Top 10 Best Places to Visit in South Carolina

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Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and the Atlantic Ocean encircle South Carolina, a stunning state. Beautiful beaches, national forests, dynamic cities, ... read more...

  1. Charleston, a historical port city bursting with antebellum architecture, is one of the Best Places to Visit in South Carolina. The city's historic core is situated on a peninsula created by the Ashley and Cooper rivers joining the Atlantic, shielded from the open ocean by the nearby islands.

    Fort Sumter is a significant Civil War relic that is reachable from Charleston by ferry. You can locate the Huguenot church and several great art galleries in the French Quarter. Consider taking a classic carriage trip of the city if you want to see some of the most significant places at once and delight in a healthy dose of charm at the same time. Another must-see site is The Market, which is surrounded by shops, eateries, and nightlife.

    History aficionados can visit a number of beautifully restored plantation mansions and gardens that date back as far as 1672; among the most well-known are Magnolia Plantations and Gardens. The area boasts a flourishing cultural scene, which you can discover by going to places like the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and the historic Charleston Music Hall, to name a couple. Foodies can experience the vivid flavors of the South on a Charleston Culinary Tour or a Charleston Brews Cruise to sample regional craft brews. Charleston takes pride in presenting Southern cuisine.

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  2. It is simple to understand why Myrtle Beach attracts more than 14 million visitors each year. The coastal hotspot is home to stunning beaches, crystal-clear oceans, and brilliant white sand. There are no better times to see the world than at sunrise and sunset.

    The presence of numerous significant attractions right off the beach is what actually distinguishes Myrtle Beach. Away from the sun, there are plenty of dinner theater performances, mini golf courses, and the Ripley's Aquarium. The largest gathering of pubs and restaurants in the area, Broadway at the Beach, is the ideal location to be after dark because there is always something entertaining to do there.

    Myrtle Beach is a well-liked weekend getaway spot for both families and couples because it combines exciting beach activities with intriguing museums, galleries, and other attractions during inclement weather. One of the most well-liked pastimes for both tourists and locals is strolling down the renowned Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, where you can take in the festive atmosphere while taking in the sunset and riding the Skywheel Ferris Wheel.

    The beaches provide excellent opportunities for swimming, tanning, canoeing, and kayaking, and there are many top-notch golf courses nearby. The town is teeming with crazy family attractions away from the beach, like the Backstage Mirror Maze, Ripley's Wax Museum, and the Family Kingdom Amusement Park.

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  3. Hilton Head Island, which is lovely, is located not far from Savannah, Georgia. Despite being only 12 miles (19 km) long, this barrier island has developed a reputation as a haven for people who enjoy warm weather, magnificent beaches, and a variety of golf courses. Despite the fact that many local properties are owned by the wealthy and famous, particularly in the posh area of Harbour Town, there are still more than nine miles of coastline that is open to the public.

    Along with the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center, which is recognized as one of the top tennis training facilities in the world, there are numerous bike lanes, countless golf courses, and more. Don't forget to include a dolphin watching excursion in your plans, as dolphins may be seen all year long from just off the coast.

    Any municipality with the word "island" in its name immediately evokes thoughts of carefree summer getaways, and Hilton Head Island more than lives up to the expectation. Choose from a number of crowded (Coligny Park Beach) or quiet (Burkes Beach) beaches. If you enjoy water sports, head to H2O Sports for instruction and gear.

    Another choice is to embark on a boat excursion with one of the many outfitters to explore the coastline. You may take the kids to the Sandbox Interactive Children's Museum or go hiking and wildlife watching on the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. At one of the island's 250 eateries, you may round off your day with a feast of fresh seafood.

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  4. The coastal community of Beaufort, which is close to the Intra-Coastal Waterway, has a history that dates back to early 16th-century Spanish exploration. Today, Beaufort is renowned for its beautiful Southern charms and old buildings.

    The Beaufort History Museum is an excellent location to start, or you may take a tour of the John Mark Verdier House to see what an antebellum home looked like. Explore more of the town's architecture on foot in Beaufort's Historic District before stopping at one of the quaint cafés for a refreshing glass of sweet tea.

    A spectacular example of how one man's vision succeeded in transforming a run-down harborside eyesore into an urban oasis for Beaufort residents and visitors is the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park in Beaufort, South Carolina.

    The park, which is made up of several different areas and is conveniently located near the National Historic Landmark District, is located between downtown Beaufort and the Beaufort River/Intracoastal waterway. These areas include picturesque riverfront walkways, a children's playground, swings, picnic areas, and a small pavilion. Come here for a quiet picnic, to observe the ongoing maritime operations, or to take part in one of the yearly celebrations like the Taste of Beaufort, the Shrimp Festival, or the Water Festival.

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  5. While much of South Carolina has a traditional, historic vibe, Greenville is the contemporary, forward-thinking opposite. The city has a burgeoning cultural landscape and is frequently referred to as the "mixing pot of the Old South and the New South."

    You might decide to visit the Greenville County Museum of Art or the Peace Center Theater to see a traveling Broadway production. Don't leave without spending some time in Falls Park on the Reedy, a park with a huge waterfall in the middle of the city that is extremely beautiful. This park, which served as the city's original birthplace, is the real beating heart of Greenville.

