Top 10 Things From History Most People Don’t Realize Still Exist

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Humans enjoy segmenting time into what people think of as the past, present, and future. Since the future arrives and quickly transforms into the past before people know what happened, the present is usually the most difficult to hold onto. When people view the world in this way, even though that is how it is frequently imagined, people sometimes lose sight of what is actually happening right now. Here are 10 examples of objects that are still in use today that most people would consider to be artifacts from the past.

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The Last Breath of Thomas Edison

Although there have been a number of things that have persisted despite the passage of time, including dreadful death, this one is by far the most unexpected of them all because Thomas Edison's death in 1931 was supposed to be the end of it all.

Now, the widely-repeated theory regarding Edison's dying breath was that Henry Ford wanted it. the dying man's genuine breath as it left his mouth. Why? Ford and Edison were excellent friends in real life, with the younger man looking up to Edison as a sort of personal hero. Professionally, they respected one another, and Edison had been quite supportive of Ford's car ideas.

Ford requested that his son Charlie wait by Edison's side with a test tube and, when the time came, to record and seal the man's last breath. Edison was dying at the time. It seems like that was something friends did in the 1930s. There was a notion that Ford, a guy with a puzzling set of spiritual ideas, may have been attempting to capture Edison's soul in order to resurrect him.

The real-life incident is fairly comparable but less puzzling. When his father passed away, test tubes were in the room, according to Edison's son, who asked the visiting physician to paraffin-seal them. It may be said that some of his last breath was in those tubes. Ford did receive one of the eight that were available. It is on display at the Henry Ford Museum and may still contain some of Edison's soul. It's simply a small quibble that the Edison estate had 42 test tubes marked as containing Edison's final breath.
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Giant Otters

Chances are, when you stroll through social media platforms, a video with otters, undoubtedly, take a place on your timeline. Not only do animal lovers but also others adore this animal, even, in some parts of this world, they are adopted as pets. You can see the appeal because they resemble aquatic cats with hands. Imagine one that is six feet long and capable of combating a caiman, a reptile related to crocodiles and alligators.

You're not entirely correct if you think that sounds archaic. Right present, there are giant otters throughout the world. Despite being endangered, you might be able to find them in Brazil's numerous river systems, such as the Amazon or La Plata. They are the only species that can weigh up to 75 pounds per individual.

The gigantic otter exhibits a number of adaptations that are appropriate for an amphibious existence, including as very thick fur, a tail that resembles wings, and webbed feet. The species may also adapt to freshwater lakes and springs, but favors seasonal flooding in freshwater rivers and streams. It clears a lot of vegetation and builds huge campsites close to feeding places.

The huge otter eats mainly fish, especially charachins and catfish, but it also occasionally consumes crabs, turtles, snakes, and small caimans. Although it must compete with other predators for food supplies, including neotropical otter, jaguar, and several crocodilian species, it has no significant natural predators besides humans.
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Flea Circuses

Even if they are aware of what they are, flea circuses are very much a thing of the past, and very few people today are likely to have ever seen one. The name isn't a joke; the concept was that fleas were herded together and made to perform skills in a little circus.

Contrary to popular belief, the idea has been around since the 1500s. Flea circuses were primarily utilized by watchmakers, who were recognized for their abilities to create intricate yet tiny metal components and gears, as a marketing technique. According to one legend, a watchmaker constructed a tiny gold chain and wrapped it around a flea to make it pull a little chariot.

There were certain flea circuses that weren't just tricks run by tiny gears and magnets. Louis Bertolotto supposedly dressed over 400 fleas in military to recreate Napoleon's Battle of Waterloo in the 1800s. The Oktoberfest in Munich features a real flea circus.

Of course, fleas cannot be taught true tricks, but they are predictable and controllable. At least 50 times their own height can be jumped. According to one source, they are as strong as a person pulling two elephants. For these reasons, even though the fleas themselves were virtually invisible from a distance, they can jump and move objects that a crowd could see with the unaided eye if you can hold them in check.
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The KGB was a reliable, go-to villain for the era, as anyone who watches a lot of 1980s films like Stranger Things would attest. They'll only be referred to as "ex-KGB" but they're still in a lot of movies. As a former KGB agent, Vladimir Putin, it is understandable why some people view them as pre-made antagonists.

The KGB, the Soviet Union's state police, is widely acknowledged to have disbanded in 1991 along with the rest of the Soviet Union. But that's not really accurate. As the name implies, the Soviet Union was comprised of more than just Russia, and while the KGB no longer exists in Russia, at least not in the same form or for the same purposes, that doesn't mean that nobody else does. The KGB was never seen anywhere in Belarus. A Ukrainian spy network in Belarus was "liquidated" in 2022, according to reports from the Belarussian KGB.

