Top 10 Best Things to Do in South Korea

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After a long pandemic, South Korea finally removes the quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated travelers entering and traveling throughout the country, so ... read more...

  1. Korean mouth-watering cuisines are perhaps one of the most promoted pieces of Korean culture out there. You probably crave Kimchi or Bibimbap after watching a Korean drama, or their ads on Youtube. This country truly knows how to make people around the world interested in their culture through their stomachs! Therefore, it's obvious that you can not miss trying Korean cuisine when you visit this country. In fact, this is one of the best ways to experience South Korea’s culture.

    Kimchi is recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity item. So trying out kimchi in Korea is definitely a must-do. You also can not miss the famous Korean BBQ that is now being served all over the world. Moreover, there are so many other foods for you to try, such as bulgogi, japchae, and gomguk along with a variety of traditional banchan dishes such as gogumasun namul (sweet potato shoots), etc.

    Some people believe that the best Korean foods are not being served at fancy restaurants but on the street! The reason for that is that Korea has so many famous streets and food markets that are filled with delicious street foods, and the variety of street foods will blow your mind away! One of the most famous places for street foods in Korea is its capital city Seoul. The major market areas are packed with food stalls or pojangmachas which specialize in tasty treats from around the country. While in Seoul, you can stop by Hongdae neighbourhood or Myeongdong area for the best cuisine experience.

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    Photo: Lacademie
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  2. South Korea hosted the incredible Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang in 2018. To prepare for this incredible event, Korea invested enormously in the high-speed rail line to the Yongpyong Olympic resorts in the Korean Alps (Taebaek Mountains). Therefore, this place has become one of the most famous tourist spots in Korea that attract many people from all over the world every winter. This skiing area is in fact one of the most famous ones in Asia.

    The Taebaek mountain range is a long and high mountain range that stretches along the eastern side of Korea. the mountain range stretches from Southern Busan, all the way up to Wonsan in the North of South Korea. The skiing area in the Korean Alps is located in the highest part of the mountain range, and its highest point is 1,708 meters, making it the perfect spot for ski lovers from all around the world.

    However, when winter comes, there are plenty more skiing areas for you to visit in Korea, some of them are close to the capital city so it might be easier for you to visit on a day trip. However, if you are keen on visiting and experiencing skiing in the Yongpyong skiing area, the best time to do so is thought to be from December to March when the snow will be the most abundant.

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    Photo: KoreabyMe
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  3. If you love Korean culture, you've got to know about the famous Korean film "Train to Busan". In reality, this place is not just a famous film set, but also one of the most famous tourist attractions in Korea, known for its hipper attitude, resorts, 14th-century temples, and lots of superb food from sit-down meals to street food, etc. Busan is the second largest city in South Korea, and the main port city in the south, so it is also famous for having delicious local seafood, urban nightlife, long modern bridges, infinite beaches, and majestic mountains.

    There are so countless things for you to do in Busan. You can start with what the city is most famous for - its beaches. Beaches in Busan are known to be the cleanest in the country, offering both areas for relaxing and areas for water spot activities. Haeundae and Gwangalli Beaches are most famous in the summer for having many fun summer activities that younger people love to do.

    For a cultural experience, head to the Beomeosa Temple. This temple is believed to be 1,300 years old, located on Mount Geumjeong overlooking Haeundae Beach. Visiting this temple, you will have a chance to witness the beauty of the architecture while learning about Buddhism from the monks there. Wandering around the temple, you'll also be able to view the famous Haeundae Beach from a completely different view. Moreover, you can also visit the Gamcheon Culture Village for a better understanding of Busan's culture. The Jagalchi fish market is also a must-go spot in Busan, where you can buy fresh seafood that you like and have it cooked for you in a local restaurant in the market, which is for sure one of the most unique experiences you can have in Korea.

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  4. The Third Tunnel of Aggression is one of four known tunnels situated within the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separating North Korea and South Korea, and it is one of the most famous "dark tourism" spots in the world. This place is located deeper than 70 meters beneath the ground and 265 meters long, and it is for sure a highlight of any DMZ tour!

