Top 6 Most Beautiful Lakes in Albania

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Although the vibrant capital Tirana and the breathtaking Adriatic and Ionian Coast are Albania's most popular tourist sites, the country's numerous picturesque ... read more...

  1. Lake Ohrid, possibly the largest and most well-known lake in the Balkans, forms part of the boundary between Albania and North Macedonia. This enormous body of water, which has great cultural and natural significance, is one of Albania's top natural attractions.

    It is one of the deepest lakes in Europe with a maximum depth of 288 meters and a mean depth of 155 meters. It is also the deepest lake in the Balkans. Its origins date back five million years, making it one of the oldest lakes in all of Europe. (Lake Baikal and Lake Tanganyika are two other equally old lakes on Earth.)

    More than 200 indigenous species, including a wide range of crustaceans and mollusks, predatory fish, and plankton, can be found in Lake Ohrid. In fact, given its size, Lake Ohrid might be the biodiverse lake in the entire planet.

    Lake Ohrid is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Albania because of its outstanding diversity of plant and animal life as well as its historic history. There are a few lakeshore communities where you can set up shop while exploring this stunning Albanian lake. Pogradec, the city's center, is where many fascinating historical and cultural landmarks can be found. Lin, Tushemisht, Drilon, and Pojska are some more notable resort communities found along the Albanian shore of Lake Ohrid.

    Location: North Macedonia

    Photo:  Gallop Around The Globe - A Perfect Two Days on the Shores of Lake Ohrid
    Photo: Gallop Around The Globe - A Perfect Two Days on the Shores of Lake Ohrid
    Photo:  Balkan Green Energy News - Lake Ohrid
    Photo: Balkan Green Energy News - Lake Ohrid

  2. One of Albania's most incredible undiscovered treasures is Lake Bovilla (Bovilla reservoir). The majority of the drinking water for Tirana, the capital of Albania, comes from this reservoir. Tirana is only about 15 kilometers from the Albanian capital, making it relatively accessible. You can go there for a picnic or, for extra excitement, trek up to the Gamti mountain for a breathtaking view of Bovilla Lake.

    The municipality of Kamz (Bathore), followed by the town of Zall-Herr, is the preferred route to take to reach the lake (a military base is located there). Where you need to turn right, there is a traffic sign. The route is unpaved starting with that sign. Simply continue on this route through the village of Herraj until you reach Lake Bovilla. Mention Bovilla Climbing Area rather than Bovilla Lake or Bovilla Reservoir if you want Google Maps to follow you.

    Although swimming is prohibited and there are only a few different fish species on the lake, Lake Bovilla is unquestionably gorgeous.

    No restaurants or supermarkets are located close to Bovilla. The final minimarket is in the village of Herraj, however I advise shopping in the Bathore and Kamz supermarkets. There is a little tavern close to the lake where you may have a drink, eat grilled cuisine, and perhaps go swimming during the summer.

    Location: Tirana

    Photo:  Wikipedia - Lake Bovilla
    Photo: Wikipedia - Lake Bovilla
    Photo:  MyLittleAdventure - Bovilla lake
    Photo: MyLittleAdventure - Bovilla lake
  3. Part of the Ohrid-Prespa Transboundary Reserve, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that includes Lake Ohrid, Lake Prespa is one of the most beautiful lakes in Albania.

    The lake is essentially divided between the three Balkan nations of Greece, North Macedonia, and Albania due to its location on their respective borders. Prespa National Park, which protects the whole Albanian portion of Lake Prespa, is home to a diverse range of animals and plants, including no fewer than 1,100 species of vascular plants.

    Small Prespa Lake, which is located in Albania and Greece, is Lake Prespa's tiny sibling. The largest colony of Dalmatian pelicans in the world is housed in this tiny lake, which is noteworthy for being one of the tallest lakes in the Balkans. These twin lakes are among the most breathtaking natural locations in Albania and are excellent for outdoor pursuits like fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking, and cycling.

