Top 10 Best Things To Do in Hawaii

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Planning a trip to the Aloha State can seem a little overwhelming, but almost all of the material that is readily available confirms: Hawaii is a magnificent place, and this enchantment permeates each of the islands. This summary is unquestionably correct. Here is some of the Best Things To Do in Hawaii.

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Visit the moon-shaped Molokini Crater

The Molokini Crater, a tiny islet that resembles a crescent moon, is a well-liked natural attraction for both photographers and outdoor adventurers. Despite being uninhabited, it is a popular spot for snorkeling, jet skiing, and scuba diving, and there are both short and long-day cruises that can be taken there (the majority of which leave from Maalaea Harbor).

Molokini has dive sites for beginning, intermediate, and advanced SCUBA divers. For instance, the crater basin is perfect for novice divers and snorkelers since it offers protected waters and is just 35 feet deep. Meanwhile, intermediate divers can visit the region of the underwater wall that sinks to 70 feet. Additionally, the 350-foot-deep backside of the crater offers spectacular views for experienced divers.

You will come across schools of colorful fish and crystal-clear seas wherever you go in Molokini's underwater realm. Around 250 different fish species, including surgeonfish, tangs, parrotfish, Moorish idols, and more, may be found in Molokini.

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Snorkle with your favorite animals at Turtle Town

As suggested by its name, Turtle Town is teeming with marine life, specifically Hawaiian green sea turtles.

Visitors to Maui must go, whether they choose a full-day tour that includes lunch and a stop at the Molokini Crater or go alone (maybe for a peaceful kayak trip or a day of tanning on the beach).

A trip to Turtle Town at Maluaka Beach, one of the best sites to see the intriguing Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, is one of Maui's Must-Do activities. In many ways, Turtle Town is a unique location. It is made up of a number of lava structures that are now home to a flourishing coral reef and a plethora of vibrant fish. The friendly and inquisitive sea turtles are, however, its "famous residents." They will frequently swim right up to you to inspect if you are calm, swim gently, and respect their space—a truly amazing experience!

Although Turtle Town is reachable by land, we do not advise doing so since you risk accidentally harming the extremely sensitive coral reef (and injuring yourself in the process).

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Be a paniolo for a day on a horse riding adventure

There is only so much that can be viewed by tour bus or car because Maui (and Hawaii in general) is covered in so much forest and volcanic terrain. So why not venture off the main path and tour Maui on horseback like the people did in the past? Visitors particularly love the seaside walks.

Horseback in the Open Range Riding at the Ponoholo Ranch
on the storied Kohala Mountain through the pristine upcountry of Hawaii. The most breathtaking views on the Big Island may be found on this 11,000 acre working cow ranches, which stretches from the rain forest to the beach.

Visitors can experience the breathtaking vistas of the Kona and Kohala coastlines, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Hualalai Volcanoes on the Big Island, and Haleakala Volcano on Maui with Paniolo Adventures. Our major concerns are your health and safety. Before and after every island excursion, we actively disinfect our equipment to uphold our high standards of hygiene.

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Go on a whale watching adventure

Whales go to Maui every year to breed, and if you're lucky you might see one of these amazing animals in its native habitat! It is nothing short of magical to see mother whales teach their young how to breach the surface of the sea, whether you choose a huge tour from Lahaina or a private adventure from Kaanapali beach. The skilled guides on your trip will provide you with all the information you need to know about whales (or Hawaii, in general).

Kohola, or humpback whales, enjoy traveling to the warm, shallow seas off the Hawaiian Islands, much as our perfect weather draws visitors from all over the world. Two-thirds of the humpback whales in the North Pacific are thought to migrate to Hawaii for breeding, calving, and nursing. They travel more than 3,000 miles in a race from the Gulf of Alaska to Hawaii, where they then spend an extended holiday playing off our coasts and entertaining onlookers from December through May.

Male adults can weigh up to 45 tons and have heights between 40 and 52 feet. Humpback whales are graceful acrobats despite their size. If you keep an eye on the ocean, you might witness one breach, launching up to 40% of its body above the surface before splashing spectacularly to the side.

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Breathe in the fresh air at Haleakala National Park

Fans of adventure, rejoice! You can pretty much find all you need at Haleakala National Park to have an exciting day! Start your day by observing the sunrise from the summit of Mt. Haleakala, then decide whether to spend the afternoon ziplining through the treetops or on a bike tour of the park.

This unique location preserves the connection between the land and its inhabitants and is alive with tales of both traditional and contemporary Hawaiian culture. Additionally, the park provides care for numerous threatened species, some of which are unique. Come to this unique location to rejuvenate your spirit amidst bleak volcanic vistas and subtropical rain forest on an extraordinary backcountry trip.

