Top 7 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is the most visited country in Central America. It is a tranquil country with something for everyone. The tropical weather, breathtaking views, delectable cuisine, friendly natives, and distinct culture provide a sensory feast for all. Let's look at the list of reasons to visit Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica is the best getaway for any nature lover. The geographical position encourages biological diversity. This tiny stretch of land accounts for only 0.3% of the Earth's total surface but is home to 5% of its biodiversity. The vegetation is also quite diverse, ranging from the stately guanacaste, Costa Rica's national tree, to the most miniature orchid. Flowering trees and bushes add a welcome splash of color to the lush green vegetation that blankets much of the country.

The country has protected biodiversity through legislation and long-term activities focused on protecting natural resources. As a result, when visiting the country, you will also learn the value of wildlife conservation. Costa Rica's diverse habitats and ecosystems support 13,000 plant species, 2,000 butterfly species, 163 amphibian species, 220 reptile species, 1,600 fresh- and salt-water fish species, and at least 870 bird species. This is in addition to an incredible variety of mammals and invertebrates. Some of these creatures can only be seen at night, so plan a hike with a local guide to get the finest views.
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Palmares Fiestas

If you happen to be in Costa Rica in January, don't miss out on the Palmares Fiestas. Costa Ricans aren't quite ready to put a halt to the festivities once the ball drops as if Christmas and New Year's weren't exciting enough. Palmares Fiestas take held for two weeks in January in Palmares. This small community, located between Alajuela and San Ramon, has developed a reputation for staging one of the year's most thrilling and anticipated events.

Every year, the event begins with a soccer game and a lantern parade that brightens the festival grounds. The lantern parade comes before the lantern lighting, and the soccer game is a minor league tournament. The Palmares Fiestas are well-known for filling the air with the sounds of some of Costa Rica's most famous performers.

One of the festival's biggest attractions is bullfighting. That implies not only that the public can attend, but also that the public can participate. Bring your cowboy hat if you have one; if not, expect to hang out with the other participants and enjoy some tasty food and drinks. Stay after the march for the impromptu bars, etc. set up in the event tents. What kind of celebration would be complete without a carnival, fireworks, and plenty of food and drink? All of these events are also on the Palmares Fiestas schedule!
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Indigenous Culture

Indigenous Costa Ricans, also known as Native Costa Ricans, are the descendants of people who lived in what is now Costa Rica prior to European and African contact. Indigenous Costa Ricans work hard to preserve their cultural traditions and language. Costa Ricans, like most Latin Americans, are proud of their country, and this is reflected in celebrations and customs held throughout the country. The yearly religious pilgrimage to the Basilica of Cartago known as "Romera," in which over two million people participate, is one of the most notable festivals in Costa Rica.

Costa Rican culture left few artifacts, most of which are modest products such as pottery and jewelry. The most notable are the stone spheres (seen on the right) discovered in the country's south (region of the Térraba river in Palmar Sur/Palmar Norte). Some of these spheres weigh up to 15 tons, and it's unclear how they were made, transported, or what they were intended for.

San José, Costa Rica's capital city, is the place to go to learn about the country's history. This city is home to the country's major museums, including the Costa Rican Art Museum and the National Museum, which display archaeological items and natural specimens. These places represent a significant element of the country's identity, and you should surely include them on your "Pura Vida" checklist.
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One of a kind Food Experiences

Costa Rica is an excellent place to experiment with different flavors. Its diet is based on rice and beans, and the territory's ample rain and sun allow for a variety of exotic crops such as pineapple, papaya, mango, avocado, and plantain. Because of the environment, luscious fresh fruits and crisp vegetables are nearly always available. There are even more exotic fruits to try, such as momon chino, guanabana, and nance. Rice or black beans are common ingredients in Costa Rican cuisine.