    The Third Tunnel of Aggression is constructed in the 1970s by North Korea when this country tried to separate itself from South Korea in an effort of denying the existence of the neighboring country. In fact, this tunnel is thought to be built for North Korea to launch a surprise attack on Seoul. Luckily, no attack occurred as South Korea was able to take control of the tunnel and clock off the demarcation line with the North via concrete barricades.

    Despite being a famous tourist site that attracts many tourists, the Third Tunnel of Aggression is not a very safe place for visitors, because the tunnel passage is dark, long, and narrow, and it’s a steep incline to access it. The place is still being guarded even though there are some souvenir shops there. Taking photography is strictly forbidden once inside the site.

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    Photo: Wikipedia
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  5. Being a famous place for young tourists, Korea sure has a lot of places for fun activities. South Korea has so many large and impressive theme parks around the country that you probably won't have enough time to explore them all. Therefore, in this list, we will introduce to you one of the most famous amusement parks in Korea, which is the Everland Amusement Park, or Everland Theme Park. This is the biggest amusement park in Korea, located in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, near Seoul.

    There are 5 different themed zones in Everland: American Adventure, Zoo Topia, Global Fair, Magic Land, and European Adventure. In each themed zones, you'll be able to participate in so many fun activities that are designed to match each theme. This is perfect for families, and groups of tourists. The Zoo Topia-themed zone is especially famous for offering not only pandas, giraffes, lions, and other animals, but also for having the famous "Korean-speaking" elephant that can mimic the words of its handler. Moreover, if you want to fire up your trip, the Everland Theme Park also offers their ever-famous T-Express ride that goes over 100 miles per hour. Only one note you should take into consideration before visiting this place - Check out Everland’s daily schedule for the opening hours of the theme park as they vary every day.

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    Photo: Klook
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  6. Jeju Island or Jejudo is a volcanic island located the in the Korea Strait, southwest of South Jeolla Province, Jeju Province. The island was created entirely from volcanic eruptions approximately 2 million years ago. This is the largest island 130 km off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, with a surface area of 1,846 sqkm. The Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes have been named one of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2007, which makes it worth it to visit this place when you travel to Korea.

    Jeju Island has a humid subtropical climate, warmer than that of the rest of Korea, with four distinct weather seasons. Therefore, this place is also called the Hawaii of Korea and is one of the most visited tourist attractions that both Korean and non-Koreans love. This island is best renowned for its breathtakingly gorgeous terrain. Lots of people love visiting Jeju to explore Manjanggul Cave - one of the world's longest lava tubes with a width of 5 meters and a length of 13 kilometers; Cheonjiyeon Waterfall - a majestic and romantic waterfall that lights up in the evening, perfect for couples; and especially Hallasan Mountain, or Mount Halla, where you'll get to climb the highest mountain in South Korea and experience unique natural conditions on the way to the top.

    Jeju Island is also famous for having a vibrant native culture all of its own. There are museums dedicated to anything from teddy bears to modern art, landscaped gardens with cacti and bonsai, etc. For example, there are Jeju Folk Village Museum with its main attractions offered by this open-air museum is a replica of the ancient culture of Korea; Teddy Bear Museum which is one of the few museums that display a collection of stuffed teddy bears in the world; and the Yeomiji Botanical Garden - Asia's largest botanical garden which houses a collection of 1,200 plant species from tropical and subtropical areas, etc.

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    Photo: Flickr
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  7. Although Korea is known to have a working culture with people doing 9 to 5 jobs taking up most of the population in big cities, Koreans know how to have fun when the night comes and can have blowouts until the early hours. Therefore, fife at night in Korea is genuinely one of the main reasons to visit South Korea of many tourists. If you love parties and want to be able to have fun with people from all over the world, head over to the Hongdae neighborhood in Seoul. This is the greatest spot providing amazing Korean parties, with a ton of hidden bars and clubs where you can have fun until the sun comes up.