    Both Lake Prespa and Small Prespa Lake
    are extremely calm, in contrast to the well-known Lake Ohrid. There won't be any sizable tourist crowds here. Instead, it's the ideal location for a tranquil retreat in the great outdoors.

    Location: West MacedoLake Shkodërnia
    Photo:  Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Guides - Macedonia: Prespa Lakes
    Photo: Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Guides - Macedonia: Prespa Lakes
    Photo:  Richard Chew photography - Small Prespa Lake (Mikri Prespa)
    Photo: Richard Chew photography - Small Prespa Lake (Mikri Prespa)
  4. Lake Shkodër is yet another border lake in Albania. This lake is located in the country's extreme northwest, on the border with Montenegro, and is named for the village of Shkodër, which is tucked away on its southeast bank. The largest lake in all of Southern Europe is this one.

    Numerous names, such as Lake Shkodra in Albanian, Lake Scutari in Italian, and Lake Skadar in Montenegrin, are also used to refer to Lake Shkodër. While the Albanian portion of the lake is a RAMSAR site and nature reserve, the Montenegrin portion is protected as a national park.

    It is renowned for having a wide variety of freshwater species and is the habitat of many different fish, including eels, bleak, and carp. One of Europe's most significant bird reserves, the lake also serves as a habitat for over 270 different bird species, including pelicans, herons, and cormorants. Of course, bird watching is a huge pastime in this area. Interestingly, despite being quite far away, Lake Ohrid and Lake Shkodër are connected by the Drin River, which runs from Ohrid to Shkodër.

    Lake Shkodër
    , like the majority of other lakes in Albania, provides a variety of outdoor pursuits, including boating, fishing, hiking, camping, and cycling.

    Location: on the border with Montenegro

    Photo:  Tripadvisor - Shkodra Lake (Shkoder)
    Photo: Tripadvisor - Shkodra Lake (Shkoder)
    Photo: Chasingthedonkey
    Photo: Chasingthedonkey
  5. Lake Butrint, a stunning salt lagoon next to the Ionian Sea, is found in Albania's far southwest, close to the well-known resort town of Sarandë.

    Lake Butrint is a freshwater lake with saltwater marshes that is surrounded by hills that are heavily forested and has rocky shorelines. The Vivari Channel links the lagoon to the Ionian Sea. Lake Butrint has been recognized as a RAMSAR site because of the unique combination of freshwater and saltwater elements it has. It's one of the most beautiful lakes in Albania.

    The lake is a part of the renowned Butrint National Park, one of Albania's most magnificent national parks, which is very significant. The park also safeguards a number of distinctive archaeological sites in addition to its indisputable natural importance.

    A Roman theater, forum, aqueduct, Dionysus altar, temples, and thermae are among the Butrint ruins. Butrint National Park was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992 due to its abundance of historically significant ruins. From nearby Sarandë, Lake Butrint and Butrint National Park make for fantastic day trips.

    Location: southwestern corner of Albania
    Photo:  TripAdvisor
    Photo: TripAdvisor
  6. The development of the River Drin's cascade caused Koman to transform into a lake. This body of water carves through heavily forested mountains, creating confined gorges resembling the well-known Scandinavian fjords. The lake is barely 50 meters (164 feet) broad at its narrowest point and has a surface area of 13 square kilometers (5 square miles). From Koman village to Fierza and back, ferry lines and other smaller vessels frequently run along the lake. The travelers will be astounded by a landscape filled with breathtaking gorges, river mouths, secret beaches, real guesthouses, and a variety of species throughout this voyage, and they'll think they're in a scenario from a Jurassic planet.

    Kayaking, camping, sunbathing, and festivals are just a few of the many events that Lake Koman and the villages that surround it host. The area is best visited in the summer when the majority of excursions, trips, and organizations are in operation. The Valbona Valley National Park and the Albanian Alps' highest peaks are the lake route's most well-known stops between Koman and Fierza.

    Location: on the Drin River in northern Albania
    Photo:  Wikimedia Commons
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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