Top 9 Reasons to visit Paraguay

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Paraguay might not have the draw of tropical Brazil or multiethnic Bolivia, but this landlocked country has a culture that is breathtaking in its own way. From ... read more...

  1. This is just one of the numerous reasons why you should visit Paraguay right now. The natural beauty of the country offers all you need to make your trip enjoyable. From the breathtaking waterfalls to the desolate and peaceful woods. If you want to see the Atlantic woods of Paraguay before they are destroyed by destruction, go to Reserva Cordillera San Rafael. It is located in the southeast corner of Paraguay. This is a well-known location in Paraguay. This 73,000-hectare national park is one of the most important places on the planet. It is a must-see when visiting Asuncion, Paraguay. Speckled rail, pampas foxes, capybaras, and other wildlife can be found in this park.

    You can also go to Iguazu Falls. Although it is not a true National Park, the falls have been declared one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The falls, which share a border with Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina, are truly spectacular. The falls are located on the Parana Plateau, where the Iguazu River joins the Parana River. Tourists in Paraguay can visit the Ciudad de Este falls as well as the cities in Brazil and Argentina. These falls are significantly larger than Niagara Falls in New York and Canada, and they are surrounded by far more interactive visitor centers that allow visitors to get up close and personal with the falls. While visiting the falls, visitors often see subtropical creatures like caimans, toucans, spotted jaguars, and spectacular butterflies.

  2. Elusive Creatures ranks 2nd in the list of reasons to visit Paraguay. The presence of large beasts is another reason to visit Asuncion, Paraguay. These critters are more common in the northern half of Parque Nacional Defensores del Chaco. This is one of Paraguay's historical sites. There is a chance of witnessing a jaguar, a prowling tapir, or a puma if you are patient enough. This is the country's least populated wilderness. As a result, it is conceivable to camp in the wilderness. Is it safe to visit to Paraguay for wild camping? Yes, it is possible and safe in safe zones. Here are a few highlights:

    San Rafael Park provides the most accessible and meaningful exposure to the Atlantic Forest's unique biodiversity. San Rafael Park is home to over 400 bird species, as well as the capybara and tapir. Jaguars, ocelots, and pumas have also been spotted at San Rafael Park.

    Cerro Cora is Paraguay's largest protected area. This national park, which straddles the border with Brazil, is a unique cross-section of the country's unique ecosystems, with valleys, rainforests, and hills. The diversity of the flora is the real draw here, but you'll also see common wildlife like deer and foxes as well as rare breeds like the giant anteater.
  3. Unlike in some nations where the food is a turnoff, the food in Paraguay is good, hearty, and simple. The majority of the food comes from two staples: corn and cassava (mandioca). In Paraguay, you will find high-end restaurants, food trucks, and other interesting places. Some of the country's meal variations include the kivevé dish, Sopa paraguaya, chicken soup (bor bor), and cornbread rolls (chipá). This kivevé dish is made with creamed pumpkin. If you enjoy trying new foods, you should visit Asuncion, Paraguay right now.

    You would like eating Sopa Paraguaya with grilled meats. It has a similar texture to cornbread. Its components include eggs, cheese, and milk. Banana leaves are used to wrap the milk, which is then baked in a wood-fired oven before eating. As an afternoon snack, get steaming hot empanadas from any nearby street seller. To fully appreciate this, wash it down with a cold local lager. When visiting Paraguay's capital, don't pass on this opportunity.
  4. It is not advisable to spend too much money on a vacation. If you want to spend your next holiday without spending too much money on shopping, go to Asuncion, Paraguay. This is one of Paraguay's most well-known cities. The country may not be the ideal shopping destination, but it offers plenty of great deals to offer both locals and tourists. Ciudad del Este has the greatest deals on these items. This location is close to the country's border with Brazil.

    Andut lace, created by Itagua women, leather goods, wood handicrafts, silver yerba maté cups, and native jewelry are among the special purchases. Stalls are frequently seen in Asunción's principal plazas, particularly the Plaza de la Democracia. Head south of Asunción's city center to the Mercado 4 for an authentic Paraguayan experience. The market, made famous by the film 7 Boxes, sells everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to cheap technological goods and even Korean fast food. Shopping here is tax-free. It is your most reliable source for low-cost fragrances, electronics, and well-designed label things.

    The city of Luque, located just north of Asunción, is well-known for its jewelry; the main thoroughfare (Av. General Aquino) is lined with independent jewelers, allowing customers to compare prices and search for a specific design. The local specialty is necklaces and earrings. Ciudad del Este is known for its low-cost electronics and other products that make their way from Asia or even neighboring Brazil.
  5. Hiking is the finest way to experience Paraguay's biodiversity, which includes waterfalls, supersized animals, and 700 species of birds. Despite its reputation for being flat, hot, and humid, the country boasts multiple sierras, some with peaks exceeding 2,000 feet, as well as cooler forest pathways like Salto Suizo. Explore paths on privately owned land, such as the circle trail at Estación Puerto Olivares, or routes within the country's 15 national parks, such as Parque Nacional Cerro Corá. Many of these routes have adjacent campgrounds, but others, such as Cerro Verá, allow for wild camping. Some of the country's paths, particularly those in the Chaco, will be deserted. Whatever trails you select, always bring sunscreen, bug repellant, and plenty of water.