    Busan is also a lovely place to visit at night, as the place offers many great night spots, such as the Bay 101's bars and eateries for mouthwatering city views, the Galmegi Brewing for locally created craft beer, or the Grand Theatre where you can enjoy soothing performances. Busan also has the Jagalchi fish market, which is perfect for food lovers and drinkers!

    If you just want to relax and enjoy the night life here, you can just wander around Seoul city when the night comes. Just by doing so, you'll be able to witness the lively and unique nightlife of one of the most famous countries in the world.

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    Photo: TripSavvy
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  8. just like in any other country, festivals are important parts of South Korean culture. The festivals in Korea have a rich history dating back more than 5,000 years. Numerous customary events are based on mythology, stories, or the cyclical nature of the seasons. Farmers kept ancient traditions, which have transformed into modern practices, and new festivals have appeared for the younger generation to enjoy. Here are some of the best festivals you can see in Korea:

    Jeju Fire Festival is the world’s greatest fire festival that reinterprets the cattle farming traditions of Jeju in a modern sense. The festival’s roots come from a tradition called “bangae,” which is to burn down the fields during the time between late winter and early spring. This festival is one of the most popular attractions in Jeju with more than 300,000 visitors each year.

    Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival is hosted every spring in Busan. For 10 days, 2.6 million visitors took pictures while strolling along flower-lined walks and delighting in the delicious air. Amazing flower tunnels are created by the city's tree-lined streets, and charming photo opportunities are everywhere during the festival.

    Seoul Lantern Festival is Seoul's famous festival which attracts 3 million people to visit Seoul's Cheonggyecheon Plaza each year. People who participate in this festival can observe the kilometer-long section of Cheonggyecheon Stream lighted with spectacular lantern structures. There is a new theme every year, surrounding certain aspects of Korean culture.

    And for K-pop lovers, the Seoul Jazz Festival might be perfect for you. This festival features famous K-pop artists of all genres, and their performances will for sure satisfy your love for K-pop. There are also foreigner artists that are invited to join and perform at the festival every year.

    Jeju Fire Festival -
    Jeju Fire Festival -
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  9. Korea is the world leader when it comes to Cosmetics. One of the biggest reasons behind that is the importance of appearance and beauty in Korean society. To keep up with Korean beauty standards and the needs of Korean, cosmetic firms must constantly research and create new products. Therefore, this country has an incredibly large cosmetics market and is famous for having the best cosmetic procedures in the world.

    It might surprise you, but so many people come to South Korea just to do plastic surgery since plastic surgery procedures in this country are believed to have good quality and variety of choices. From facial feature enhancement to body parts enhancement, people can physically change the way their whole body looks in Korea. This of course leads to many problems, but it doesn't stop the fact that many people wish to be able to change their look, and even their life in Korea.

    If you're not a big fan of plastic surgery, the cosmetic industry here still offers you great choices of cosmetic products. According to reports, the Korean cosmetics sector is years ahead of the western one and provides consumers with goods that they cannot find in any other country. You can try out, or purchase high-quality products there at a reasonable price.

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  10. The most promoted peace of culture of South Korea is none other than the K-wave, and it is successfully taking over the world, especially after the pandemic. The Korean wave has always been an impactful thing in Asia for many years, but it only truly took over the world after the Covid pandemic. While quarantining at home, people have more times to explore cultures of their own, and many people from the west got to know about K-drama and K-pop. As the result, the popular culture of Korea is adopted all over the world, and millions are following the latest Korean dramas and K-pop music trends. As the place that started it all, South Korea is the perfect location for you to live out your K-Wave fantasies, whether you're a real fan or just interested in pop culture in general.

    Start off your wonderful experience at the K-Live Korean Wave Hologram Theatre in Incheon. You can listen to classic and timeless K-pop songs here while singing K-pop to your heart's content. At the Songdo Monster VR, you can enter the virtual reality world and take part in thrilling rides and other VR activities. Moreover, The K-Wave Experience in Seoul's Gangnam District offers the opportunity to dress as your favorite artist. You can also do karaoke there - one of the most fun activities to do in Korea if you want to sing your heart out and have the best time with your fellow K-pop lovers.

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