Top 15 Best Things To Do In South Dakota

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South Dakota has a variety of natural and urban attractions. This lovely state is home to world-famous sites such as Mount Rushmore National Monument and a plethora of other fantastic hidden gems. When you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is no better location to go than South Dakota, which has various tourist attractions such as museums, national parks, wildlife centers, amusement parks, and more. Toplist has compiled a list of the best things to do in South Dakota that you can enjoy whether you are traveling alone or with friends and family.

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See the faces of US presidents at Mount Rushmore National Monument

Mount Rushmore National Monument is a massive sculpture that stands around 60 feet tall. The faces of four important past US presidents, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington, are depicted on it. You've probably seen photos of these magnificent stone carvings, but they pale in comparison to the actual thing. Notably, each photograph depicts the country's history from its inception through its growth, development, and preservation.

Mount Rushmore National Monument
is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the United States, attracting millions of people from all over the world each year. Aside from Mount Rushmore National Monument, the grounds include an information center, tourist center, cafe, and gift shop.

Visit Mount Rushmore National Monument today with your tour companions and prepare to capture a lot of photos of the beautiful view. Following your tour to this one-of-a-kind landmark, you can visit the museum for an educational lesson about US democracy. You can also sign up for ranger-led programs. You can learn about the monument's construction and listen to lectures about democracy and patriotism, among other things. It can be seen as one of the Best Things To Do In South Dakota.

Address: 13000 SD-244, Keystone, SD 57751, United States
Phone: +1 605-574-2523
Opening hours: 5AM–11PM
Rating: 4.7/5.0, 39,875 Google reviews
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Badlands National Park

The Badlands National Park is absolutely stunning. It has spectacular rock formations, vast canyons, lush grasslands, and much more. This park's rocky yet picturesque location draws both locals and visitors. It's no surprise that the views never get old with approximately 250,000 acres of prairie, rich fossil beds, and wildlife roaming the park. While visiting the park, it is not uncommon to encounter wild bison, prairie dogs, and bighorn sheep. Notably, the park is open to visitors all year, so you can visit whenever you visit South Dakota.

This weekend, take a vacation to the Badlands National Park with your boyfriend or pals to experience life on the wild side. Here, you may make new memories while immersing yourself in the heart of nature and practicing a variety of activities together. This stunning South Dakota environment contains some of the state's most picturesque and jaw-dropping natural scenery.

Hiking along scenic routes, driving through the badlands, exploring the diverse geological formations, observing wildlife, camping, stargazing, biking, horseback riding, and other activities are available. You can also visit the visitor center to learn about the Badlands National park's history, vegetation, and fauna, as well as interact with paleontologists and examine some of the park's fossils.

Address: South Dakota, United States
Phone: +1 605-433-5361
Rating: 4.9/5.0, 12,957 Google reviews
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Camping at Custer State Park

Custer State Park, which covers more than 70,000 acres, is well-known for its abundance of animals. It features picture-perfect scenery and offers infinite opportunities. Custer State Park is a naturalist's paradise.

A trip to Custer State Park is your best bet if you want to have a great time in the great outdoors. Pack your luggage and get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Custer State Park. Hiking, horseback riding, nature photography, camping, rock climbing, driving, and, in the winter, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and other activities are available on land. Cool off from the heat with a leisurely dip in the stunning azure sea. Swimming, kayaking, canoeing, boating, fishing, stand-up paddleboarding, and other activities are also available. This is one of the Best Things To Do In South Dakota that you should try.

Furthermore, this park has a tourist center, rental facilities, a playground, a large parking space, picnic tables, a campground, and many more attractions to make your holiday more enjoyable and convenient. Custer State Park is one of many beautiful spots to visit in South Dakota; make it a priority on your agenda.

Address: 13438 US Highway 16A, Custer, SD 57730, United States

Phone: +1 605-255-4515

Opening hours: open 24 hours

Rating: 4.8/5.0, 8,325 Google reviews

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Get to know some musical instruments in National Music Museum

The National Music Museum, founded in 1973, houses at least 15,000 instruments from many countries and historical periods. The instruments on display are from various civilizations and historical periods. If you're traveling with music or history buffs, don't miss the National Music Museum. Percussion, toy, electric, brass, woodwinds, and other instruments are among those available.

Instruments used by the one and only Elvis Presley, instruments used to produce Sgt. Pepper, and other noteworthy and historical instruments astound music enthusiasts around. The National Music Museum is the world's center for musical instruments, so it's no surprise that visitors flock from all around to bask in its grandeur.

Spend a few hours in the National Music Museum exploring the many displays. You can view a variety of musical instruments, including accordions, harmonicas, folk, electric, string, and percussion instruments. There are numerous historical exhibitions dating back to the 17th century that you can view. The National Music Museum, one of several prominent areas of interest in South Dakota, should not be missed during your visit.

