Top 11 Chicago Boat Tours

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From the lake, one of the better vantage points for seeing Chicago. The Chicago River and Lake Michigan, two magnificent waterfronts in the city, each offer a variety of cruise alternatives. There are so many things you can do in Chicago, from taking a lakefront tour to learning about the city's famous architecture to having dinner and dancing on an all-glass boat while sipping tiki drinks and paddling your own kayak. Here is a guide to Chicago boat tours.

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Chicago Architecture Foundation Center River Cruise

On the top of the Chicago boat tours, there is a reason why the popular trip offered by the Chicago Architecture Foundation has won awards as the best boat tour in the country. More than 50 structures, including those beyond the riverside, are covered in detail on the center's official tour.

They provide an intriguing history of the city and individuals who constructed it in the process, and you can simply upgrade your ticket to include admission to the Chicago Architecture Center alone. It's the ideal scenario for design buffs. This trip lasts around 90 minutes and departs at the Chicago First Lady Cruises port. Get together with pals for the tranquil evening cruise for just a few more bucks for a genuine delight.

High-quality volunteer docents (guides) from the CAC, who have had extensive training and are incredibly passionate about their work, tell visitors a vivid story of Chicago's various architectural styles and the legends behind the remarkable people who created the city.

Price: $51.96
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Shoreline Sightseeing Skyline Lake Tour

Have you always wanted to view Chicago from the sea but are short on time? With some of the greatest views on Lake Michigan, Shoreline's Classic Lake Tour, which leaves from Navy Pier, gives you a 30-minute glimpse of the city skyline.

You won't miss out on any information because your guide ran out of time because the commentary on the city's architecture and history is pre-recorded (and if you've heard it before, you can sit back and take in those beautiful, sweet vistas). This will be enjoyable to do. You'll like the little bar's convenience and the tour itself. The personnel was really kind and professional.

On your weekend excursion, you may view Chicago's stunning nighttime skyline, and you'll like Shoreline's Classic Lake Tour! Near the Navy Pier, there was nearby parking. The area's security is fairly high overall. The individuals seated next to you will be amenable to chat. Additionally, they have a bar where you can always buy alcohol.

Price: $29.48
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Seadog Lakefront Speedboat Tour

This whistle-stop boat cruise is the tour for you if you find the notion of spending the entire day trudging among museums and galleries with nothing but your legs as transportation repulsive. On Seadog's speedboat, which occasionally seems like a floating rollercoaster, you can see every worthwhile Chicago landmark in 30 minutes. Taking out from Navy Pier, the skipper will expertly lead you (while providing a running commentary) through the Museum Campus, the Magnificent Mile, Grant Park, and more as you go around Lake Michigan.

The tour guide will share fascinating details about Navy Pier and Chicago's lakefront with you as you leave. Then you'll speed south to Museum Campus, crank up the music, and stop to learn about Chicago's fascinating lakefront sites, architecture, and history.

The cruise then accelerates past Navy Pier and travels north down the Magnificent Mile, providing you with a rare opportunity to see the Sears Tower, Buckingham Fountain, and Grant Park. You will quickly return to our dog home on Navy Pier after learning a few basic facts. Bring a beverage with you and enjoy a chill sail around Chicago's famous lakefront with Lakefront Tours, which is BYOB.

Price: $40.79
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Odyssey Lake Michigan Dinner Cruise

Let's take it easy and eat supper on the lake at the Odyssey Chicago, where you can take in the stunning views of the city's skyline. It is one of the Chicago boat tours. This cruise leaves from Navy Pier and has a supper buffet with freshly made entrées, salads, and desserts.

The 2.5- or 3-hour excursion circles Lake Michigan, and there is a cash bar and a dance floor with a DJ to keep you occupied. This is your little getaway. The evening is distinctive from all the others. You may board the opulent Odyssey Lake Michigan for a brand-new perspective on Chicago. Fine food, expensive DJ entertainment, and a posh atmosphere are all available, set against the magnificent Chicago cityscape.

The Executive Chef and culinary staff will treat you to imaginative appetizers, entrées, and desserts that are freshly made on board each day. Dance to the music or just unwind while seeing Chicago's renowned skyscrapers pass by your window. Everything comes together to provide a unique experience in the city.

Price: $102.17
5 Minh Gia

Shoreline Sightseeing Architecture River Tour

Since it has been a family-run business for three generations and more than 80 years, Shoreline has taken tourists on tours and cruises to almost every country in the world in addition to generations of Chicagoans. On the lake and river trips offered by Shoreline, let's discover Chicago like never before!

This 60-minute journey includes all the architectural attractions that tourists desire to see, and it departs at Navy Pier's Polk Bros Park or the northeastern corner of the Michigan Avenue Bridge. More than 40 tall Chicago monuments, including the Tribune Tower, the Wrigley Building, and Marina City, are highlighted by tour guides (a.k.a. "The Corncobs" or "The Wilco Building").

There is no better way to view Chicago's famed architecture than from one of Coastline Sightseeing's clean, comfortable tour boats, from skyline to shoreline. The biggest fleet in the city, comprised of 11 tour boats and 6 water taxis, is operated by Shoreline. The excursions provide breathtaking views of the city's well-known sites, which are brought to life by the wonderful tales of the knowledgeable guides. Let's pick a tour that works with your schedule, then you can unwind and take in Chicago.

Price: $43.69
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Chicago Skyline Sail

Let's enjoy Chicago's Breathtaking Views from the Water! Take a leisurely journey around Lake Michigan to discover Chicago's stunning shoreline and escape the hustle and bustle. You can explore the Windy City from the sea while taking in the famed skyline and breathtaking sights.

