Top 10 Gender Specific Terms You Never Knew Existed

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It can be challenging to navigate the continuously changing world of language for a variety of reasons. It can be challenging to understand a new language's grammatical conventions if you are not a native speaker. Gender-specific terminology, which don't always exist in every language and are sometimes so cryptic even most English speakers aren't aware of them, can make learning English more difficult if you're trying to master it. Here are some Gender Specific Terms You Never Knew Existed.

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The Internet Believes a Female Cat is a Molly

Even if you can't recall when or where you first learned the word "tomcat," it's one of those words that everyone seems to be familiar with. Any male cat that parades through the neighborhood is typically referred to as a tom. Because it is so widely used, Tom and Jerry actually created a cartoon about it. Since at least the year 1300, kittens have been referred to as toms. Although versions have been used for far longer, the current usage appears to have started in the 1800s. However, a tom is only ever a male cat, and there is a name for females that is far less frequently used, at least online.

Naturally, while one website may claim that a molly is simply a female who has undergone spaying, another website may claim that a molly is an unspayed cat who is not pregnant. Additionally, another website can claim that it refers to essentially any female cat. The origin of the name Molly in relation to cats is something that no website seems to be able to explain. However, it has already spread so widely that, even if it is a fabrication, everyone seems to accept it.
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Polygamy and Polyamory are Gender Neutral Terms

Numerous articles about polygamists have appeared online over the past ten or so years. Polygamy naturally sometimes goes hand in hand with it as well. While polygamy involves several wives, polyamory is the practice of having many love relationships. However, those two phrases are gender-neutral and can be used to describe anyone. There is a gendered phrase for both men and women who engage in relationships with numerous persons if you wanted additional detail.

A woman who has several husbands is known as a polyandrist. On the other hand, a polygynist is a man who has several wives. Since males seem to practice polygamy far more frequently than women do these days, even though it was allegedly much more widespread in the past, you typically hear about polygamists as opposed to polygynists. You may probably presume that if it involves a person dating multiple persons of different genders, you can just assume polygamy or polyamory to simplify things.
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Dudette Was Not Originally a Female Dude

One of the most common slang expressions in the Western world throughout the 1990s was undoubtedly the word "dude." It may have survived into current times because of surf culture or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it is still frequently spoken even now. It's a straightforward term that, in essence, merely means "man," though you can tinker with usage and context a little.

Dudette has historically been a much less common phrase to refer to women than dude. Once more, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are to thank for that one when Michaelangelo coined the phrase in the 1990 film. Dudette is not, or at least wasn't initially, the feminine form of dude, thus you shouldn't rely on an anthropomorphic turtle to be linguistically precise.

If you go back far enough, "dude" didn't originally refer to a cowboy on a dude ranch, a surfer, or even a turtle. Dude was a "fastidious man" in the 1800s. So, this individual was conscious of his appearance. The Old West also used the terms dude and dudine interchangeably to refer to the female form, which was known as a dudine.
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There is a Female Version of Phallic Imagery

Whether he liked it or not, Sigmund Freud made a lot of contributions to the field of phallic symbols. Even today, some individuals really question whether a cigar is merely a cigar. There have been many words in books and articles devoted to whether or not that implies anything. Anything that is vaguely shaped like a penis might be labeled a phallic symbol. Skyscrapers, cars, and even guns have all been referred to as phallic symbols at various points in history. Perhaps there is some psychology at work here. Or perhaps a shape that is longer than it is wide is just quite typical.

Despite all the discourse about phallic symbols, it is important to remember that there is also a negative aspect to the phrase since it clearly alludes to a certain gendered image. Anything that may be compared to female genitalia is referred to be yonic imagery, which is the female equivalent.

The word for womb in Sanskrit is yoni, which gives rise to the name. It was frequently compared to things like flowers, a metaphor that is still used today and can be seen in paintings that have been stylized to depict the female anatomy.
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A Ballerino is a Male Ballet Dancer

A male ballet dancer is known as a danseur in French, and a female dancer is known as a danseuse. Boys or men who perform classical ballet are typically referred to as (male) ballet dancers in the English-speaking world. In English-speaking nations, "ballerino" is frequently used as slang. Actually, the term "ballerino" is rarely used in the United States because it implies superiority, like a principal dancer or a dancing master. He is most likely referred to as a "danseur" if we call him anything other than "the guy who hoists the prima ballerina around the stage." French, that.

You probably see a little girl in a tutu dancing on her toes if you were to picture a ballet dancer in your brain. The stereotype of a classical ballerina has largely remained unchanged. Even paintings from the 1600s show dancers wearing attire that wouldn't seem too out of place now. The fact that ladies at the time preferred to wear substantially longer dresses was one significant distinction. And that raises a difference. The name "ballerina," as we would use it today, only applies to female dancers; it has no gender connotations at all.