Address: 414 E Clark St, Vermillion, SD 57069, United States
Phone: +1 605-658-3450
Opening hours: 10AM–4PM
Rating: 4.6/5.0, 125 Google reviews
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Discovery many colorful of fish at Butterfly House & Aquarium

The Sertoma Butterfly House & Marine Cove, often known as the Butterfly House & Aquarium, is a well-known tourist attraction. It has hundreds of free-flying butterflies and marine life displays. Butterfly House & Aquarium is the only saltwater aquarium in the state and one of the few butterfly homes open all year. Beginning as a butterfly house in 2002 and expanding to include an aquarium in 2010, this one-of-a-kind combination attracts tourists from all over the country. The chance to glimpse glimmers of ocean life in the heart of the country is one of the aquarium's main draws.

At the Butterfly House & Aquarium, prepare to be amazed by butterflies of all colors and to experience the beauty of water life. Explore the various displays at the Butterfly House & Aquarium with your children. The Butterfly House allows you to see and touch beautiful tropical butterflies from all over the world. The aquarium is an excellent place to learn about many different types of fish. You may expect to see hundreds of species of marine life and coral, an interactive stingray habitat, a tidal pool with slow-moving critters, and much more when visiting this wonderful South Dakota destination. You can even interact with the marine wildlife by going to the touch pool and petting stingrays.

Address: 4320 S Oxbow Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57106, United States
Phone: +1 605-334-9466
Opening hours: 10AM–4PM
Rating: 4.5/5.0, 1,727 Google reviews
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Visit Historic Old Town

Historic Main Street and Historic Deadwood are other names for Historic Old Town. It is one of the best places to visit in South Dakota, with a plethora of entertaining and relaxing attractions. The rich and intriguing history of this city serves as the backdrop for infinite tourist involvement. Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickok, and Poker Alice Tubbs are among the Deadwood legends that can be learned about.

Visit Historic Old Town for a romantic and memorable trip with your significant other. This neighborhood is great for making new experiences together by visiting its different stores, restaurants, and local attractions. Historic Old Town is surrounded by beautiful surroundings and retains its legacy and roots from its Wild West period.

It can be considered as one of the Best Things To Do In South Dakota. This SD town packs a punch with attractions such as an 1880 railroad, an 1876 mystery supper, a mining museum, a historic gold mine, and more. Furthermore, Historic Deadwood has shopping malls, casinos, experience tours, spas, breweries/wineries, and entertaining citywide events. You and your partner, for example, can have a great time trying local food cooked by world-class chefs, trying your luck at an old-style casino, or getting a full-service massage together in a spa. You may also have beverages at a historic saloon, go wine tasting, learn about the rich history of the Wild West at a museum, go shopping at the many boutiques, schedule a tour of the area, and so much more.

Address: South Dakota, the United States

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Visit the sculpture Crazy Horse Memorial

The Crazy Horse Memorial, which began construction in 1948, is a monument carved out of Thunderhead Mountain. Crazy Horse Memorial, like Mount Rushmore, is an enormous stone sculpture carved into the mountainside of the scenic Black Hills. It represents an Oglala Lakota warrior riding a horse from a Native American tribe. When finished, it will be the world's second tallest statue.

This gigantic monument, conceived as a tribute to North American Indians, is the unfinished work of Polish sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski, who died in the 1980s in the middle of the project. Despite being far from finished, the Crazy Horse Memorial is now one of South Dakota's most well-known landmarks. It has an onsite restaurant, museum, and gift store, as well as a variety of guided tour packages and special events.

The Crazy Horse Memorial
is a great place to learn about Native American history. Take plenty of photos with the massive monument before heading down to the museum to learn about Native American tribes, cultures, rituals, and history. Visitors are given to an orientation film that covers Native American history and culture while exploring the museums. There are also a variety of interesting and engaging events to make your visit more enjoyable, such as Native American art exhibits, dances, lectures, and laser light shows. You can also take workshops in pottery making, quill and beading, silversmithing, hide painting, carving, and many other crafts.

Address: Crazy Horse, SD 57730, United States

Phone: +1 605-673-4681

Opening hours: 8AM–9:30PM

Rating: 4.3/5.0, 3,329 Google reviews

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See the fossils of mammoths at Mammoth Site

At least 61 mammoths' remains have been discovered at the Mammoth Site, an active paleontological dig site. This museum is also designated as a National Natural Landmark. Following the discovery of mammoth bones, the owner of the site (which was intended to become a housing development) decided that the property would be better suited to scientific study and abandoned his construction plans. Visitors at Mammoth Site can now see real-life prehistoric mammoth bones, teeth, and tusks that roamed SD millions of years ago.

At the Mammoth Site, you may learn all about the massive mammoths that once roamed our globe. This tourist attraction is one of the best sites to visit in South Dakota and features the world's biggest concentration of mammoth fossils.

