Top 10 Reasons to Visit Cyprus

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Because of its isolation from other European nations and the fact that it is an island, Cyprus is certainly not the first choice when it comes to travel ... read more...

  1. Because Cyprus is situated at the intersection of three continents—Asia, Europe, and Africa—its food is particularly distinct and delectable. Mezedes, Cyprus' preferred appetizer dish, is something you can try when you visit. This consists of up to 20 separate meals, most of which are composed of fish, meat, and vegetables. The spicy Loukaniko sausages, among many other delectable delicacies, are something you must taste. The cuisine of Cyprus is similar to that of Greece and Turkey and features a broad variety of meats, cheeses, salads, and fruits prepared in various ways.

    Traditional grilled meats, such as pork or chicken, are known as "souvla," named after the skewers on which they are barbecued. Another well-known delicacy is grilled halloumi cheese, which tastes well in creamy pasta dishes or in crunchy green salads. Another well-liked food in Cyprus is gyros, which consists of slices of grilled lamb, hog, chicken, or cattle packed into pitta breads with tomatoes, raw onions, and cucumbers.

    Besides, you can try their sweet dessert wine called Commandaria, which goes great with hard cheeses, in addition to the delectable Cyprus cuisine. This dessert item is flavour-infused, covered in almonds and covered in honey, making it absolutely scrumptious. Ouzo, anise brandy, and filfar are all solid liqueurs that are worth trying. Desserts include pudding pies like galaktoboureko, mahalepi, and corn pudding malakopi with pink syrup are of course not to be missed.

  2. The island's history goes back more than 10,000 years, and numerous tourist destinations in Cyprus have seen cultural changes over the years. Since Cyprus has a very diversified cultural population, a rich historical history should be expected. The Museum of Cyprus in the country's capital offers the best "tour" through history. The museum's collection of items from the Neolithic and Byzantine centuries is impressive. In addition to historic Turkish mosques and ancient Greek remains like Amathus and Korion in Limassol, there are also remnants of old Venetian civilization, including the Venetian walls in Nicosia, which is regarded as the best example of a perfect Renaissance city.

    Many locations in Cyprus are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites, so you can roam amid centuries-old graves or just enjoy some of the most exquisite mosaics that have survived the Greco-Roman world. Typically, Paphos Castle, the Tomb of the Kings, and Kato Paphos Park are three of the most well-liked tourist destinations. Tourist attractions include the magnificent Kykkos Monastery, the Church of Saint Lazarus, and the abandoned city of Famagusta, which was formerly prosperous but has been abandoned 40 years after being conquered by Turkish forces.
  3. Cyprus provides countless nights of partying for young people. Ayia Napa takes pride in being the unofficial "party capital," as it is home to numerous pubs and more than ten nightclubs. The best part is that cocktails start at just 2 euros, so you can grab one without breaking the bank. Although the majority of the nightclubs are open year-round, the best months to visit are between June and August. Every night, you can listen to tunes from well-known DJs around the world to keep you entertained till dawn in Cyprus.

    Ayia Napa, Limassol, and Paphos are just a few of the popular nightlife hotspots in Cyprus, which also provide a peaceful and restful getaway. There are several pubs, clubs, and cocktail bars offering a variety of entertainment. Party funding One of the most popular places for nightlife in Europe is Ayia Napa, where clubs, festivals, and discos are all open until the wee hours of the morning. Although Paphos and Limassol are a little more sedate, they both provide a wide selection of bars and clubs for those seeking a little nightlife. In general, partygoers don't leave before midnight, thus bars are frequently deserted until that time. However, once the clock strikes twelve and the party starts, bars start to fill up.
  4. Due to its low crime rate, Cyprus is regarded as one of the safest nations in Europe. According to Eurostat data, robberies and other violent crimes are among the offenses with the fewest records in Cyprus. This is great helpful information because who would want to travel to a place that can be unsafe for tourists? Furthermore, hearing that Cyprus doesn't actually experience this kind of problem is a huge relief given that pickpockets these days simply wait for the tourist season to "make" some money.

    also serves as a safe haven for refugees from nearby war-torn nations. The villagers' politeness is admirable. Friends will often exchange long greetings and fond pecks; Cypriots are renowned for their amiable and relaxed demeanour. You must obtain your travel documents by working with a dependable agent, such as One Visa Cyprus, a seasoned and highly regarded organization that offers first-rate service in many topics relating to immigration to Cyprus, in order to go enjoy this haven of calm.
  5. Cyprus is one of the top countries for skiing. In Cyprus, the ski season normally lasts from January to April, and you'll need good fortune if you want to ski on ideal powder while you're there. You should go to Troodos Square, which is located immediately below the Troodos' 1,900-meter highest peak. There are just 4 pistes, but each one is designed for a different level of skier, from novice to expert. Additionally, each piste has a separate ski lift, so waiting in lines is not a concern.