Haleakala Crater, which dominates the island of Maui and can be seen from almost anywhere, is a powerhouse of nature in every way. This inactive volcano, which is 10,023 feet above sea level, serves as the backdrop to an incredible variety of landscapes and skylines. In Hawaiian, Haleakala means "home of the sun," and according to tradition, the sun was lassoed by the god Maui as he stood atop the volcano's summit, lengthening the day by slowing the sun's descent.

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Take the scenic route on the road to Hana

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the essence of this breathtaking drive. The road to Hana is frequently referred to as the route to paradise. While some visitors choose to travel the meandering route by themselves, there are group trips available that guarantee you experience all the magnificent sights en route.

On Maui, the Road to Hana is well known for its breathtaking coastal scenery, a wide variety of side parks, and spectacular waterfalls. You may learn all about the Road to Hana, which is undeveloped Hawaii at its best, in our unique Hana Highway Guide Book. The lush mountains and beautiful valleys filled with waterfalls along the Road to Hana are eye-candy, and there aren't enough words to adequately express their magnificence.

Numerous curves hug the Hana shoreline as they look out over the unbroken expanse of blue water that reaches the Alaskan coast. The best drive in Hawaii is the Road to Hana, which is complemented by beaches with black, red, and white sand, a wide variety of trails, and two exquisite gardens.

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Travel first class on a Maui airplane tour

The nicest views of the island may undoubtedly be had in the most thrilling manner possible! There are skilled pilots who will take you on your own private tour without requiring you to have any prior flying experience. If you're lucky, they might even let you take the controls for a little period of time.

Visitors will not only be able to appreciate the island's natural beauty from the air, but the pilot will also provide interesting facts about the region's geology and culture as they fly. First-class travel is a privilege that most people can only imagine. And you don't have to abandon your possible plans to fly first class to Hawaii! For many people, traveling to Hawaii in first class is a fantasy.

You might want to travel first class for the first time because you've always wanted to, or you might want to take your family there on their next vacation. Hawaii first-class airfare can be pricey. However, if getting off the plane is a primary priority, then first class travel is worthwhile.

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Travel back in time on a Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe

Outrigger canoes play a significant role in Hawaiian history and culture, and now visitors are encouraged to test them out for themselves! A knowledgeable guide will take you out on an outrigger canoe while you learn about the rich Polynesian traditions. This is a terrific day to learn as well as watch the marine life moving gracefully around you in the waters.

Outrigger canoeing is not only the state team sport of the lovely Aloha State but also a rich historical reminder that to live in Hawaii is to know and respect the ocean. While an outrigger canoe may not represent much to most people, in Hawaii it is. No other society in history has had such a close relationship with the ocean. Around 200 AD, the first outrigger canoes made their way to Hawaii.

Some of these canoes were huge enough to hold up to 80 people, and they were loaded with supplies like water, food plants, and animals to make the journey a little safer for the daring explorers who set out in quest of new lands. Explorers quickly found the Hawaiian Islands by observing the bird migration patterns seen flying overhead.

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Snorkel & spot friendly dolphins at Lanai Island

Why not have the opportunity to watch dolphins up close because Lanai Island is known for being their home?

Depending on your preferences, you may either take a cruise on the pristine waters and try to find the dolphins from a distance, or you can sign up for a snorkeling tour if you want to see the dolphins up close (but don't touch, of course). It's a must-do activity in either case.

The smallest inhabited island that tourists can visit in Hawaii, Lanai, has a lot to entice guests. Lanai might seem like two locations, even though it is only nine miles from Maui. The first can be found in opulent resorts where guests can enjoy first-rate amenities and championship golf. The other is shown driving a 4-wheel-drive car over the island's rough back roads in search of hidden gems. On any of the three Lanai zones, you may be guaranteed to enjoy seclusion, adventure, and peace.

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Race through the air on a zipline adventure

Do you love to go on adventures? Then you should engage in this activity! There are many different ziplines to select from, and Maui has some of the best in the world, as any thrill seeker will attest. There are trips with 5, 6, 7, or 8 ziplines that soar above the canopy while also providing views of volcanoes and glistening waters. Near Akaka Falls, Hawaii Zipline Tours offers heart-pounding zipline excursions. Experience 7 incredible ziplines on a functioning Hawaiian farm with breathtaking views of the scenery and the ocean.

You may find banana plantations, ginger fields, okinawa sweet potatoes, sugar cane fields, and much more on land. In addition to offering entertaining tours and top-notch customer service, we work hard to inform visitors about Hawaii's unique plants and animals.

Each zipline is more spectacular than the last, taking you over natural vegetation, flowing rivers, and waterfalls until you are whizzing over a 250-foot waterfall 400 feet above a gorgeous Hawaii Island valley. It's the ideal method to transform your trip into a life-changing adventure. Ready for your adventure on the Hawaiian Islands? Today, reserve your zipline tour online!

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