Schedule a visit of the Mammoth Site with your family, partner, or friends and learn about the gigantic beasts' fossils and skeletons. It includes viewing a brief video clip, a guided and educational tour of the site, viewing full-sized mammoth reconstructions, and other activities. There are also full-sized mammoth reconstructions, a mammoth bone home, baby mammoth mummies, and other unique displays. If you're seeking for unusual places to visit in South Dakota, don't miss out on this instructive and immersive experience.

Address: 1800 US-18 BYP, Hot Springs, SD 57747, United States

Phone: +1 605-745-6017

Opening hours: 8AM–8PM

Rating: 4.7/5.0, 3,571 Google reviews

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Discovery Good Earth State Park

With tourist sites like Good Earth State Park, you'll never run out of things to do in South Dakota. The Good Earth State Park is a premier hiking destination that offers recreational opportunities all year. It also has an interesting history because it was once a notable Native American tribal settlement place.

The Good Earth State Park is a cultural and historical attraction that also provides opportunities for outdoor recreation. It has a sparkling river, abundant wildlife, lush flora, and a visitor center. Watersports such as fishing, swimming, and kayaking are all feasible because the Big Sioux River runs through the park. This state park is an excellent choice for a fun and interesting day of history study. Furthermore, the park is home to an abundance of wildlife, flood plains, and catlinite (a sacred red clay). Seasonal activities like snowshoeing, birdwatching, and hiking make Good Earth State Park a popular tourist destination. Additionally, if you choose to stay for a few days, campgrounds with amenities such as showers, toilets, and drinking water are available.

Have a great day with your companions as you spend the day walking along the scenic trails of Good Earth State Park. You and your friends can spend time at this National Historic Landmark learning about Native Americans and the significance of the Big Sioux River in their daily lives.

Address: 26924 480th Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57108, United States

Phone: +1 605-213-1036

Opening hours: 9AM–5PM

Rating: 4.7/5.0, 496 Google reviews

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Take a journey into the past by visiting the Old Courthouse Museum

The Old Courthouse Museum was formerly the Old Minnehaha County Courthouse, which served as the county's seat of government. This prior courthouse, which opened in 1890, is one of Sioux Falls' oldest structures. Local architect Wallace L. Dow designed the Richardsonian Romanesque structure, which was constructed of locally quarried quartzite, a common building material in Sioux Falls at the time.

Visit the Old Courthouse Museum to travel back in time. It features three floors of displays concerning history, culture, Prairie life, Native Americans, and other topics. This attraction is ideal for those on a tight budget because there is no admission cost.

Tour the Old Courthouse Museum to learn about life in nineteenth-century Sioux Falls. Exhibits on three floors cover local history and culture, including railroads, Native American artwork and culture, life on the prairie, county towns, the American flag, and chairs. Make your way through the many galleries and displays of this ancient structure. Take photos of its breathtaking architecture, which includes stained glass windows, Roman archways, tiled fireplaces, sixteen enormous paintings, slate steps, and more.

Address: 200 W 6th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, United States

Phone: +1 605-367-4210

Opening hours: 8AM–5PM

Rating: 4.6/5.0, 528 Google reviews

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Visit Porter Sculpture Park

South Dakota boasts a vibrant art culture that is sometimes overlooked. However, Porter Sculpture Park, which combines art and nature, is one of the best things to do in San Diego. Porter Sculpture Park, which spans 10 acres, is home to around fifty odd sculptures of various sizes. The park, which houses the work of sculptor Wayne Porter, is a bright and eclectic collection of his renditions.

Get out your camera and get ready to capture a lot of fun shots with your family or friends. A big rocking horse, a 60-foot-tall bullhead, a spider, a dragon, stickmen, a herd of cattle, and many other sculptures are available for photographs. Each piece is interactive in the sense that visitors are free to interact with, touch, and photograph it. The park's tours are pet-friendly, making this roadside attraction ideal for the whole family. Golf carts are also available for individuals who are unable to walk the expansive grounds. Porter Sculpture Park is one of the most unusual South Dakota attractions and should be on your agenda.

Address: 45160 257th St, Montrose, SD 57048, United States

Phone: +1 605-204-0370

Opening hours: 7AM–8:30PM

Rating: 4.6/5.0, 393 Google reviews

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Enjoy the music festival in The Corn Palace

If you're seeking for interesting and distinctive locations to visit in South Dakota, The Corn Palace should be on your list. The Mitchell Corn Palace and the World's Only Corn Palace are other names for the Corn Palace. It is a multi-area institution with a capacity of 3,200 people that opened in 1821. The Maize Palace, one of South Dakota's most popular tourist attractions, is entirely fashioned of and ornamented with corn and other multicolored grains. Every year, it holds harvest festivals, proms, expos, and other large events. If you're visiting The Mount Rushmore State, you can also take a tour of The Corn Palace.