When referring to a male dancer, the word "ballet dancer" is commonly used and is totally acceptable. But strictly speaking, a female dancer is referred to as a ballerina, while a male dancer is referred to as a ballerino in accordance with how the Italian language denotes gender differences.
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Android Only Refers to Robots Designed to Appear Male

For many years, androids have been a common theme in science fiction. An android specifically looks like a human; it can even trick you. Robots can look like anything. Bishop from Aliens and Data from Star Trek are both examples of androids. However, the T-X from Terminator 3 and Priss from Blade Runner are not androids. Even though they appear to be human, androids are only meant for men. Technically speaking, a female robot who can pass for human is a gynoid. Its odd pronunciation may be the reason it isn't used more frequently.

In reality, the majority of the robots we have built tend toward being male while being gender neutral. A few robots with female appearances have been created, however they are frequently linked to sex dolls. While a robot with a female appearance can alternatively be referred to as a gynoid, the term "android" is generally used to describe human-looking robots (not necessarily male-looking humanoid robots).

Additionally, one can refer to robots without implying anything sexual by calling them anthropoids or anthrobots, which combine the words for humans and robots (short for anthropoid robots; the term humanoids is not appropriate because it is already commonly used to refer to human-like organic species in the context of scientific fiction, futurism and speculative astrobiology)
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There is a Male Version of a Cougar

A few years ago, the term "cougar" entered common usage to describe an older lady attracted to younger men. It seems to have started in Canada in or around 2002 and expanded from there. Fortunately, there is a term used to describe a male who exhibits similar conduct, which means he has a desire to seduce younger women. Such a person is known as a rhino.

Although the phrase isn't as old as the cougar, it has been in use for a while. According to a 2009 article on the subject, the Urban Dictionary already has an entry on the subject. You may counter that the Urban Dictionary is far from being an authoritative source, but gender-specific phrases for older people trying to hook up with younger people are far from being authoritative in the first place.

The fact that cougar is almost always worn as a badge of honor and conjures up images of cats, which are typically considered to be aesthetically pleasing and feminine, as opposed to the term rhino, which is, and I quote, "both horny and ugly," may be part of the reason why it hasn't gained as much traction as cougar.
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A Bluebeard is a Male Black Widow

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe was created, Black Widow has become well-known. You are familiar with Scarlett Johansson's character even if you are unaware of the spider that gives the moniker. The term "Black Widow" can also apply to a woman who seduces and marries a guy before killing him and taking his money. This third Black Widow is also very well known.

Although the term has a very strong association with something female, a masculine equivalent has also developed over time. The derivation of this one is a little more uncommon because not many male arachnids or insects kill their mates the way spiders do. A Bluebeard is a man who seduces, marries, and then murders his lovers.

The name is derived from the well-known folktale from the late 1600s about the titular character who keeps the bodies of his ex-wives in a room. The motif appears frequently in fiction, albeit perhaps not as frequently as the Black Widow.
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Only Women Are Brunette

The 1953 movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes featured Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell as two brunettes who are friends. Perhaps the argument was moot because both the blonde and the brunette get married in the end of the movie. Leaving that aside, you'll notice that the word "blonde" has a "e" at the end of it. That wouldn't be there if a male were the subject of the title. A man's hair color is referred to as blonde with no "e." The spelling is distinct despite the similar pronunciation. Additionally, brunettes receive the same treatment as blondes and blonds in terms of gender.

The feminine form of the word is brunette, which has the "e-t-t-e" suffix. Technically, a man with brown hair is referred to as a brunet. You wouldn't likely notice a change until you saw it spelled out, just like how blonde vs. blond is still pronounced the same. The term isn't frequently used in English, and brown-haired appears to be the preferred way to describe a male with dark hair, while brunette is still favoured for women.
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Nymphomania is Female Specific

Although the term "nymphomaniac" is not frequently used in everyday speech, most people are familiar with it. It was the name of a movie by Lars Von Trier, and the famous line "if you be a nympho, I'll be a nympho" was in the song Candy Shop by 50 Cent. Unfortunately, Mr. Cent misused the term because he didn't take into mind that it is gender-specific.

According to the definition of nymphomania, which only refers to women, 50 Cent is not a nympho in the strictest sense. The female forest spirits known as nymphs in mythology were honored when the term, which means "nymph madness," was given its name. However, the word has a male equivalent known as satyriasis.

Like nymphs, satyrs are mythological creatures, but they are distinguished by possessing a goat's lower body. The most well-known of them, Pan, has a reputation for immoral behavior in the past. To refer to these concepts in a gender-neutral way, we might use terms like hypersexuality or sex addiction in contemporary speech.

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