Top 7 Best Japanese Restaurant Chain in the US

  1. Top 1 Gyu-Kaku
  2. Top 2 Kura Sushi
  3. Top 3 CoCo ICHIBANYA
  4. Top 4 Ootoya
  5. Top 5 Ippudo
  6. Top 6 Gindaco
  7. Top 7 Ringer Hut

Top 7 Best Japanese Restaurant Chain in the US

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In this article, we'll introduce you to 7 Japanese franchise restaurants in the United States that are worth visiting. The following Japanese restaurants are ... read more...

  1. Gyu-Kaku is Japan's most popular yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) chain restaurant. You can select from a number of courses, including premium and all-you-can-eat. In Japan, students usually go for all-you-can-eat buffets and eat as much as they can till they are satiated. This is the ideal location for a first date, family gatherings, and catching up with friends. The restaurant has locations in major US cities; visit their website for more information. You don't want to miss out on some of the best yakiniku around! You might wish to go there for lunch because they have a reasonably priced and extensive menu. Please note that, according to their website, the lunch menu is not accessible on weekends or holidays.

    Gyu-Kaku has approximately 700 restaurants globally, with the first one in the United States opening in West Los Angeles in 2001. In 2007, their award-winning restaurant received the Hot Concept Award, and the demand continues to rise. Everyone may enjoy barbecue at their table thanks to their pleasant and thrilling experience. Their Smokeless Roaster is the finest part. The smoke is pushed into the bottom of the table and away from the guests with their downdraft system.

    Founded: 1987


  2. Kura Sushi is one of Japan's most well-known sushi chain restaurants. The concept of this restaurant in the United States is revolving around sushi, with each plate being unique and delicious. Their "muten" or "nothing added" concept is a commitment to prepare cuisine with natural ingredients and no additives or artificial preservatives.

    At Kura Sushi, RFID tags are used to maintain the freshness of sushi on a conveyor belt. They are a form of tracking system that uses intelligent barcodes to identify goods. At Japanese sushi restaurants, each sushi platter has a tag attached to the bottom. This allows the machine to calculate the distance traveled by sushi plates in a lane and decide whether or not to discard them depending on the total distance traveled. Each sushi item has a distinct guideline for disposal. As a result of employing this technology, the restaurants have been able to reduce food waste and ensure that their sushi is always fresh!

    Founded: 1995

  3. CoCo ICHIBANYA, often known as CoCo curry by many foreigners in Japan, offers a wide range of Japanese curries with a variety of toppings. When ordering a curry, you can choose from a range of spicy levels ranging from 0 to 10. I wouldn't go for more than three in my situation because I'm not used to spicy foods. However, if you want hot meals, try level 10! I'm sure it's as spicy as you can imagine. Pork cutlet curry, gently crisped chicken curry, and chicken cutlet curry are the three most popular CoCo curries.

    They always try to find ways to raise their quality, service, cleanliness, atmosphere, and dependability above and beyond expectations. In this way, they aim to improve their value to the customers and therefore to society.

    Founded: 1982

  4. Top 4


    Ootoya is a Japanese chain restaurant that offers high-quality food at a reasonable price. They prepare all of their fresh produce on a daily basis. Every day, fresh veggies are hand-washed and peeled at Ootoya. They have their own handling processes for meat and seafood to maintain freshness. They are able to guarantee the quality and freshness of each dish due to their meticulous preparation and policy of just starting cooking dishes after receiving the order.

    Fresh meat and seafood are also available. All of the dishes are prepared to order, ensuring that you always enjoy hot, fresh Japanese food. Teishoku is one of the best meals on the menu. This is a common family diner in Japan, which provides a variety of items such as pork or fish, rice, miso soup, and pickled vegetables. This restaurant's menu items are all nutritionally balanced and healthful, so eat up!

    Founded: 1958

  5. Top 5


    Ippudo is well-known for its Hakata, Fukuoka-based tonkotsu ramen. It has been dubbed "Japan's most famous tonkotsu ramen shop." Tonkotsu ramen is made using pork bone broth that has been simmered. They use thin noodles for the noodles, which complement the tonkotsu broth and create a savory symphony in your mouth. It's so excellent that you might have to get a kaedama (an additional bowl of noodles) after you've finished your ramen. To get the most out of your ramen, order it with a side of gyoza (dumplings).

    For the time being, they've indexed over 200 restaurant chains and their 180,000 more locations across the United States. They're continually working on more brands and retailers for the convenience of the users. Moreover, to ensure accuracy and timeliness, all menus, pricing, and other information are collected on a regular basis from the official websites of the restaurant brands.

    Founded: 1985

  6. Gindaco is the most well-known and well-liked takoyaki shop in Japan. Takoyaki is produced by combining flour with water, finely chopped octopus, dried shrimp, powdered bonito, aonori (green laver), red pickled ginger, and a small amount of chopped green onions. A round griddle is used to pour the ingredients into. The texture is fantastic, crisp on the exterior and mushy on the inside. Takoyaki is fantastic when served with Japanese brown sauce and mayonnaise. However, be careful with your tongue because all the served dishes are still fresh and really hot. Don't let your tongue get too hot! Takoyaki outlets tend to be in or near stations in Japan, where people may get them after work because they're convenient to carry away. This is the best Japanese fast food ever that you should try once.

    Founded: 1991



    Gindaco restaurant in Los Angeles
    Gindaco restaurant in Los Angeles
  7. Nagasaki Champon, a Japanese noodle dish, is one of the most popular dishes served at Ringer Hut. It's a staple of Nagasaki prefecture's regional cuisine in West Japan. The combination of luxuriously thick noodles and the deep richness of the soup, which is produced from an abundance of fresh veggies and a wide variety of mountain and sea components, is fantastic. Pork, shrimp, mushrooms, Japanese fishcakes, and seasonal veggies are a few of their ingredients. It is the ideal nutritious food, with a good balance of nutrients and flavor.

    Ringer Hut wants to provide meals with health-promoting benefits for consumers at a reasonable price thanks to their efforts to assure secure and safe food. The company's mission "Ringer Hut's hospitality and skills provide a delightful dining moment for all guests", is made up of five action statements: ensure secure, safe, and healthy food; deliver sincere customer service; respect humanity and improve working conditions; protect nature and the environment, and contribute to local communities.


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