Tours of The Corn Palace are one of many free things to do in South Dakota and are available every day of the year. The walls of the palace are redecorated with corn and grains throughout the year to reflect different themes. Even if you visit when no festivals are taking place, you will be treated to the one-of-a-kind art that is The Corn Palace. During your tour, you may want to stop by the snack bar, where you may purchase a variety of unusual corn snacks. This is one of the Best Things To Do In South Dakota that you should experience.

Have a good time with your travel companions while watching live entertainment at the Corn Palace. Depending on when you go, you may be able to see a concert, dances, stage productions, sports games, a rodeo show, cheer competitions, and other events. The Corn Palace is a genuinely famous tourist experience that you should include on your agenda.

Address: 604 N Main St, Mitchell, SD 57301, United States
Phone: +1 605-995-8430
Opening hours: 8AM–9PM
Rating: 4.2/5.0, 6,904 Google reviews
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Try the thrilling games at Rushmore Tramway Adventures

If you're looking for something to do with the thrill-seekers in your group, this South Dakota attraction will not disappoint. Rushmore Tramway Adventures is an outdoor adventure park with a plethora of exciting attractions and activities. This amazing and exciting park features a plethora of activities for you and your buddies to enjoy to keep your adrenaline pumping. You may have a good time both on the ground and in the treetops.

Spend an exciting day with your travel companions as you participate in a variety of activities. Making your way through an obstacle course in the forests, zipping down an 800-foot zipline, trekking in the woods, riding chairlifts, sliding down an alpine slide, jumping from a jump tower, and many other exciting activities are available. Over the 2-acre park, visitors can scale more than 100 treetop platforms and navigate several courses.

If all of this action isn't enough, Rushmore Tramway Adventures also has a tubing hill, a beautiful chairlift, and a jump tower. Visitors to Rushmore Tramway Adventures will fly through the sky as they zipline through the Black Hills overlooking Mount Rushmore. If ziplining isn't your thing, you may attempt the 2000-foot Alpine slide instead. Combine all of this with lunch at the Mountaintop Grill, and you'll have a fantastic day.

Address: 203 Cemetery Rd, Keystone, SD 57751, United States
Phone: +1 605-666-4478
Opening hours: 10AM–5PM
Rating: 4.6/5.0, 976 Google reviews
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Experience the feeling of being a pilot at South Dakota Air and Space Museum

South Dakota Air and Space Museum is a must-see for anyone looking for free things to do in South Dakota. The South Dakota Air and Space Museum, which first opened its doors in 1983, is a well-known museum with several interactive displays.

You and your family or friends can spend the day touring the South Dakota Air and Space Museum's many exhibitions and galleries. It houses a collection of over 25 aircraft as well as at least 11 other exhibits. Engineering, history, ingenuity, and science are some of the unique features of aviation that you will discover during your visit to the South Dakota Air and Space Museum. Furthermore, numerous exhibitions feature avian relics from historical events such as the Cold War, aviation pioneers, and the history of the Ellsworth Airforce Base itself.

You may see various indoor and outdoor displays here, such as airplanes, cockpits, missiles, an aviation hall of fame, and much more. You can have a great time with your travel companions by going on a flight simulator, sitting inside a cockpit, and other activities in South Dakota Air and Space Museum.

Address: 2890 Davis Dr, Ellsworth AFB, SD 57706, United States

Phone: +1 605-385-5189

Opening hours: 8AM–5PM

Rating: 4.7/5.0, 1,708 Google reviews

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Have a peaceful day at Falls Park

Falls Park is a lovely public park that surrounds the city's picture-perfect waterfalls. It is the most popular attraction in Sioux Falls and covers around 123 acres. Falls Park in Sioux Falls is just one of the many exciting things to do in South Dakota.

Visit Falls Park with your spouse today and take in the picture-perfect scenery. It has a number of stunning waterfalls as well as amenities such as an observation tower, the remains of an old mill, a visitor center, a cafe, and more. Falls Park transforms into a spectacular winter wonderland throughout the winter, decked out with countless colorful lights.

You can take many shots with the stunning waterfalls in the background and stroll about while viewing the other onsite attractions. There are also tour companies and other unique ways to visit the falls, such as the "Phillips to the Falls" walking or driving trip. In addition, Sioux Falls has almost 35 recreation trails that wind around and around the waterfalls. Whether you prefer walking, running, hiking, or bicycling, the beauty of the Falls will serve as a backdrop to your activities. Nearby Hotel Recommendation: Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Sioux Falls - Airport, an IHG property. This is one of the Best Things To Do In South Dakota.

Address: 131 E Falls Park Dr, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, United States

Phone: +1 605-367-8222

Opening hours: 5AM–12AM

Rating: 4.8/5.0, 10,316 Google reviews


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