian cathedral in North Nicosia that has been turned into a mosque. It has historically served as the city's principal mosque. The Selimiye Mosque is housed in Cyprus's largest and oldest surviving Gothic church, which was built on the site of an earlier Byzantine church.

The mosque has a total capacity of 2500 people and 1750 m2 of worship space. It is the largest surviving medieval edifice in Nicosia, and according to authorities, it "may have been the largest church built in the Eastern Mediterranean in the millennium between the rise of Islam and the late Ottoman Empire". It was the coronation church of Cyprus's rulers. If you want to participate, bring a headscarf (for females) and dress modestly (no shorts or shoulder-less tops). The mosque is a five-minute walk from the green line crossing on Ledra Street.

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Address: Selimiye Meydani, North Nicosia, Cyprus
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Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia

The Leventis Municipal Museum in Nicosia, Cyprus, houses a large collection of Cypriot antiques, costumes, pictures, medieval ceramics, maps and engravings, jewelry, and furniture. The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia depicts the city's history and social evolution from the Chalcolithic period (3000 BC) to the present day. The museum was founded in 1984 on the initiative of Nicosia's Mayor, Mr. Lellos Demetriades.

Nicosia's Leventis Museum, recently renovated, is housed in a lovely ancient city townhouse and shows the history of Nicosia through a well-selected collection of ethnographical exhibitions and artifacts. This is a must-see for history buffs, and the museum was named European Museum of the Year for its wonderfully curated exhibitions tracing the city's long and tumultuous history. Among the exhibits are antiques dating from 2300 BCE through the Ottoman and colonial eras, with some of the more fascinating exhibits being the exquisite traditional costumes on display. The museum also explains the impact of British rule on Cyprus and the city's modern history following the island's partition in 1974.

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Address: Hippocratous 15-17, 1011 Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone number: +357 22 661475
Official site:
Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia
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Bellapais Abbey

Bellapais is a delightfully old-fashioned village of poor whitewashed cottages that stretch down the slope, terminating at the haunting remains of Bellapais Abbey below. It is one of the island's most famous tourist attractions, courtesy of writer Lawrence Durrell. While residing in Cyprus, British author Lawrence Durrell authored the book Bitter Lemons of Cyprus, which immortalized Cypriot village life near the conclusion of the British colonial period.

Although the village is stunning in its own way, the primary attraction is Bellapais Abbey, an old Augustinian monastery with elaborately carved arches and cypress trees encircling its cloister. The refectory roof offers magnificent views of the North Cyprus shoreline. Bellapais is 25 kilometers north of North Nicosia, although there is no direct public transportation from the city to the town. If you don't have your own transportation, take one of the frequent minibusses from North Nicosia to Kyrenia and then a short cab trip to the village.

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Address: Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone number: +35 208 150 6088
Official site:
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Mesaoria Region

The Mesaoria region ranks 6th in the list of best places to visit in Nicosia. This region, just west of Nicosia, is dotted with little villages and old monasteries and churches. If you have your own transportation, this location is ideal for a day trip, allowing you to explore the historic landmarks and rural landscapes within easy reach of the city.

, one of the nearby villages, is a charming site worth seeing because of its tenth-century five-domed Church of St. Barnabas and Hilarion, which looms over the neighborhood's typical stone homes and is located 30 kilometers to the west of Nicosia. The church's interior is home to significant, well-preserved icon paintings from the 16th century that show Christ being presented. From here, travel south to the Maheras Monastery, which is perched in stunning seclusion atop a rocky hill. Then, turn northeast to see the Agios Irakleidios Monastery and the ancient town of Ancient Tamassos, which was a copper-working settlement in the sixth century BCE, both of which are close to the village of Pera.

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Address: west of Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone number: N/A
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Buffavento Castle

The castle in Northern Cyprus is called Buffavento Castle. The Buffavento Castle ranks 6th in the list of best places to visit in Nicosia. The Byzantine era is the most logical idea for when it was built, but the precise date is still uncertain. Architecturally, it combines Byzantine and Frankish styles. In the fourteenth century, it was out of use.

On top of a jagged mountain peak, east of Kyrenia stands Buffavento Castle, a windswept, rocky outpost of a ruin. There aren't many ruins here, but the ones that are there are in a beautiful spot, towering above the slopes below that are covered with forest. For the greatest views of the surrounding shore, hike from the lower to the upper enceinte. Crusader Richard the Lionheart previously owned Buffavento, which is believed to have been constructed in the Byzantine period. Along with St. Hilarion Castle to the west, it was crucial in terms of strategy for defending the shoreline.

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Address: northern Nicosia, Cyprus
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Athalassa National Forest Park

Athalassa National Forest Park is an oasis of greenery with many endemic, native trees, bushes, and plants and is situated on the southern edge of Lefkosia (Nicosia). Its total area is 840 hectares. Based on the guidelines set forth in the Forestry Legislation, Athalassa was designated a National Forest Park in 1990. The Park is growing in significance for the city not only because of its location, which makes it easily accessible to the general public but also because it is the largest open space with greenery in the surrounding area.

In addition to serving as a place and lungs for the environment, the Park also provides opportunities for physical activity, environmental education, and training. There is lots of room for kids to play, either at the playground or amid the trees, which is close to the park café. There is a designated dog walk that rings the park and provides stunning views of the city for animal lovers. For a picnic, a stroll, or to get your fill of nature, you can visit Athalassa.

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Address: south-eastern of Lefkosia, Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone number: +357 22 462 943
Official site:
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Hamam Omerye

A historic Ottoman hammam can be found in Nicosia, Cyprus, at Meriye Hamam (public bathhouse). It was part of the larger complex of the meriye Mosque, which was built by Lala Mustafa Pasha in the 1570s, shortly after the Ottoman invasion of Cyprus. The complex was devoted to the remembrance of the Caliph Omar. The older Augustinian church of St. Mary, which had been damaged during the Ottoman siege in the 14th century, was repurposed in the complex. As part of the Lefkosia Master Plan, the hammam was rebuilt from 2002 to 2004 and is still in use as a spa and bath.

A variety of massage and cleanse services are available in a setting that exudes calm. You will be given a deep and reviving level of relaxation that will leave you feeling renewed. This unique experience in the heart of the Old Town, which underlines the town's multifaceted personality through its aromas and distinctive dome of the hamam, is unforgettable.

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Address: 8 Tyllirias Square, Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone number: +357 22 460006
Official site:
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Archbishop Makarios III Cultural Foundation

The exquisite Byzantine Museum, which has a collection of more than 300 icons and frescoes spanning from the 9th to the 19th centuries, is housed in this foundation right opposite the Archbishop's Palace. You should not miss the numerous exquisite items of art that were stolen from Northern Cyprus-based churches following the 1974 Turkish invasion and only returned after protracted legal disputes. You will see the excellent Kanakaria mosaics from the Panagia Kanakaria and the frescoed dome from St. Eufemianus in particular.

The icons of Christ and the Virgin Mary (12th century) from the Church of the Virgin Mary of Arakas in Lagoudera and the Resurrection (13th century) from the Church of St. John Lambadistis Monastery in Kalopanayiotis are two of the more intriguing additional exhibits. European paintings from the late Renaissance to the twentieth century are on display in the foundation's adjacent art gallery. The majority of the room is devoted to Greek works of art from the 19th century onward, with some current Cypriot art included.

Google rating: 4.5/5.0
Address: Archbishop Kyprianou Sq., Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone number: +357 22 430 008
Official site:

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