Top 5 Best Online Media Production Courses

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Media production is the art of telling visual stories through film and sound. Media producers have learnt the fundamentals of video filming, production, and ... read more...

  1. The first on the list of the best online media production courses is The Zero to Hero Course on Creating Professional Videos. This course will cover every stage of the production process, from planning and scripting to shooting and editing. This course goes through audio and video equipment suggestions, how to light a scene, how to market your movies, and much more. If you're tired of your videos appearing cheap and not doing as well as you'd want, this course will get you started on the path to professional content and increased audience engagement. This course was selected as a top-rated course trusted by businesses worldwide. It is suitable for Fitness instructors, Online teachers, Course creators, Photographers, Content creators, etc. Although some commentators stated that this course is not ideal for novices, it is still one of the best online media production courses you should take. With only one payment, you will have lifetime access. When you have free time, study it.

    Skills you will learn:

    • Video production
    • Video marketing
    • Smartphone videography
    • Video brand strategy
    • Video Editing
    • Videography
    • Video strategy

    Price: $84.99 (30-Day Money-Back Guarantee)
    : Beginning/ Intermediate
    Time to complete:
    1.5 hours
    Offered by
    : Ben Rifken, Janz Anton - lago

    Rating: 4.7/5

    Enroll here:

    • Cinematography Course: Shoot Expert Video on Any Camera is aimed to provide you with the most recent cinematography tips WITHOUT all the unnecessary fluff. Nobody wants to sit through a 9-hour course and just get 2 hours of meaningful information out of it. This course will provide you with all of the professional information you need to shoot like a seasoned cinematographer, and you can begin practicing right away without spending thousands of dollars on expensive equipment. Because it is built for DSLRs and cellphones, nothing is stopping you from getting started right away. This course was selected from our selection of top-rated courses used by businesses all around the world. Anyone who wants to become a skilled videographer/cinematographer wants to stunningly document their travels and amp up their social media accounts or wants to turn video & cinematography into a professional career, anyone who wants to shoot short films & movies and learn the art of storytelling should take this course. If you are looking for an online course on media production, this will be a great choice.

      Skills you will learn:

      • How to use shot composition to capture professional video.
      • How to improve your videography by optimizing your camera settings.
      • How to make your video look like it's from a movie.
      • Creating professional lighting for any situation.
      • How narrative may instantly improve the quality of your work.
      • How to shoot people, landscapes, architecture, and other subjects.
      • How to correctly capture your adventures, make short films, and increase the reach of your social media material.

      Price: $74.99 (30-Day Money-Back Guarantee)
      Time to complete:
      1,5 hours
      Offered by:
      Dale McManus

      Rating: 4.6/5

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    • It is not difficult to create excellent videos. The issue is that many Video Tutorial courses leave students feeling confused and dry, with pupils learning a lot about the gadget but little or nothing about creativity. Gears are simple! Less so on the creative front. Lesson 1: It is not an excellent video creator. It refers to the capacity to tell stories. Lesson 2: If your background music is bad, your video will be bad as well. You'll discover what's actually crucial in generating outstanding media products, as well as how to get there quickly. It is very simple and free of superfluous language, and in just 30 sessions, this course takes you from knowing nothing to making a film that others will like viewing. And you will like doing it! Welcome to 'How to Make Great Videos - Beginners' Creative Course'.

      This course is appropriate for a beginner filmmaker who wants to learn how to produce a decent video beyond cameras and equipment; regardless of your age, experience, goals, desires, or shoe size, this course will get you started with video faster and with more enjoyment than anybody else.

      Skills you will learn:

      • How to create outstanding films in simple stages, including filming and editing.
      • How to capture an audience and leave them wanting more.
      • Develop new creative abilities. It's not about the camera in a good video!
      • Go beyond the cameras and equipment to understand the process of creating a successful video.
      • Use video to tell your narrative or to make spectacular video blogs/vlogs.
      • This course is mostly creative in nature. Because becoming a filmmaker isn't only about understanding technology, cameras, and gear.

      Price: $94.99 (30-Day Money-Back Guarantee)

      Level: Beginning

      Time to complete: 4 hours

      Offered by: Andrew St. Pierre White
      Enroll here:
    • Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator; this filmmaking course covers all the creative aspects of planning, shooting, and editing an incredible video. If you are a beginner, Youtuber, or filmmaker who wants to successfully create a great video, then this is one of the best online media production courses for you. A camera with video editing software is also an essential instrument.

      This course will teach you everything you need to get started. You'll learn to master lenses, lighting, sound recording, cinematography, and editing. You can understand important filmmaking theories, concepts, and ideas to expand your creativity! Take a concept and totally adapt it into your own distinct video style! Use one-of-a-kind printable PDFs to map out and track your career and video-making development, then learn timeless video ideas that will serve you well in all future endeavors! What are you waiting for if you haven't signed up for this course yet?

      Skills you will learn:

      • Creative & Personal Skill Development
      • Understanding Pre-Production
      • Secrets of Production
      • Mastering Post-Production

      Price: $84.99 (30-Day Money-Back Guarantee)

      Level: Beginning/Intermediate

      Time to complete: 5,5 hours

      Offered by: Julian Melanson
      Rating: 4.4/5
      Enroll here:
    • The final of this list is Video Production Bootcamp: Videography, Cinematography+. This course will show you how to make beautiful films with a smartphone, webcam, DSLR, mirrorless, or professional camera. This course will teach you how to produce professional-looking media productions whether you're a YouTuber, blogger, vlogger, company owner, an aspiring filmmaker, or just someone who likes to make videos. Learn video production skills to build outstanding products that generate views, cash, and traffic for your company.

      While many tutorials and courses specialize in a certain camera or style, it's difficult to find a course that covers everything from coming up with excellent video ideas to executing them in production and post-production and distributing them to a large internet audience. Regardless of your level of expertise or the type of camera you use, this comprehensive course is designed to offer you everything you need to take your media production talents to the next level.

      Skills you will learn:

      • Learn the entire video creation/videography/filmmaking process
      • Come up with great video topics that people will love watching and sharing
      • Learn how to shoot video in manual mode with a DSLR, mirrorless camera, or professional cinema camera.
      • Improve your exposure and composition to tell your tale better.
      • Create stunning films using cellphones, cameras, or even screencasts.
      • DJI drone aerial videography
      • On a shoestring budget, light your films using professional techniques.
      • In every scenario, record clear and clean audio with various microphones.
      • Make videos more entertaining by editing them.
      • Know what equipment to buy to make outstanding films.
      • Export the finest video quality for internet watching.
      • Increase the number of views, likes, and shares on social media.

      Price: $84.99 (30-Day Money-Back Guarantee)
      Time to complete:
      9 hours
      Offered by:
      Phil Ebiner, William Carnahan, Sam Shimizu - Jones, Video school

      Rating: 4.4/5

      Enroll here:

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