There isn't a greater vantage point from which to watch the sun set over the lovely city. Don't pass on this beautiful voyage aboard a classic tall ship! You have a choice between the 1pm Pirates and Maritime Stories, 3pm Architectural and Skyline Tour, 5pm Sunset and Skyline Tour, and 7pm Skyline Tour. Let's unwind and enjoy a sailing adventure aboard the 148-foot, four-masted tall ship WINDY, one of the most thrilling sailing experiences in Chicago.

The WINDY has all the beauty and personality of the heydays of sailing while being constructed with contemporary materials and resembling the classic commercial schooners and sail training ships. So let's embark on a Chicago adventure while enjoying Lake Michigan's waters!

Price: $39
7 Minh Gia

Spirit of Chicago Dinner Cruise on Lake Michigan

Experience the city from the sea in a unique way with the Chicago Signature Dinner Cruise. Enjoy meals, beautiful lakeside vistas, dancing, DJ entertainment, and a variety of activities while spending the evening on Lake Michigan. While onboard, you may take advantage of the chef-prepared supper buffet, a fully stocked bar, and breathtaking views of Chicago's cityscape and tourist hotspots from the open-air rooftop decks and climate-controlled interior.

The Night Cruises are ideal for any occasion, whether it's a memorable evening with friends and family or a romantic dinner by two. As the cruise gets underway, take in the stylish atmosphere of your magnificent ship and socialize with other travelers on the rooftop deck. When it's time to eat, take a seat at one of the tables that are covered in cloth before going to the buffet.

You may pick among cruises that are offered for lunch, supper, or Sunday brunch. After enjoying delectable buffet dishes, get ready to hit the dance floor and take in the music played by the onboard DJ! The spectacular fireworks show above Navy Pier may be seen on summer evening cruises; it's the ideal way to cap off another terrific day in the Windy City and bring home some wonderful, memorable experiences.

Price: $85.11
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Wendella Chicago's Original Architecture Tour

Wendella, Chicago's first architectural boat tour, has spent more than 85 years serving the city's commuters, families, tourists, and students. The goal is to provide you and your family an enjoyable day on the waterways that is safe, comfortable, and reasonably priced.

Every time you go on board one of the vessels, the knowledgeable crew and tour guides, educated by Wendella's in-house Education Department, work hard to make sure you get the genuine spirit of Chicago's history, present, and future. Wendella provides a variety of tours, including the popular 90-minute Combined Lake and River Tour, 45-minute Chicago River Architecture Tour, and 90-minute Chicago River Architecture Tour.

Wendella trips leave from The Riverwalk and Michigan Avenue. Additionally, the cruise provides a variety of specialty cruises, such as Wine Tasting and Fireworks. The starting point for this journey is the Wendella Dock, which is situated at the base of the Wrigley Building on the northwest corner of the Michigan Avenue Bridge.

Price: $26
9 Minh Gia

Lady Grebe Chicago River Experience

One of the Chicago boat tours, a magnificent 48-foot boat named Lady Grebe (pronounced "Gree-be"), is ideal for intimate gatherings of two to six people. This historic boat, which was built in Chicago in 1961, has a beautifully preserved mahogany deck with plenty of space to spread out and comfy seating.

It is perfect for a romantic evening out, a business contract signing, client entertaining, a sunset cruise in Chicago, a small wedding, or just a relaxing day or evening. On the beautiful boat in Chicago, let's create the perfect first impression! In addition to booking Lady Grebe for excursions lasting two hours or more, you may also use her for 90-minute weekend cruises!

It is great to securely be out and about in smaller groups of friends and family, even though it cannot yet congregate in large numbers. All you have to do is relax and take pleasure in the voyage with one of the outstanding captains at the helm!

Price: $36
10 Minh Gia

Odyssey Lunch Cruise

Although you can continue to count on the same high standards and kind treatment, the cruise is also making additional efforts to maintain everyone's health and make sure your time on the water is spent having fun and soaking in the fresh air.

A modern, totally glass-enclosed yacht created especially for floating the Chicago River, Odyssey Chicago Lunch Cruise offers distinctly exquisite lunch, brunch, and dinner excursions. The introduction of the new ship was in response to the rising demand for distinctive river experiences. Odyssey's Chicago River Experience brings the same high-end dining experience seen on Navy Pier excursions to a breathtaking new view point in the center of Chicago.

Odyssey regular lunch cruises come with a base ticket price that includes a plated meal. Just let your server onboard know if you have any dietary requirements, and the cooks would be pleased to make vegetarian and vegan choices for you. Items on the menu might change.

Price: $102.17
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Chicago Electric Boat Company Tour

The Chicago Electric Boat Company provides a special, unforgettable, and eco-friendly way to see the wonderful city of Chicago. The Chicago Electric Boat Company offers even novice boaters the chance to take the wheel and see the city from this amazing vantage point by renting comfortable, simple-to-drive boats.

The Chicago Electric Boat Company, founded by Ron Silvia and the late Greg Krueger, has expanded to over a dozen boats in just seven years. Over 100,000 visitors have experienced the wonder of Chicago and the excitement of being a boat captain. The cruise is honored that people have chosen to host gatherings, meetings, marriage proposals, and even weddings onboard the boats.

The ideal way for friends, families, visitors, and residents to see one of Chicago's top summertime attractions is through this communal, energetic trip. Eight people are allowed on board the Private Cycleboat, and rides last 90 minutes. There are a maximum of 13 guests on the Large Private Cruise. Only one person may be pedaling at a time due to the boat's eight cycling stations on each side.

Price: $159/ 18ft Duffy Boat 8 Passengers

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