    If you plan on visiting the national parks, consult with SEAM (Secretara de Ambiente) in Asunción for any permits you may require. Galicnik National Park spans an 88-square-mile area between Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa and is home to some of North Macedonia's most diversified native flora and animals. Galicnik is regarded as one of the best and most economical paragliding sites, with stunning mountain vistas in practically every direction.
  6. Traditional Markets is one of reasons to visit Paraguay. Because to the import market, Paraguay has a diverse choice of items. Because of its status as one of the world's largest free trade zones, Ciudad del Este is particularly well-known for its low-cost electronic products. Handcrafted lace and loosely woven cotton outfits are examples of traditional items. Another great souvenir is the cup used to drink the national beverage terere, known as a guampa. These items, as well as raw yerba mate tea, are widely available in open-air markets and shops.

    Visit Mercado Cuatro, one of Paraguay's most famous markets for unique goods. You will witness many colored birds, newly made and ripped DVDs, and spices from various nations. Beautiful leather handbags and handcrafted laces are available for purchase. However, bargain hard to get enough to gift to your friends when you return. You may also photograph them and share them with your friends via social media platforms such as Whatsapp and Facebook. They might also require them. Save them time and money by not having to come over and buy for them.

    The Plaza de los Heros is Asuncion's primary market. A variety of handicraft products are available here, including ao po'i or lienzo, which are loose weave cotton textiles. Other indigenous crafts and guampa cups are also available. Folklore (Mariscal Estigarribia) is a good shop that sells a variety of items, including andut, traditional lace products. Traditional leather goods can also be found here.
  7. Amambay Hills, near Villarrica, is one of the historical sites in Paraguay where you can find old paintings and texts. When you visit Paraguay, don't forget to bring your camera. Coming here will provide you with a fictitious picture of Paraguay throughout its difficult years. There are numerous representations in the ancient literature. Some depict animals or constellations, while others depict female characters. These writings are thought to have been carved into the rocks by native Paraguayan tribes between 5000 and 2500 B.C. They are revered by the people of Pai Tavytera. They are also thought to be a route to the mountain Ybytyruz.

    The majority of the rock art in Paraguay is petroglyphs, or rock carvings, in the so-called "footprints style," which includes both zoomorphic and anthropomorphic representations. Almost all carvings in Paraguay use lithic technology and depict geometric, anthropomorphic, and cosmic motifs. Because of the repetition of hard rock flakes like silicified sandstone on softer sedimentary sandstone, this style of engraving generally leaves deep and wide images (one centimeter or more).
  8. Festivals are an important aspect of Paraguay's national character, as they are in much of South America. Every spring, just before Lent, a version of carnaval erupts onto the streets of Encarnación, affectionately known as the "Pearl of the South." It takes place over several weekends in February, and is a celebration of glitz, glamour, and rhythmic beats led by women bedecked in feathers and sparkling costumes. Visitors may come across Paraguay's Bolivian Urkupia Festival, which is a slightly more humble occasion, around the end of August. This cheerful festival, championed by the country's Bolivian immigrants, commemorates the Virgin Mary of Urkupia with folk dancing and singing in traditional clothing.

    In addition, you can participate in other major festivals such as Dia de San Blas - This festival is held on February 3 every year to honor the patron saint of Paraguay. Verbana de San Juan - Held on May 28 and 29, this event is a traditional fair that celebrates Saint John. Rooted in the Christian faith, the festival is both religious and cultural, with quirky rituals like walking on hot embers to watch. Trans-Chaco Protest - Active since 1970, this annual rally is held in early July. It is very loved by the people of Paraguay and is second only to the national sport, football. The main stage of the rally covers the entire Gran Chaco, a vast and difficult terrain. Witnessing some of the vehicles trying to pass is a good way to get a feel for the harshness of the area's landscape.

  9. Paraguay is one of the most fascinating and underestimated South American countries. The small country has several places that are largely unknown to the rest of the world. These great places to visit in Paraguay will definitely astound you, showcasing a distinct blend of cultures when compared to neighboring countries. Asuncion is one of the places that should not be overlooked. The government palace in Asuncion is a must-see attraction. This approximately 50-year-old edifice is a beautiful spot to visit. Personal requests should be avoided, but the palace otherwise provides a good view into modern Latin American leadership. The Palace is open for pictures, but please do not get too close. You can also get a sense of the government building's aura when it is illuminated at night.

    You can also explore Saltos del Monday, a stunning 40-meter-high waterfall and branch of the Parana River. Saltos del Monday, unlike Iguazu Falls, is not as well-known, but it still features breathtaking landscape. A hiking trail complements the 80-meter-high waterfall. A hike to the top will reward you with a beautiful view. The falls are best observed after dusk when the water is foamy. Encarnacion is an excellent destination for those interested in culture and history. Both the Trinidad and Posadas ruins are Jesuit communities that can be visited. If you are interested in history, you should visit the UNESCO-listed church, which is one of the best preserved in the country

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