Costa Rican cuisine is delectable. All of these flavors can be found in traditional Costa Rican cuisine. While this dish may appear simple, its taste will captivate you like nothing else you've ever experienced. Costa Rica is one of those frequently overlooked gourmet locations. Pejibayes (peach palm fruits), vuelve a la vida (similar to ceviche), and arreglados are some of the most popular dishes. Gallo pinto, a popular local dish, blends the two with some unusual spices. Casado is another Costa Rican specialty that is made with tortillas, rice, and beans and comes with a range of meat options. Furthermore, San José is becoming known as a hip city for emerging chefs and craft breweries.
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Hiking and Trekking Paradise

Costa Rica is a popular hiking, backpacking, and walking vacation since it has practically all of the world's landscapes concentrated into a tiny region of territory. Its geology and geography are marvels as if God packed so much beauty into such a small country. It offers pristine rivers, enticing coastal beaches with crystal clear, pure, white sand, difficult mountain ranges, and stunning volcanoes. Its natural beauty is unparalleled in the region, as evidenced by the millions of tourists who visit Costa Rica each year.

The best treks in Costa Rica are those that display the Central American country's incredible biodiversity. You can hike through rainforests, stroll along beaches, and haul yourself up the side of a mountain - Costa Rica is a place for people who want to exert themselves as well as those who like to relax. There are various routes in and around the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, but they don't add up to much, so why not do them all? The lengthier circle will take you from the Sendero Bosque Nuboso through the dense, lush forest and up to La Ventana, where you will have a spectacular perspective of the Continental Divide. Hopefully, the clouds will part for a brief while, allowing you to appreciate the true splendor of the wide expanse of vegetation in the skies.
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Amazing Adventure Tourism

Costa Rica is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and enriching destinations to visit, with the highest density of species in the world and a focus on environmental conservation. Whatever kind of adventure you seek, you'll most likely find it in this country. Costa Rica seemed to have been designed for adventure, with its lush rainforests, roaring rivers, and massive volcanoes.

Costa Rica
has no shortage of exciting outdoor excursions and tours to enjoy. Recreational ziplining was invented in Costa Rica, and it continues to be a beautiful thrill not to be missed. Costa Rica is also a popular destination for surfers from around the world. Deep-sea and inshore fishing are popular, and anglers are also drawn to Costa Rica's numerous rivers and lakes.

Hiking, birding, horseback riding, all-terrain vehicle trips, cycling, and mountain climbing are just a few of the activities available to experience the country's immense natural resources. Skydiving, bungee jumping, canyoning, and waterfall rappelling are all options for extreme explorers. Popular ziplining experiences frequently involve heart-stopping Tarzan swings, difficult ropes courses, and rickety hanging bridges. Because not all of these options are available all year, you can make sure to confirm your plans with a tour company or guide in Costa Rica.
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One of the happiest country in the world

Costa Rica is frequently ranked towards the top of the list of the "happiest countries in the world," according to several indices that measure the general well-being of their residents. You'll realize that Costa Rican culture is unlike any other. "Pura vida" — "pure life" — is the national slogan, reflecting the upbeat attitude of the friendly people here.

A vast portion of the northwestern Nicoya Peninsula has been designated as one of the world's five "blue zones" with exceptional longevity rates - an area where it's not uncommon for people to live to be 100 years old. Tourism is Costa Rica's largest industry, generating about $2 billion in annual income, and it's difficult to find a firm that doesn't benefit from the approximately 3 million visitors who come here each year. Costa Ricans, who are inherently kind, are well aware of this and go out of their way to make visitors feel welcome.

Costa Ricans are known to be the happiest people on the planet. The residents, known as ticos (men) and ticas (women), are nearly always smiling. They enjoy welcoming and hosting visitors. If you really want to make friends with the locals, ask them to teach you their language. Your first lesson will most likely be Costa Rica's motto, "pura vida," which translates as "pure life." It is an infectious positive attitude that pervades every facet of a Costa Rican vacation.

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