    All skiing activities in the Troodos range are centred at the Cyprus Ski Club on Mount Olympus, where there are four main slopes to select from that vary in difficulty. A ski vacation in Cyprus is surprisingly affordable; in fact, the island is one of the most affordable skiing locations in Europe, with a day's worth of skiing costing just 20 euros. You'll be relieved to learn that each one has a separate ski lift, which should shorten wait times. The academy coaches and athletes will provide a free introduction to the sport for kids. A snow sculpting contest will also be held for both kids and adults to enjoy.
  6. Cyprus has short fall and spring seasons, long summers, and warm winters. Particularly for Europeans looking to escape the terrible weather in their home countries, this traditional Mediterranean environment is appealing. Even in the dead of winter, there are typically at least six hours of bright sunshine every day, providing tourists with a truly nice climate all year long. Cyprus has one of the hottest and most consistent climates in all of Europe, with an average yearly temperature of 24 °C. Amazingly, this island has 3000 sunshine hours on average annually, making it an excellent travel destination.

    Winters remain moderate, especially so near to the sea, in contrast to peak season, or the summer months, which offer limitless sun and brilliant blue skies. Therefore, it won't be a problem for you to travel to Cyprus whether you wish to do so in the summer or the winter. The lovely warm weather and sunshine are perfect for vacations at any time of year. Amazingly, you can also go skiing on Mount Olympus' slopes, which is a well-liked destination for Cypriot citizens. Cyprus boasts weather for every occasion, with clear skies, hot weather, temperatures as high as 35 degrees between July and September, and a pleasant climate during the winter months.
  7. Cyprus is a popular vacation destination known for its warm and hospitable residents. This is one of the reasons to travel to Cyprus. Because Cypriots are so friendly and hospitable, connecting with them is typically the finest aspect of visitors' travels to the nation. Cypriots are renowned for their friendliness, dialogue, and helpfulness. It also has a relaxed, informal culture. The people will introduce you to the unique cultural heritages and take you to experience them in a real way.

    No matter if you are a foreign worker, a student studying abroad, or you are visiting Cyprus for vacation, Cypriots are quite accommodating to visitors. This country is home to more than 20 distinct languages, and locals are willing to teach you one or even give you a nickname right away. In Cyprus, it's not unusual for a vendor to encourage you to visit her family for supper after you go grocery shopping at a neighbourhood market. Cyprus's greatest asset is not its bells and whistles but rather its people.
  8. Cyprus is a great shopping destination that will please all visitors. And this is not surprising, because historically the island has always been a major center of trade and shipping. To make shopping in Cyprus as enjoyable as possible, you should know a few tricks. As in any other country, Cyprus has its own shopping peculiarities, which you should be aware of. Many shops with quality designer clothing items are located by the sea, outside of popular tourist routes. Don't be afraid to ask for a discount - chances are you'll get one.

    Limassol is home to a large number of modern shopping centers with a great variety of goods. Nicosia will not only delight in its many attractions and comfortable real estate, but will also surprise with its wide range of shops. Shoe shops are offering high quality and elegant footwear while retail stores cater to fashionistas. The capital is also home to giants like IKEA, Leroy Merlin, The Mall of Cyprus, one of the largest malls in Cyprus, and many others. Then you should definitely visit Pafos. Kings Avenue mall in Pafos is home to many brand stores. And the important thing, the price of famous brand items will be much lower than other European countries.
  9. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and has many Blue Flag award-winning beaches. The Blue Flag certification recognizes the environmental quality and cleanliness of the water at bathing sites, and the beaches in Cyprus are often ranked highly when compared to other European coastal spots. You can find everything here, from dark sandy beaches and hidden coves to densely populated swaths of land, calm waters, and unspoiled, unspoiled shores.

    When visiting Cyprus, you must go to the beaches like Makronissos, Coral Bay, Nissi, Lara, etc. Chalk-white sands form a soft walkway to the sea, and a two-minute walk through lush bushes leads to a more secluded stretch of coastline. Besides, you can see the unique coral bay that grows under the sea, which makes the sea in Cyprus unique. You'll find umbrellas and sun loungers, not to mention a range of water sports options – and the beach has been awarded a Blue Flag, so the water here is clean and safe for swimming. At night, you'll enjoy delicious food at great seaside restaurants and have fun at crowded bars. Come here and enjoy amazing experiences!
  10. In Cyprus, the national parks and reserves scattered around the island are ideal for hiking, climbing, bird watching, picnicking, swimming and more. The newest national parks in Cyprus protect the largest remaining undeveloped land on the island. Wild terrain of evergreens and olive trees, breathtaking steeps and open grasslands are surrounded by the Mediterranean on both sides of the peninsula. Small country roads connecting picturesque villages like Dhrousia and Kritou Terra are centuries old.

    When coming to Cyprus, you don't miss the 3 famous national parks: Akamas National Forest Park, Lara Toxeftra Reserve, and Troödos National Forest Park. At the heart of this new reserve on the Akamas Peninsula near Pafos is the famous Lara Beach, an important nesting ground for green and sea turtles. Likely destined to become a designated national park like Akamas National Forest Park to the north, the reserve protects remote beaches, turtle nesting grounds and undersea habitats sea along 10 km of coastline. Amidst the splendour of nature, you will encounter rows of small vineyards interspersed with each other.

    The numerous hikes in Cyprus include evocatively named trails like the Adonis and Aphrodite Trails, visiting the sights associated with these two mythical figures. The birdwatching is excellent and you can visit the lovely Lara Toxeftra Sanctuary, just to the south. If the roads aren't flagged, you can hike down rugged trails and trails to beautiful stretches of beaches that are only seen by a handful of people due to the difficult access. The limestone rocks and fine sand give off a memorable glow at sunset.

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