    The (almost) 20-mile Swamp Rabbit Trail connects the South Carolina communities of Greenville and Travelers Rest, providing opportunities for outdoor exercise for various types of users, including skaters, runners, cyclists, and walkers. You may take in stunning views as you travel because a significant portion of the trail follows the Reedy River's course.

    You can cycle, skate, or stroll along the paved portion of the route, which ranges in width from 8 to 12 feet, while runners can use the rubberized running track. A different stretch of the walk meanders through the 400-acre woodland and marsh of the Lake Conestee Nature Park, providing tourists with excellent possibilities to observe animals.

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  6. Mount Pleasant is one of the Best Places to Visit in South Carolina. The two locations are connected by the Ravenel Bridge, a famous structure in the city. While Mount Pleasant is predominantly a residential area, it also has a lot to offer tourists. Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum is notably located in Mount Pleasant. This museum is home to several retired Navy vessels, including the USS Yorktown, an aircraft carrier from World War II, several of which can be toured.

    The walking paths in Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park and Shem Creek Park are lovely locations to do just that. Mount Pleasant is also a great area to spend time outside. In Mount Pleasant, there is always something new to explore and learn about. This list of the top things to do in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, has something for everyone, whether they're seeking for tourist sites, off-the-beaten-path spots, outdoor thrills, or indoor adventures.

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  7. Congaree National Park, one of the Best Places to Visit in South Carolina, is located close to Columbia's capital. The Congaree Indians gave the area their name, and the national park has a unique combination of swampland and woodland land. Some of the largest cypress trees in the world can be seen here, and they are definitely worth a visit.

    Another well-liked activity is birdwatching, where it's possible to see many songbirds and the occasional hawk. The Cedar Creek Canoe Trail offers a distinctive approach to explore the area from the water, unlike most routes, which are for trekking. One of the few spots in the entire nation where you can see a sizable tract of old-growth hardwood forest supported by the floodplains of the Congaree and Wateree Rivers is the Congaree State Park, which is situated 20 miles outside of Columbia.

    You can either stroll a range of hiking trails or take to the water along the established 15-mile Cedar Creek Canoe Trail in a canoe or kayak (you must carry your own boat). This wonderful area is home to a wide diversity of wildlife. There are two campsites where you can set up your tent, go fishing, or sign up for a ranger-led activity.

    • Location: South Carolina
  8. Pawleys Island is located on the coast in South Carolina's Grand Strand region. This little piece of heaven is a getaway where you can relax, get active, and take it easy on gorgeous beaches. Pawleys Island is an affluent destination for people looking for a South Carolina escape and has long been favored by the elite.

    Litchfield Beach is a popular destination because it has lovely sand dunes and a significant portion of immaculate white coastline. The several golf courses, some of which offer unrivaled sea views directly from the tees, are very enticing.

    Off the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach, on the Atlantic coast, is a barrier island called Pawley's Island. One of the first resort locations on the East Coast, the little island is only 4 miles long and around half a mile wide. At first, the island was visited by affluent planters and their families while on vacation. The island now has a large number of dated summer villas and beach houses scattered among oleander and oak trees. Parking is scarce because there aren't many cars on the island. Cycling is a simple and enjoyable way to experience a new way of life while on vacation.

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  9. Caesars Head State Park is one of South Carolina's most fascinating and beautiful locations. The park is located in the northernmost region of the state, just across the North Carolina border. The enormous granite feature known as Caesars Head itself dominates the entire Piedmont region below.

    The most popular activity at Caesars Head State Park is hiking, and for those who just have a short amount of time, shorter paths like Raven Cliff Falls offer a simple substitute. Other fantastic ways to experience the park include fishing, camping out overnight, and watching hawks migrate in the fall.

    You can go hiking through the 11,000 acres of forested Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area at Caesars Head State Park, which is located on the stunning Blue Ridge Escarpment. There is something for everyone on the trails, which range in length from less than a mile to 10 miles. If you'd want to travel further out, there are 18 primitive backcountry campsites where you can backpack and spend the night beside a trail beneath the stars.

    One of the most well-liked trails is the 2-mile Raven Falls Trail, which leads to a suspension bridge with a view of the 420-foot Raven Falls. You can cast a line to catch some trout as well as enjoy bird viewing, especially during the fall hawk migration.

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  10. The main city and state capital of South Carolina, Columbia, is frequently visited by tourists. The University of South Carolina's vast campus and the Fort Jackson Army base are the region's two main attractions.

    Visit the Hampton-Preston Mansion and Gardens if you're interested in pre-Civil War architecture and history. This stunning antebellum building, which dates back to 1818, may still be toured inside to see many of the original furniture. If you're itching to pick up some souvenirs, Five Points in Columbia is a great shopping district full of local stores and boutiques.

    Columbia, the state's capital, offers guests a wide range of exciting things to keep them entertained during their trip. You can visit the South Carolina State House and some of the state's many beautiful historic residences and gardens, including the 1818-founded Hampton-Preston Mansion and Gardens, if you have an interest in history.

    Families can spend hours learning while having fun at the South Carolina State Museum, which features an observatory, planetarium, and 4D interactive theater. They can also visit the EdVenture Children's Museum or the Riverbanks Zoo and Botanic Garden. MAMM (the modern art museum) is a must-see for art enthusiasts, and foodies might think about taking a Columbia Food Tour.

    • Location: South Carolina

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