The Republic of South Ossetia, which similarly adheres to outdated practices, can be regarded to be in the same boat. Instead of at least pretending that the police force was a new entity, both of them actually keep the police force operating under the same name.
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The Company That Made Zyklon B

Zyklon-B, a deadly gas, was used by the Nazis to murder over one million people during the Holocaust. Zyklon-B was originally created as a pesticide by the business owned by Bruno Tesch, who knowingly gave it to the Nazis to use on humans. For his misdeeds, he was killed. But the company continued to exist.

The business, which was once known as Degesch and is now known as Detia Degesch, continues to make insecticides. There are worldwide subsidiaries, including one in the United States, in addition to its operations in Germany. Actually, some businesses continue to market Zyklon-B under the trade names Cyanosil, Cymag, and Cyclon.

In case you're interested, the gas is still capable of killing. Frank Atwood was put to death by the state of Arizona in June 2022. He was given the option of receiving a fatal injection or breathing hydrogen cyanide gas. He went with injection.
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The Shipyard That Built the Titanic

By no means is Harland and Wolff a household name among most people. To learn what the company even does, you'd probably need to Google it. If you searched for them, you may find their website, which provides information about their current commercial activities and places a strong emphasis on topics like wind and tidal energy. They must be a provider of alternative energy, then. Perhaps, an engineering company? Maybe. However, that is not their main source of renown. The Titanic was built by Harland & Wolff.

Up until the early 2000s, the Belfast-based shipyard was mostly recognized as a shipbuilding business. As recently as 2003, their whole business was focused on shipbuilding. Then they started to change, and by 2011, offshore renewable energy accounted for 75% of the company's revenue.
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The World’s First Film Company

Movies have advanced significantly since their inception. Because of this, they have over the years witnessed some remarkable breakthroughs that were nothing short of history in the making. Fortunately for us, these eventually led to the films that are now all-time favorites. The first commercial movie was exhibited at a French café in 1895, despite the fact that film cameras have been around since the 1830s.

The Gaumont Film Company was established in the same year. As the world's first film studio, it launched a revolution in entertainment and narrative that led to films about killer pants and several Spider-Men saving the world in addition to the silent, black-and-white stories of Nosferatu. Gaumont is still in business. In addition to producing several early Hitchcock films, the business has more recently worked on projects including Leon: The Professional, The Fifth Element, and Hannibal.
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The Confederacy

America once engaged in a conflict with itself, and from 1861 to 1865, two armies—the Union and the Confederacy—fought it out. Because the Confederacy was defeated, the nation is still referred to as the United States and not the Confederate States. However, some people really clung to the dream despite this, which is why a disproportionate number of people still fly Confederate flags or otherwise honor the losing team. This is one of the rare but widespread instances of people supporting the underdogs.

There are a few Confederate supporters in the South, but if you travel much further south, you'll find a lot more fervent supporters. After 10,000 Confederates fled the country to avoid losing to the United States, the town of Americana was established in Brazil in 1865. They established a new town in Brazil where the Confederados still celebrate their Confederate ancestry and fly the Confederate flag in order to preserve their Southern, Confederate way of life.

The migration was funded by Brazil's ruler, who hoped to benefit from Southern farmers and turn Brazil into an agricultural superpower like the US. Despite the failure of that strategy, some people persisted, and now their descendants continue to honor their history.
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The Black Death

A pandemic is something that we are all too familiar with these days. We had one, we still have one, but after a few years, we seem to be less worried about it. And that offers some intriguing new information about how people respond to illness. Covid-19 was over after two years. Everyone wants to continue. So it comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that the Black Death, the original pandemic, is still active today.

The Black Death, also known as the bubonic plague, claimed the lives of about 25 million people in the 14th century, which was a significant portion of the world's population at the time. Though it's much less common now, the pandemic still affects roughly 7 Americans each year. Even the disease broke out in Los Angeles in 1924.

In 2020, the epidemic claimed the life of a man in New Mexico, while a new case was discovered in California. It still kills, therefore it's not just still there. Between 2010 and 2015, there were more than 3200 cases and approximately 600 fatalities worldwide.
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The Pinkertons

If you enjoy Western movies, you may be familiar with the Pinkertons. Allan Pinkerton, the agency's founder, made the Pinkertons famous by allegedly foiling a plot to assassinate President Lincoln. They may be most recognized now for their participation in the video game Red Dead Redemption, which brought the vintage detectives to a whole new audience. The company actually filed a lawsuit against Rockstar Games, which they later dropped, because it was unimpressed with its time in the game's spotlight.

In addition to avoiding the Pinkerton agents who were hot on their trail, outlaws in movies also managed to avoid time. Despite having a strong connection to the Wild West, the Pinkertons not only survived that time, but they are still in business today. The Pinkertons can be hired for a variety of services, including risk assessment, event security, and workplace violence mitigation. In collaboration with Channel Zero, Rosetta Media and Buffalo Gal Pictures produced the show. This first-run syndicated television program's production was announced in April 2014, and shooting got under way in August of that same year.

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